7 Ways to Unlock the Best Deal on Spirit Airlines

Anyone can use Spirit airlines to fly to a range of destinations in Central and South America and in the USA.  But the fares advertised on their website often sound too good to be true, and unfortunately much of the time they are – full of hidden fees and extra charges. But if you know how to beat the system in your favor, you’ll be able to score a great deal with Spirit Airlines just like I have!

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The Keys to Getting a Cheap Flight Spirit Airlines

  1. Book at least 2 weeks in advance.  If you book too close to the departure date you will likely get slapped with a higher airfare.
  2. Book only online at spirit.com and not on the phone, through Orbitz.com, or any other website.  You’ll typically see extra fees when you navigate away from their website.
  3. Best Spirit Flight DealsTry applying a coupon to your flight purchase.  Sometimes they can be difficult to use given all the restrictions, but it’s definitely worth a shot.  Spirit Airlines’ coupons can be seen through their email newsletter (which is frequent and obnoxious) or on their homepage.
  4. Calculate if the “$9 Fare Club” (Spirit Airlines discount club) will save you more than the membership fee.  Perhaps it’s obvious, but if the cost of the membership will not save you more cash on airfare than the cost of membership itself, then stay away from this option. If you end up buying it and don’t cancel this subscription, they will charge you again in a year, whether you need the subscription again or not so make sure you set a reminder to cancel it!
  5. See if you can save some cash money by connecting to Fort Lauderdale via other carriers.  Even if Spirit Airlines does not fly anywhere near you, you can always buy a ticket on another airline to get from your home airport to the Fort Lauderdale, FL Spirit Airlines hub (airport code FLL).  From there you’ll get good fares to Central and South America on Spirit Airlines.
  6. Buy 2 Spirit Airlines tickets to complete a one-way journey. Spirit Airlines generally doesn’t allow for super-long (12 hour+) layovers in Fort Lauderdale on itineraries they sell.  So if you live in Minneapolis and want to travel to Managua, Nicaragua, Spirit Airlines may not even show you that such a trip is even possible.  However if you search Spirit.com for flights from Minneapolis (MSP) > FLL and then from FLL > Managua (MGA), you will find that this journey is possible.  Keep in mind that your layover in Fort Lauderdale will be about 18 hours – which presents an opportunity to explore the city if you’re interested.

Spirit airlines cheap flights

Pack light with just a few pieces of luggage.  Spirit’s baggage fees can add up fast making your once cheap flight into an expensive journey (learn more about Spirit’s baggage fees).  If you absolutely must have extra baggage it’s best to purchase it before check-in or sometimes even fly on a different airlines that has more liberal baggage rules.



  1. Hey, if you are an international traveler, do you know if Spirit’s tickets allow you to leave the airport during a layover? Thanks,

  2. I read about so-called horror stories of people flying on Spirit, but most often it’s their own fault . People really need to take some personal responsibility, and not be shocked when they get to the airport too late to check in or are blindsided by their fees which are clearly spelled out if one does any research at all. You really do need to be at the airport 2 HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME to ensure that you won’t miss your flight. If the line is too long inside the airport, use a skycap/curbside check-in. People make it harder than it really needs to be. For those of you wondering why anyone would fly on Spirit, it’s because the fares are almost always significantly less, EVEN INCLUDING ALL THEIR FEES in many cases unless you are bringing a ton of bags and don’t bother to research their policies before you get to the airport. I just got a deal flying to LAS round trip, NON-STOP for $198/person, including all of these fees that everyone is griping about.

    • You’re spot on here Russ. Most of the time it is the traveler’s wrong doing. I agree with you that budget travelers who want to save the most cash should be aware of all the rules and regulations to avoid getting slammed with unnecessary fees. I personally like to get to the airport very early as well, at least 2 hours before. I’d rather wait at the airport and read a book or work on my laptop than miss my flight. Which website did you use to find the great deal to LAS? Did you fly from FLL? Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was looking up flights for spirit airlines. The flights jumped up $100 in one day. Should I wait until the weekend to check again or do you think the prices will keep climbing? Thanks

    • For flights that are departing within two weeks the prices are unlikely to change. If you’re booking several months in advance it pays off to check over the course of two to three weeks to monitor price fluctuations. If you see a fair that seems reasonable compared to other options and times you checked I recommend buying the ticket so you can 1) take it off your todo list and 2) avoid getting slammed with a much higher fare because of inaction early on. Hope that helps!

  4. I have been traveling Spirit now for the last 15 months more than 23 flights from Orlando to DFW and return. Agree with all the favorable comments out there I have found Spirit to be very professional, economical and frankly time on target for schedule. They have less flights departing and they seem to have much better schedule as there I no flexibility if the aircraft has to be at it’s destination. Of course this does not mean that they cut safety and other corners

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