5 Cheapest Cities in Western Europe

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or are just getting started, Europe has some awesome travel destinations for just about anyone. If you want a great experience and don’t want to break the bank then definitely consider these top 5 cities in Western Europe for budget-minded travelers.

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Porto, Portugal

Porto, PortugalPorto is not only the home of delicious port wine (a sweeter very delicious type of wine), but it doesn’t break the bank either! The city is situated right near the coast with a big river running along side the city. One side of the river is filled with shops, cobble stone street, churches, and really the heart of the city complete with a big market. As you walk down towards the river along the steep banks you will see small old ships that are used to transport the grapes and wine picked upstream to the other side of the river – the home of countless world-class wineries. Visiting these wineries is a must because it’s not only fun and affordable, but you get to taste some great port wine as well.

Otherwise, using public transportation and walking around the city is awesome. You can even walk to the ocean beaches – the big beaches didn’t seem all that nice as there is some industrial buildings in plain sight. I’m sure if you explore a bit more or ask a local you can find out where the nice beaches are. When walking around be ready to get a decent work out though as the city is quite hilly! Using the modern public transportation is painless and cheap.

Staying in Porto is reasonably affordable too. Dorm beds can be 15 to 20 Euros per night. If you want something cooler, unique, and probably cheaper try checking out Airbnb for much better deals.

Alicante, Spain

Alicante, Spain
Courtesy of Enrike Duran on flickr

Dorm beds are 20 Euros or more in this city, but you can find great deals on Airbnb for a whole small apartment or a spare room in a local’s house. In Alicante Whole (small) apartments can be rented for a total of $20 per night.

Couchsurfing.org of course is another great way to save – staying on a local’s couch or spare bedroom can be a great experience and valuable insight into local culture.

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Tapas can be a cheap way to eat in Spain while still enjoying every bit of the city’s nightlife.

Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor Slovenia Great Budget Travel Destination
Courtesy of danielthornton on flickr

Not technically in Western Europe but it did win the EU’s Culture Capital status in 2012. Besides it’s just barely east of the border (merely 40 miles from Graz, Austria) so we thought we could bend the rules a little.

Another reason to include Maribor is to highlight how many cities and towns along the Adriatic coast (think Croatia & Montenegro) are stunningly beautiful, relatively safe and fun places to visit without spending the big bucks like you would have to in Southern France or Italy.

Lodging is cheaper here than in truly western European cities.

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Seville, Spain

Seville Spain Awesome Travel Destination Western Europe
Courtesy of HerryLawford

Seville is a transportation hub for Southern Spain which makes getting in/out easy and cheap. Ryanair uses Seville’s San Pablo airport as a hub for the airline, which means great connections to the rest of Europe. A high-speed rail also reliably connects Seville with Madrid (tickets are a bit pricey however).

Don’t miss the chance to see a local Faminco performance while in Seville – something that’s native to the area. Food and public transit are generally cheap in Spain when compared to Northern Europe.

Patras, Greece

Patras Greece a Good Budget Travel Destination
Courtesy of Automatomato on flickr

According to Numbeo.com, Patras has the lowest rent prices of any destination in Western Europe. (That puts rent prices on par with places such as Dominican Republic and Jordan.)

While Airbnb hasn’t really caught on much yet in Greece, and there aren’t many budget hostels in town, if you’re considering staying a while see if you can arrange a short-term rental in the city. Some things in Greece you may find expensive, but considering the savings you’ll have with the cheap rent, and this is still a very affordable place for an extended holiday.