Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations for 2018

I never imagined I’d get to travel as much as I did in 2017. In fact, I was able to spend the majority of the year backpacking through Asia, Africa and Europe, and on the way I found some places so special, that they shouldn’t be missed. Here are the top 10 best budget travel destinations for 2018:

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1. Morocco

best budget travel destinations in 2014
Courtesy of Mark Fischer on flickr

Many backpackers and travelers arrive in Morocco from Europe. The port of Tangier is a mere 20 miles from the beach of Southern Spain, so getting here is cheap. But in some ways Morocco is a world away. Prices of food, transportation and hotels are a fraction of those in Western Europe.

The Rif Mountains, particularly the town of Chefchaouen is my favorite part of Morocco. Most of Chefchaouen is an old walled in city, and it’s beautifully maintained (almost everything is painted sky blue). Great fresh food is available, plus the locals are friendly and the views are stunning. Hiking trails lie within walking distance of the old walled-in medina. Chefchaouen hotels are clean and cheap by European standards.

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