Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations for 2018

5. Oman

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inexpensive tour in oasis of oman
Courtesy of naturalbornstupid on flickr

Oman is hardly ever in the news, but this small Middle-eastern country has all the ingredients for an adventure tourism hot-spot. There are canyons, oasis, white-sand beaches, mountains and even a sub-tropical region that comes to life during summer monsoon. Fuel and food are cheap. Other things, like hotels can be pricey, but camping on the beach is a popular and surprisingly easy (and free) option.

A classic tour of Oman would start in the capital Muscat. Renting a car is by far your best option. After a day or two, drive down to Tiwi, and Sur. Then continue on along the coast and make your way to Salalah, in the sub-tropical Dhofar region. Leave plenty of time for exploring along the way.

Muscat is a short and inexpensive flight away from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Bahrain where some of the world’s top airlines are based. If you can work in a stopover in the Middle East, book a flight to Muscat and discover why Oman is easily one of my favorite countries in the world.