Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations for 2018

6. South Korea

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affordable street foods in south koreaIf you’re looking for an easy, clean, and fun place to travel within Asia then look no further. Most travelers don’t need to arrange for a visa ahead of time making it a great for a stopover or short trip (if you don’t have time for a longer stay – which would be awesome too). The restaurant and street food is fantastic and you’ll get to use the best chopsticks in all of Asia (they’re thin, flat, and most of the time made of stainless steal). Seoul – the capital city – is easy to move around in and transportation from the big and beautiful Incheon airport is simple.

If that wasn’t enough then rest assured as you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and well-dressed people in all of Asia! (For better or worse a good portion of Koreans have been “fine-tuned” under the knife by their local plastic surgeon – or so I’ve been told.) The Koreans know how to party and can drink with the best of them so get ready.

One downside of South Korea is that getting a SIM card for your phone can be a real pain in the ass (I literally went to 7 shops within 3 days and still couldn’t get a SIM card). No worries though, just buy a Wi-Fi pass and you’ll be all set, since public Wi-Fi – provided by the telecom companies – is readily available (at least in the cities).