In a little shop down Regent Road, a couple of blocks away from the famous Sea Point Promenade, you’ll find one of Cape Town’s newest and sweetest – literally – boutique eateries. My Sugar is a chocolatier, confectionary and coffee shop that will fulfil your wildest milkshake wishes and your sweetest chocolate dreams.

Part of the allure of Cape Town is its offer of any type of food you can imagine. This city gives tourists a whole range of choices, but if you’re in the mood for something sweet and something extraordinary – something you can definitely write home about – stop by My Sugar for the definition of ‘treat.’

two happy workers of my sugar in cape town

This intimate little space plays host to the crazy confections of Kaylah Greenberg and Asher Isaacs. These two food industry veterans bring tons of experience to their joint venture, and with that experience comes the courage to try things no one’s ever seen before. Their slogan is “Artisan Chocolate, with a Pinch of Imagination,” but that ‘pinch’ is really more like a ‘dollop.’

Every week brings something new to the neat rows of tiny chocolates on display, whether it is a miso caramel Buddha, thyme and honey-infused white chocolate ganache or a combination of all the favorites in the rather naughtily shaped chocolate called “the situation.”

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Karlien City Sweetness at My Sugar in Cape Town

And if ever you have any doubts while perusing the sparkling (yes, some of the offerings are dusted with edible gold or glitter) chocolates, then allow one of the proprietors to set you at ease. Kaylah and Asher are both as sweet as their chocolates, and never tire of explaining their passion to eager customers.

Kaylah’s face fills with the joy of a true connoisseur as she explains their process. She, Asher and their team of chefs constantly work out new and interesting things to do with chocolate. The point is to try never-before-seen combinations that bring something out of the chocolate that will surprise and delight you. This includes a scrumptious tobacco-infused skull, but don’t worry, no nicotine included!

“I just want people to be willing to try it. Most people hear ‘miso paste and chocolate’ and think, ‘ugh,’ but have the guts to try something new,” she explains, with a dreamy yet determined look in her eye. “If you don’t like it, then fine, but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised more often than not.”

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box of chocolates by my sugar

The chocolatier’s booming success is a testament to Kaylah’s sentiment. Chocolates sell out quickly, and only so many are made every day. If you want your pick of edible baubles, late morning to early afternoon is the best time to visit.

mouth watering deserts in a mug

When you do, it is absolutely essential to enjoy your first chocolates while chatting to this amazing duo. My Sugar also offers a range of gourmet milkshakes to fulfill your wildest dreams, as well as a carefully chosen roast of coffee meant to bring out the flavors of your chocolate. If the chocolates don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, there are always chocolate covered-donuts, marshmallow-chocolate slabs and caramel popcorn treats that might just do the trick.

A treat for tourists and locals alike, this little chocolate shop will definitely make your day.