Now and then, we have some fantastic experiences on our travels, the kind that sticks to memory forever. When planning a holiday, Africa destinations tend to pop up often, and with good reason. Many times, however, we are not entirely sure where exactly to visit. The idea is simple: an impressive array of scenery and cultures, all spread across 54 countries. A trip to Africa will cost you, and with this in mind, it’s only fair that you get value for your input. Making a wise choice comes down to knowing where exactly to visit, and when.

Here’s a list of Africa’s most amazing places to visit.


Fondly referred to as ‘the land of a thousand hills,’ Rwanda is East Africa’s green paradise. Famed for its Volcanoes National park, this is the East African country is known for its iconic Volcanoes National Park, habitat to some fantastic wildlife. With six live volcanoes and three extinct ones, the park is by large the most popular tourist spot in the country. This nature reserve is, also, the best place to track and see mountain gorillas.

Lake Kivu is a great location for fun activities like beach sports, boat tours, fishing, and Kayaking. The best hotels include the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, which will set you back just over $200 a night, with the more affordable Gorillas Lake Kivu Resort costing about $92 overnight. As a foreign national, you will need to secure a visa for $30. There’s additional information about necessary documentation in the Rwanda Tourism website.

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda


This East African country is quite the destination for sun, fun, and scenery. The most prominent wildlife migration in the world takes place between Kenya and Tanzania, with the wildebeest herds moving between the Mara and Serengeti in search of pasture annually. Timing is critical, to ensure you witness the animals flocking in. In August, the animals arrive back in Kenya from the Serengeti, but October is the perfect time to be there. Book early and secure a spot at the less-crowded Mara conservancies to witness the migration. In November, the rains will start, and for this reason, the animals start the move back to the Serengeti again.

There are many places you can visit on a Kenyan safari, for instance, animal orphanages, nature walks, as well as the chance to behold all manner of vibrant native cultures. This breathtaking East African country is an ideal pick for your Africa-travel bucket list.

tourist in a van waiting for animals to cross in Kenya safari


The Republic of Seychelles has the smallest population in Africa. This country comprises of an impressive 115 islands. Seychelles stands out for its suitability as a honeymoon or romantic getaway destination. This Indian Ocean gem is home to breathtakingly beautiful beaches, rock formations, and undisturbed wildlife conservancies. Desroches and Alphonse are the outer islands, with added tourism appeal notably because they are home to the luxury lounges and pristine sailing, fishing and diving locations.  One noticeable aspect is the unity of diverse cultures in Seychelles, with individuals from all corners of the world. Air travel to Seychelles is by Air Seychelles, with trips to the outer islands facilitated by Zil Air.

Seychelles is as high-end as your African getaway may get, and it will cost you between $1100 and $9500 per person overnight depending on your choice of the luxury lounges at Alphonse and Desroches. A 5-star stay at the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Hotel & Spa will prove relatively more affordable, ranging from $557 to $807 a night.

You don’t need a visa to get to this African paradise, but there is a need to meet conditions such as possession of a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and return tickets.

Seychelle island as seen from the top

South Africa

Over the summer, this is one of the best destinations in Africa. At any time between September and January, this is the place to be for a fantastic beach holiday. South Africa boasts an impressive array of wildlife and bird species, with features such as sprawling beaches and the world’s largest estuarine. Bordering the Indian Ocean, the country remains warm all year round. With a good number of parks and nature reserves and warm weather, this has to be one of the best places to visit on safari.

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Iconic lagoons and lakes don the country’s edge on the Atlantic, giving a breathtaking sight of the blue waters at the coast. There is a varied range of accommodation for all, from luxury lounges to something for the backpackers as well. Overnight stays will cost you from $50 to upwards of $160. To visit South Africa, you will need a visa, so make a timely application for one, at the same time; all visitors under 18 years need an unabridged birth certificate to enter the country.

knysna lagoon in south africa


This beautiful country is hands-down one of the best safari destinations in Africa. Botswana is home to the Okavango Delta, in the Kalahari Basin. The scenic destination promises breathtaking beauty, with big game, and stretches of lush vegetation in an undisturbed setup. This southern Africa country offers a range of cost-friendly accommodation, with not only luxury lodges but also budget guesthouses. Camping options are available as well.

Accommodation information is available from the Botswana Tourism website. Also, remember to confirm visa requirements from a Botswana embassy or consulate near you. If you come from a yellow fever area, you will need a vaccination certificate.

Okavango Delta, the Botswana Safari


As a couple or a group of friends, a getaway to Lesotho has to be one of the reasons you travel to Africa. This mountainous country is rich in wildlife and lush scenery. With beautiful national parks and reserves, Lesotho is also home to a world heritage site – the Drakensberg escarpment – which is at the Lesotho-South African border. Comprehensive nature getaways are sometimes hard to get, in this case, a place with a balance of wildlife, birds, and flora, along with scenic hiking trails and waterfalls.

A 5-star stay at the Maliba Mountain Lodge costs $135 upwards, a 3-star riverside hut at $84, with a 3-star self-catering stay at the River Lodge going for $22 a night.

To get to Lesotho, you need to explicitly confirm beforehand if visitors from your country need a visa for entry by visiting the country’s embassy.

Drakensberg mountain in Lesotho

Reunion Island

It’s a paradise on earth; warm, scenic, and utterly breathtaking. This island boasts of an active volcano – Piton de la Fournaise – and countless hiking trails. Furthermore, the biggest selling point is the island’s tranquil beaches, crystal blue waters: a perfect place to kick back and relax. On your travels to Reunion Island, you will experience a wide array of cuisine such as African, French, Chinese, Indian and Creole. A trip to Reunion is probably the most affordable you will ever make, with room charges ranging from $20 to $44 a night. EU nationals, American, British, Australian, South African, and Indian visitors don’t need a travel visa, which costs from $67. Even on a budget, you can visit Africa’s beautiful, best-kept secret.

Piton de la Fournaise volcano in Reunion Island

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Sao Tome and Principe

This state is Africa’s smallest country, found in West Africa in the Gulf of Guinea. If you’re looking for the perfect beach holiday away from the crowded beaches and city chaos, this is the place to go. Sao Tome is home to some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see, where you can fish and dive courtesy of Club Maxel, the principal diving agency on the island. There are some pristine diving locations, in particular, the Ilha de Santana and Iheu das Rolas in the southern end of the island.

Between July and September, enjoy whale watching at strategic locations like the Lagoa Azul and Ilha das Cabras. Jungle hiking is an exciting proposition, and you can trek through the jungle to Pico de Sao Tome.

Overnight stays in Sao Tome will range between a modest $40 a night, up to $134. A travel visa is needed, you, therefore, need to make a timely visit to a Sao Tomean embassy or consulate.

sao tome e principe beach

You have to visit Africa, experience the breathtaking natural beauty, chiefly to make some indelible memories.