Whether we care to admit it or not, the time flies and the summer season is almost upon us. Most gorgeous travel destinations keep cropping up, each conveying a more stunningly beautiful image to eager tourists than the previous one.

India is becoming one of the most sought-after countries to travel to. It offers a wide variety of places of exquisite natural beauty and spiritual significance. Some of the best places to visit in India during summer actually combine the best of the two worlds. Most of these places are going to prove to be very friendly towards adventure-seekers and those aching to have some physical exercise in the great outdoors

Sunset on an Indian River in Summer

Whatever your reasons are for choosing India as your next summer destination, the odds are you’ll find what you’re looking for.


As much as you’d like to explore every single island among 572 of them that comprise the Andaman Archipelago, a more realistic option is just visiting a couple of inhabited ones and partaking in exploratory efforts there.

Truth be told, even the 37 islands that are officially designated as inhabited are barely explored. Islands of Andaman and Nicobar provide endless opportunities for discovery, underwater exploration and otherwise unforgettable vacation in India.

From the deepest dive to the open skies, not a single visitor will remain indifferent to the energy of Andaman. Underwater exploration is quite a big deal in this remote slice of heaven. Depending on how deep you would like to go, you can choose either snorkelling or scuba diving. The latter is obviously far better for visiting deep-sea marine life, however, the former won’t disappoint either.

On the surface, there are equally attractive opportunities for explorers both fresh and seasoned. Considering how wild and remote these islands still are, your options are great in number. From bird watching to observing dolphins as they gracefully emerge for air, both young and old will find something of interest to them. Take to the skies in a seaplane from Havelock Island and marvel at the beauty of Andaman from above! You can also do this the more challenging way, by parasailing. When you’re done with one of the islands, you can always catch a ferry to the next one. If you’re lucky enough, bioluminescent planktons will appear on very dark nights and seeing them is real-life magic at work.


Located in Karnataka a little ways from Bangalore metropolis lies the Coorg district. More often than not, it is recognised by its more modern name – Kodagu.

For the most part, Karnataka is a lush haven of greenery and all kinds of fauna. Coorg is no exception – you’ll be able to walk through endless patches of beautiful, green sholas and coffee plantations. Wine and coffee are a must-have if you ventured into this area of India. Local brews are strong, tasty drinks that are often consumed with every meal! Even if you’re not big on coffee tasting and do not consider yourself to be the connoisseur of wine, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up savouring more than you planned on!

Coffee Plantation in Coorg, India

The natural beauty of Coorg will make your summer holidays less hot and insufferable. Unlike any concrete jungle, Kodagu has cascading waterfalls and pools of fresh water to shave the edge of an otherwise overly warm day. One of the most famous ones is Irrupu Falls, a neat little gem, tucked away and as cold as they get.

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You can get really close to some animals and even give elephants a bath at some of the camps. It definitely beats going to a waterpark, but it’s equally refreshing and very rewarding, considering how intelligent and amazing elephants are.

If you don’t feel like resting too much or cooling down in the water, grab your hiking gear and take off in the direction of Tadiandamol, the highest mountain of Coorg that reaches 1,748 metres in height. Along the way, you’ll be able to see Nalknad Palace and stretches of shola forests. Don’t forget that camping is not permitted on Tadiandamol though.


Like many other notable summer holiday destinations in India, Darjeeling attracts its visitors with a combination of exquisite natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage that is telltale of West Bengal’s importance and potential.

Situated at the most perfect position for viewing Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, Darjeeling is a Lesser Himalayas city with its roots deeply entwined with sprawling hills and extensive tea industry. Observing the mighty Kanchenjunga rise in the distance to the immense elevation of 8,586 metres. There is something absolutely mind-blowing about the image of this mountain reaching so eagerly for the skies. Don’t doubt its captivating power – if you want to see more than one thing on your visit to Darjeeling, you will need a lot of willpower to break away from the mountain’s charm.

Kanchenjunga Mountain as seen from Darjeeling

Visiting Dooars will reveal the source of this city’s economic and cultural growth – tea. Over thousands of people work on tea plantations, creating a beverage so amazing that it’s become a brand of the region.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, or Toy Train as it is known colloquially, can take you on an excursion of the area, revealing most stunning views imaginable. Don’t underestimate this little toy train, as its gauge railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

We understand of course that taking in the energy of the mountains, tea leaves and toy trains might seem too passive to some. When you get bored, go rafting on Teesta River, or go trekking in the surrounding wilderness.


Even though Goa often invokes images of beaches and stereotypical tourist getaways, the truth can be different altogether. Digging deeper into this Indian state will reveal more than just a regular, dull summer vacation.

Beyond the many sandy beaches and bars, India places such as Goa hide away their true beauty and significance. Historical and religious monuments dot the state’s inner region, with not a small emphasis on cuisine. Start off by sneaking a peek inside the lavishly decorated St. John’s Baptist Church, or visit a baroque Bom Jesus Basilica. For a more cultural twist, observe a Tiatr, which is basically a musical play performed in local dialects. The word itself originates from Portuguese, which is understandable considering their presence in Goa in the 20th century. This presence still remains to this day, embodied in various structures such as forts, churches and lighthouses. Goans still cling on to this heritage, and such places hold immense cultural and historical significance.

Portuguese Fort in Goa, India

Is this not your cup of tea? Then enjoy the extensive wildlife that Goa has to offer, much like the rest of India. Nature parks, waterfalls and trekking are as Goan as those lovely beaches you must have heard about. When you get tired of exploration, try local cuisine and its widespread usage of beef, curry and fish, especially tuna.

Regardless of what you’re looking for or how old you are, Goa has something to offer. When all else fails, you can always go back to the loving embrace of the beach and world renowned Goa music festivals.


A picturesque land in northern India, Kashmir is a region regarded by many as a place of mystery and unparalleled beauty. For those of more adventurous persuasions, it gets even better.

It’s difficult to say what it is that you should do first. Maybe you’d like to jump into one of many activities that travellers often partake in. Have you ever thought about paragliding or river rafting? There’s plenty of both in Kashmir, having such powerful rivers as Sindh and Lidder. If paragliding seems like a  too big of a bite for you, get in a hot air balloon and take the easy way out. Either way, the views you’ll be greeted to are priceless, as observing Kashmir from above is more than amazing. Breathtaking valleys, hills and mountains are all but unsatisfying when viewed from such a high vantage point.

A Shikara Boat on the Kashmir Lake

Besides taking to the skies, trekking and biking are just as prominent and no less challenging. They will also undoubtedly introduce you to wildlife of Kashmir, but be careful to avoid the predators. Bears and leopards are best viewed from a safe distance! Trekking can take you to some of the gorgeous lakes in India such as Alpather and Vishansar.

When you’re ready to take a breather, grab some local delicacy, take a shikara ride or even go shopping. Options are endless, making Kashmir one of the best places to visit in India during summer this year. There is so much experience to be attained from a visit to a place such as this one.


The Tamil language has several interpretations of the city we know as Kodaikanal. Two most prominent are ‘The Gift of the Forest’ and ‘place to see in summer’. While it may come off as a joke on our part considering how well it fits the context of this article, trust us – it’s by chance. Or is it?

Kodaikanal is a city perched on no less than 2,133 metres! What this does is already rule out beaches and sea as a potential pastime. If you’re fine with this, keep reading. This place is among the highest summer destinations in India and quite literally. Considering this fact, you can already deduce what to expect in Kodai as people often call it. Waterfalls, trekking paths and awesome vantage points are all around, tempting visitors to spend some time there, and quite rightfully so, as there are so many wonderful things to experience here.

Lush Kodaikanal Greenery and Rolling Hills

Let’s start with a journey through Kodai Forest. Its peaceful pine trees and many great locales have a soothing effect on a weary traveller. Kodai Lake and its pristine waters are an attraction of their own. The overflowing water creates the famous Silver Cascade, a waterfall with about 60 metres drop. It’s quite a spectacular thing to observe, as water appears to reflect the light in silvery tones.

Trekking is all well and good, especially with great offerings such as Kodai-Ooty and Kodai-Munnar tracks. However, if you’re looking for a real adventure, check out the night safari. It is as exciting as it sounds, providing a whole new outlook on the region and its wildlife.


Finally, here’s at least one place to visit in India in summer for reasons other than adventuring. The funny thing about this is that Munnar is also known as ‘Kashmir of South India’, despite being its polar opposite. This fact is only further purported by Munnar being a prominent honeymoon destination.

That being said, there are dozens upon dozens of romantic getaways in this lovely hill station in the south. First of all, the surrounding nature and wildlife are barely touched, offering some amazing picnic locations. Waterfalls such as Thoovanam and Lakkam provide relaxing, secluded day trips for those looking to escape crowds. Moreover, they’re family-friendly, so it’s always a good decision to come here if you’re after something less adventurous.

Munnar Landscape with Green Hills in India

Staying in bamboo tree huts is nothing short of romantic and it is also eco-friendly. Indians often use coir in this kind of housing, which is simply exotic from a westerner’s perspective. If you’re looking to turn the romantic metre up a notch, take a tranquil shikara ride across the stunningly beautiful Kundala Lake.

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Naturally, Munnar does not lack excitement and if you’re here for outdoor activities, you’ll be able to find them. Even though the focus is not solely on adventuring, you’ll still have the opportunity to go trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking and much more. Echo Point is by far one of the most amazing trekking destinations, revealing the visage of surrounding areas.

After a long day discovering the surrounding area, visiting a relaxing spa is all that any traveller really needs, and Munnar delivers.


Much like Munnar, Nainital is also a favourite of honeymooners from all over the worlds. This hill station in the northern state of Uttarakhand captivates and enchants visitors with its spectacular lakes and mountain views.

As you already know by now, all the best places to visit in India during summer have a crazy assortment of activities for visitors to partake in. Considering the quite decent 2,084-metre elevation, it comes as no surprise that this place is so tightly packed with adventurers.

Nainital Lake as seen from a Boat

Going on a lake tour is fine and dandy, definitely more appropriate for couples and honeymooners rather than wild daredevils. The latter will have way more fun uncovering all the trekking paths that carve through the surrounding wilderness. Rock climbing is a dangerous, yet highly rewarding sport in this area. However, don’t count on jumping straight into the action. Since there are mostly difficult climbs that require you to be more than just a bare beginner, taking a couple of lessons might save your life. When (and i) you make it through this challenge, the next stop should definitely be local cave systems. Finally, visiting Corbett National Park will reveal the story of rich flora and fauna inhabiting this area.

In the meantime, laidback couples and families will have more fun observing the majestic spectacle as the sun showers the Himalayan Range with light. In order to fully appreciate sunrises and sunsets over the Himalayas, reach the Tiffin Top. This India tour won’t be the one you’ll forget.


Such an adorable name for a town Ooty is. It might seem as yet another hill station, but this one is royalty among them, matched in beauty only by Nainital. More commonly known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Ootacamund has forsaken its long and unyieldly name to something more acceptable to foreigners.

We definitely won’t save best for last this time around, so we’ll get you started with Dolphin’s Nose. The view from this vantage point is divine, exposing a nature so wild and untamed that it almost feels as if you’re lording over it by having climbed to the point. Along the way, you’ll learn about another point of interest in Ooty – tea plantations. If tea is right up your alley, then paying a visit to the Tea Museum is the best thing you can do. It’s also got a shop where you can get all the tea-making and tea-drinking equipment you can imagine.

Ooty Hill Station on the Slopes

After you’ve had a cup or seven, but still thirsty for museums, drop by the Wax World Museum and see the history unravel before your eyes – in wax. It’s quite natural for a town to have a wax museum when there’s a bee museum right next door. Here, you can learn all about the most generous and hardworking being on our planet. You’ll also find out more about how to get honey from the hive.

Travelling to India during summer can be as exhilarating as it can be educational, and Ooty is the proof of that.


‘Queen’s Meadow’, or Ranikhet, is a cantonment in Uttarakhand that is now home to several regiments and serves as a quiet summer holiday destination.

It might sound a bit intimidating at first, but visiting a cantonment for your summer vacation is as good as it gets. Ranikhet is well-known for its spectacular temples, and travellers often come here during the summer. Start by visiting the village called Dwarahat and seeing the shrines there. It is home to 55 temples, each more magnificent than the other. Some of them such as the temple to Durga require you to climb several hundreds of steps before revealing not only this glorious temple but also the sprawling Himalayas in the background.

View of the Area from Ranikhet, India

Kalika is also a small town, about 6 kilometres from Ranikhet, with the most wonderful, lush greenery that you can imagine. Hiking in the area will lead you to Naukuchiatal Lake, the deepest and most mesmerizing of such lakes in this part of India. It is here where most of the adventure seekers are going to find their fill.

Ranikhet is otherwise an easy-going, laidback place that is better suited to families than stray wanderers.


As you’ve certainly figured out by now, India is a place of exquisite natural beauty and the same can be said about Saputara. What seems to be a simple hill station on the outside is actually an excellent staging area for tourists looking to uncover the best of what Saputara and the Western Ghats have to offer.

If you’ve got your adventuring gear on, it’s time to conquer some of the best locales around the hill station Saputara. Climbing the sunrise and sunset point near Malegaon is no easy feat. However, the reward is simply amazing. This viewpoint lives up to its name and reveals some of the most beautiful light show you can imagine. Not only that but it also lays out the entire surrounding area, including Dang forest and Saputara itself. This climb is not mandatory though, there’s a ropeway leading to the top so you can just go the easy way.

Saputara Lake is a secluded paradise and looks the part, especially during the summer. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of pleasant weather which will allow you to make most of your day there. Whether you’ll be spending it on the boat or by a picnic basket ashore does not matter. The staggering beauty of this area will leave you speechless. There’s also the Saputara Museum, which showcases the culture and history of people of Dang.

In the end, seeing Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is the icing on the Saputara cake. It is just one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines and is absolutely awe-inspiring.


The entirety of the Tamil Nadu region has some amazing hill stations and Yercaud is no exception. Its very name is descriptive of the surrounding area. ‘Lake Forest’ is quite a meaningful name and one that denotes almost everything you’re looking for in a summer holiday destination.

The Yercaud Lake is a tranquil, remote place in East Ghats, perfect for a peaceful vacation. It is surrounded by far-reaching forests that are simply staggering. Besides having some fun by (or on) the water and hiking around the area, try getting to some interesting locales as well. One of these places is the Bear Cave, as it requires you to remove some boulders out of the way. Only several sections of the cave are clear, however, this only means that you need to take extra precautions in order to avoid getting buried under a pile of rocks.

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Your next stop can just as well be Kiliyur Waterfall which requires a bit of climbing through some rough patches of the forest.

End your visit to Yercaud at scenic Pagoda Point, the best place to be at sundown. Salem District expands in every direction, something you can perfectly spot and photograph from the Point.

Summer in India?

Yes! There is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a family or if you’re newly wedded, you’ll have some excellent times here. The same goes for groups of friends, solo backpackers and even pilgrims.

The unspoilt nature and towering monuments to the polytheistic Hindu pantheon are all but a rarity. Almost every location will let you either cover in the shade or freshen up in a cool source of water, all the while gazing at a very unique piece of land under the sun. All you need to do is find the right place for you.