While most other states and regions of India have more of a clearcut personality with a very specific range of activities that are best partaken in if you visit, Manali provides its guests with a broader palette of possibilities.

For that very reason, newlyweds often place a lot of faith in honeymoon packages from Mumbai to Manali, knowing that their time of visit will have less of an impact on the overall quality of their stay. Seasons matter far less than in some other places in India, especially since each and every one of them appeals to different kinds of people and a broader spectrum of their interests. This generally leads to more stable rates of vacation packages with little to no fluctuations.

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Houses with Himalayas in the Background, Manali

Honeymoon Spots in Manali

Being such a distinct and highly varied region, Manali isn’t lacking when it comes to incredible honeymoon spots for young couples to make good use of and romance each other as they’re reliving the best moments of their youth.

Best Honeymoon Spots

Vashist Hot Water Springs

Is there a better way to stave off the cold coming down from the surrounding mountains than spending your honeymoon trip in hot water springs?

Obviously, a lot of couples agree that this is the way to go, as you can often see them hiking the very short 3-kilometre distance in order to reach Vashist. One hour is all you need to really let off some steam, and we mean that quite literally. Do keep an eye out for pickpockets, but really, that’s the only thing you should be aware of. While you’re there, drop by the magnificent Vashist Temple, you will not regret this minor detour.

Beas River

Manali is located at the north end of the Kull Valley, at the exact spot where the mighty and gorgeous Beas River cuts right through its heart.

One of the most attractive photographic opportunities in Manali, this river embodies all the romantic honeymoon ideas that you might have. It’s beautiful, it’s remote and most of all, it’s so peaceful that tranquillity is almost tangible. It’s also got plenty of lovely streams all about. As it is with most bodies of water, you could make it into anything you want it to be, it doesn’t have to serve as a quiet, romantic getaway. Instead, join a group of people and challenge the unyielding waters by going river rafting.

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A Tiny Stream near the Beas River, Manali

Solang Valley

About 13 kilometres from Manali, next to the lively Beas River lies the Solang Valley.

Known for its majestic white caps of winter snow, Solang provides skiing enthusiasts with quite a decent challenge. Young newlyweds who’ve never skied before can also get a couple of lessons here, before daring to take on the snowy mountain. However, precipitations usually don’t survive the summer months, so if you want to make use of Solang for snow-based sports, come during the winter. It goes without saying that there are plenty of things to be done, even when the snow is gone. Probably the most romantic of all the activities accessible in the summer months on Solang is horse riding.

Solang Valley Resort in Manali, India

Rohtang Pass

If you’d like your honeymoon holiday to be about challenging yourselves as a newlywed couple, one of the must-have destinations is Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass is essentially a viewing point and quite a high one at that. Perched at almost 4,000 metres above sea level, Rohtang doesn’t bend the knee to the warmth of summer months. It’s always covered in snow, and the distance of 51 kilometres from Manali is not to be laughed at. However, climbing this obstacle (in the most literal sense imaginable) will reward those brave and persistent enough with such a display of raw beauty of nature that you’ll never forget. It truly is a magnificent gift for your new life that began after your wedding.

Snowy Himalayas near Rohtang Pass, Manali

Mall Road

The nature of Manali and Kull Valley is not to be trifled with, so naturally, there’s something for those with a more timid idea of what honeymoon trip is all about.

Mall Road is the main street of Manali where all the shops, bars and restaurants are. There’s no traffic here, you can walk around freely and browse souvenirs and enjoy some of the finest examples of the local culture.

Best Time to Visit Manali

Visitors from the USA and Europe often find the climate in Manali quite agreeable. It bears some resemblance to our own seasonal cycles with distinct summer and winter, the only difference being less pronounced (i.e. non-existent) spring and autumn.

March, April, May and June comprise the Manali summer and it’s at this time that there are some high-quality package deals for honeymooners to make good use of. March is still not that amazing though, winter is still palpable during this month so if you’d like to avoid the cold altogether, it might be better to wait until April. Temperatures during the summer months usually go as high as 25°C, but in winter, this number drops to 4°C at best.

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Summer and winter are separated by the monsoon season that begins in July and lasts for the better part of September.

To make the long story short, May and June are the best months for a visit to Manali, but you’ll miss out on the beauty of Solang Valley.

Winter Season in Manali near Himalayas

Top Honeymoon Hotels in Manali

Naturally, you’ll be wanting to know about the best honeymoon hotel for you and your significant other, and luckily, Manali delivers.


Summit Chandertal Regency Hotel & Spa

Summit Chandertal Regency and Spa is a luxurious, relaxing honeymoon resort where you’ll be able to take advantage of some overly rejuvenating facilities and go for massages like there’s no tomorrow. Not only is it a great, comfortable place to stay at, but it’s also right next to the Beas River.

Hotel website: Summit Chandertal Regency and Spa Site
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +91 83888 77888
Starting price: ₹1,769 per day

Utopia Resort

Easily one of the best honeymoon resorts out there, Utopia Resort has got romantic accommodation with a swimming pool, gym and a spa. It’s quite close to some amazing sights such as the Hidimba Devi Temple. Booking a room in this resort will relieve you of any extraneous fees and house you fairly close to all the lovely places that we’ve mentioned before, namely Beas River and the town of Vashist.

Hotel website: Utopia Resort Site
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +91 98162 11183
Starting price: ₹2,926 per day

Sarthak Resorts

Probably the best place to stay if you do decide to come during the winter, Sarthak Resorts offer all the amenities that a modern couple could wish for. Many honeymoon packages from Mumbai to Manali include it as a number one choice for two honeymooners in love. Time truly flies in here and you won’t even notice as an entire week passes by, that’s how homely and fun it is.

Hotel website: Sarthak Resorts Site
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +91 9816646023
Starting price: ₹1,512 per day

A Lonely Mountaineering Cabin near Manali

High Season Honeymoon Packages

As the summer months draw closer, honeymoon packages from Mumbai to Manali grow slightly more expensive.

Naturally, you’ll be wanting the best tour you can get, and Yatra will not disappoint. Their selection of honeymoon packages is also ever-growing, and there are plenty of high season packages to choose from already. One of them is the Blissful Shimla and Manali Deluxe Package of 6 days and 5 nights. The starting price for this great package that houses honeymooners in Summit Chandertal Regency and Spa is ₹27,650.

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Slightly less expensive but equally luxurious is the Simply Himachal package that includes 7 days and 6 nights for ₹18,999. You’ll be located in the dreamy Utopia Resort if you make the payment for this package.

Trekking in Kullu Valley towards Manali

Low Season Honeymoon Packages

If you’re looking for the best places to go for honeymoon skiing, there are some low season packages that won’t disappoint.

There’s a great sightseeing package that’ll take honeymooners to some amazing temples and also drop by the Vashist Hot Springs. This one lasts for 5 days and 4 nights, with a quite affordable ₹9,780 price tag.

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Finally, visiting during winter and aiming at Solang Valley adventuring is more than possible with this Sarthk Resort Package. After 5 days and 4 nights here, you’ll still be wanting for more, especially considering its highly accessible starting price of ₹8,419.

Flights from Mumbai to Manali

The airport nearest to your destination is Kullu–Manali Airport at a decent distance of 52 kilometres from Manali.

The route from Mumbai is most often operated by AirIndia and IndiGo. There’s usually at least one stop on this flight, amounting to no less than 4 and a half hours flight. Prices of return tickets range from ₹34,690 per person all the way to ₹48,377, so make sure you get your tickets ahead of time to cut down on these expenses. Consult Skyscanner when in doubt.

Why Choose Manali For Your Honeymoon?

What we’re left with at the end of this article can be summarized in the following several sentences.

  • Manali has amazing, varied climate.
  • There’s a breathtaking nature to explore.
  • Both summer and winter have great package deals.
  • There’s an urban shopping centre in the heart of Manali.
  • It’s perfect for a wide array of outdoor activities.