A lot of married couples from India pick destinations in their homeland as a perfect place to go for their honeymoon. This is why there has been an increased number in newlyweds in search of honeymoon packages from Mumbai to Ooty. Little do they know that Ooty offers a variety of spots to enjoy with your significant other – from picturesque villages and lush forests all the way to thundering waterfalls and placid lakes.

A village in Ooty high in the mountains

Honeymoon spots in Ooty

Ooty is a dream destination for hopeless romantics and nature lovers. It is one of those honeymoon destinations that really win your heart the moment you lay eyes on the breath-taking landscapes and endless fields of tea plantations. Although there are plenty of spots to enjoy on your honeymoon in Ooty, some of them are definitely worth mentioning above the rest.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden in Ooty is home to many plant species

This 55-hectare oasis of greenery and peace promises hours of serenity all newlyweds deserve after the wedding hype. Divided into several sections, this plant paradise is home to some of the rarest kinds of roses, shrubs, orchids, and ferns. The crown of the garden is certainly a fossilized tree trunk, said to be over 20 million years old.

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Emerald Dam

Located 25 kilometers outside Ooty town, Emerald Lake is the pearl of the silent valley. The lake’s shores offer a splendid view of the surrounding pine forests and a scenic view of the rich green vastness of water. The lake is a great place to have a picnic and savor the mesmerizing view of Nilgiris slopes.

A beautiful lake in Ooty

Catherine Falls

Gushing from the Nilgiris mountains, Cathrine Falls is a sight to remember. This double-cascaded waterfall has a 250-feet drop, formed as the river Kallar mightily sprouts from the steep hills and plummets further down. Visitors can catch sight of this majestic waterfall from the Dolphin’s nose because it’s not easily accessible on foot.

Catherine Falls in the Nilgiri Hills near Ooty

The Dolphin’s Nose

This picturesque viewpoint is a fantastic highland place to observe the surrounding scenery. It is reachable by car or on foot, which is a great opportunity for those couples who want to enjoy a relaxing uphill trek. The view from the top unfurls magnificently, overlooking the tea plantations, forests, and Catherine Falls.

Doddabetta Peak

As the highest peak in Ooty, Doddabetta provides a remarkable sight of the Nilgiri slopes and ranges. The famous telescope tower is situated right at the top, circulated with intricate flower garden drooping down the slopes.

Mudumalai National Park

Honeymooners who know how to appreciate wilderness will be enchanted by Mudumalai National Park. This nature reserve is home to many unique animal and plant species, such as Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, white-rumped vulture, and many more. A total of 55 species of mammals inhabit the park but the only way to spot some of these rare animals is to embark on a wilderness safari tour in a jeep or an open van. Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the park due to mandatory precaution measures.

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Best Time to Visit Ooty

Although located in the tropics, the town of Ooty miraculously boasts perfectly mild climate which is present all year round. The temperatures around 17°C are consistent throughout the year, with occasional drops in January and February. The nights are often cold during this period so it’s best to plan your honeymoon holiday in Ooty between June and October.

Ooty landscape in spring

Even the peak summer months (March throughout May) don’t imply scorching heat and the temperatures vary between 20 and 30, which is rather favorable compared to the rest of southern India. Some of the spots, such as Catherine Falls, are best visited between October and May when monsoon season draws to a close and leaves significant amounts of water rushing through rivers and streams.

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Top Honeymoon Hotels in Ooty

Ooty offers an abundance of romantic honeymoon ideas, especially when it comes to accommodation. Not only will you have the chance to enjoy luxurious 5-star hotels with a captivating view of the surrounding greens but you can also opt for affordable lodging and still get a great value for money.

Fortune Resort Sullivan Court

If you’re looking for a place for romance where you can relax and unwind, this 4-star resort is just perfect. With well-equipped 67 rooms to choose from and situated at a mere kilometer from the town’s center, it’s a genuine oasis of peace with the most breath-taking view of the slopes.

Price per night: Starts at ₹4,500
Hotel website: https://www.fortunehotels.in/
Contact number: +91 42324 41415

Kurumba Village Resort

Perhaps the most picturesque resort in Ooty, this cottage complex offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding lush vegetation. Each cottage opens up to its own private balcony overlooking thick forests, with a gush of brisk air and a soothing bird song embracing you from all sides. The resort makes special offers too, so make sure to pick the one that will fit your honeymoon trip the best.

Price per night: Starts at ₹10,000
Hotel website: https://www.natureresorts.in/kurumba/
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: +91 80888 55855

Lakeview Hotel

Lakeview Hotel is yet another terraced complex of charming luxury cottages, providing newlyweds with a superb opportunity to enjoy a laidback week of indulging in finest cuisine, exciting activities, and picnics.

Price per night: ₹2,500
Hotel website: http://hotellakeview.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: (0423)-2443904

United 21 – Paradise

Snuggled amongst the tea plantations and the pleasant scents, these private cottages are one of the most peaceful honeymoon resorts in Ooty.

Cottage of United 21 Paradise Ooty resort

Price per night: ₹4,000
Hotel website: http://www.united21paradiseooty.com/
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: (0423)-2225900

High Season Honeymoon Packages

High season in Ooty spans between March and June. It is during these months that Ooty becomes one of the most sought-after honeymoon spots, with lots of booking options at your disposal.

HolidaysDNA offers superb vacation packages for couples in search of a relaxing honeymoon trip from Mumbai. Romantic Ooty Honeymoon Package (2 Nights / 3 Days) at ₹13,200 (see here), Exotic Ooty Honeymoon Package (3 Nights / 4 Days) at ₹19,183 (see here), Blissful Ooty Honeymoon Package (2 Nights / 3 Days) at ₹15,214 (see here), are only some of them.

MiracleHoliday provides lower fees for budget-limited couples, offering affordable packages within 3 deluxe plans. The itinerary includes 4 days / 3 nights tour and travel package, accompanied by sightseeing and excursions.

By booking Ooty Tour Packages with Travel2Ooty, honeymooners from Mumbai can choose between budget and deluxe packages, ranging between ₹9,150 and ₹26,850. The package rates vary depending on the length of the vacation and the hotel.

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Low Season Honeymoon Packages

2-nights Young & Free – Ooty Trails package starts at ₹4,999 although booking online can provide you with a discount up to ₹400. In addition to this, there are tour packages from Coimbatore which is well connected with Mumbai. Trawell.in offers 3, 4, and 5-day packages to Ooty, ranging between ₹5,350 and ₹13,000 (more here). If you make an online booking via MakeMyTrip, packages like Ooty & Kodaikanal Honeymoon Special get 38% discounts and will cost you ₹29,224.

Flights from Mumbai to Ooty

At the approximate aerial distance of 990 kilometers (1 060 km by land) from Mumbai, arriving at Ooty means spending around 20 hours traveling. Although you can reach Ooty by car, it is much wiser to book a flight. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights connecting these two cities. Instead, it’s best to book a direct flight from Mumbai to Coimbatore and then take a bus or a taxi to Ooty. AirIndia offers Mumbai-Coimbatore non-stop flights starting at ₹3,047 whereas IndiGo offers slightly higher fees starting at ₹4,463. Yatra offers some payment benefits for unlimited date change flights but you should also sign up for their newsletter and receive valuable information on Yatra’s special deals.

Why Choose Ooty For Your Honeymoon?

India really is a country of many splendors. Still, Ooty comes as a real refreshment for couples in search of a perfect honeymoon holiday because it has:

  1. Splendid sceneries
  2. An abundance of exotic wildlife
  3. Beautiful tea plantations
  4. Picturesque resorts
  5. Trails oozing peace and serenity.