Located at around 1, 700 kilometers from Mumbai, Maldives has been one of the most popular destinations for romance among the honeymooners. Many couples in search of honeymoon packages from Mumbai to the Maldives usually scour for those that will fit their budget and inclinations the most.

Even if the wedding cost you an arm and a leg, you can still get the chance to enjoy the luxury of these stunning islands without straining your budget too much. There are so many package deals to choose from and finding the perfect one is not difficult at all, especially if we consider the fact that this destination has become increasingly popular with Indian couples.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in the Maldives

The Maldives is an oasis of reefs, dreamlike beaches, and extravagant resorts that cater to everyone’s needs. The islands are scattered around the Indian ocean, resembling an intricate emerald necklace, each hiding a little piece of paradise.

Breath-taking island in the Maldives

Honeymoon Spots in the Maldives

Malé Island

Certainly unforgettable is the capital Malé Island which is also where the biggest international airport Velana International is located. Although this island is not as exotic as the smaller ones, there is a unique charm to it. You should make an effort to spend a few hours sightseeing around its narrow streets, enjoy the deep shades of the Sultan Park, admire the Grand Friday Mosque, or take a dip in the Artificial Beach – a recently crafted seaside attraction.

Panoramic view of Male in the Maldives

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Biyadhoo Island

Just 18 miles south of Malé International Airport is Biyadhoo Island – a snorkeling fairyland ideal for a honeymoon holiday amongst the lush vegetation, low hanging coconuts, glimmering shallows, and colorful reefs. There is an abundance of water sports at your disposal: scuba-diving, snorkeling, and canoe-paddling, guaranteed to give you an active and relaxing week full of fun.

Crystal clear water on the Maldives

The islands of Fihalhohi and Maafushi

Kaafu Atoll of South Malé hides two breathtaking islands – the islands of Fihalhohi and Maafushi. Fihalhohi Island is probably one of the most idyllic and picturesque islands of the Maldives, best known for its overwater bungalows and crystal clear waters. Similarly, Maafushi Island offers splendid resorts and crystalline water but also provides newlyweds with an opportunity to take island hopping tours and see most of the surrounding islands.

Over-water bungalows in the Maldives

Vaadhoo Island

Located in the Raa Atoll, Vaadhoo Island is possibly one of the most unique and otherworldly islands in the Maldives. Known for its bright blue bioluminescent plankton, this islet is a perfect place to observe this amazing light spectacle often called the sea of stars, best visible during the summer months.

Spectacular blue plankton on the shores of the Maldives

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Best Time to Visit the Maldives

These spectacular islands look superb and equally captivating all year round. Still, the tropical monsoon climate characteristic of these parts of Asia gives way to two predominant seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The latter is usually marked by strong winds and high humidity, present from May throughout summer months until mid-October. On the other hand, the dry season covers the period between November and April, bringing calm seas and clear weather.

Perfect weather in the Maldives

Still, meteorological conditions are unpredictable at times and visitors to this extraordinary archipelago can witness a change in weather numerous times throughout a single day. Whatever the case may be, it is much safer to plan your honeymoon trip around the dry season, as you will be more likely to have more sunny days and fewer torrential showers.

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Top Honeymoon Hotels in the Maldives

The resorts in the Maldives tend to be pricey, especially if you run late with the booking. By far, the most affordable accommodation can be found in Malé, although you can always get a great bargain on some of the resorts and save extra on lower fees.

Sun Island Resort

As one of the biggest resorts in the Maldives, this holiday center is a lovers’ paradise. Not only does it offer an array of extraordinary facilities but it also boasts the Leading Eco Resort in the Maldives award and it offers 1 or more nights free of charge depending on how long you decide to stay. Make sure to check their website and inquire about their current offers.

Price per night: ₹23, 000
Email: Contact Sun Island Resort
Hotel website: Sun Island Resort

Sun Island Resort

Hotel Octave

This 14-room hotel located in the center of Malé is reputable for its friendly staff, impeccable service, and most importantly, affordable prices.

Price per night: ₹4, 500
Hotel website: Hotel Octave
Contact number: +960 3013030

Mookai Suites

This Malé-based hotel is renowned for its good service, clean and spacious rooms, and proximity to the city center. The prices are rather affordable which makes this hotel a great budget destination.

Price per night: ₹19,800
Hotel website: Mookai Suites
Email: [email protected]
Contact number:+ 960 330 9911

Reethi Beach Resort

This little resort is nested on the tiny Fonimagoodhoo Island, comprising 40 detached or semi-detached Reethi Villas. Affordable luxury, mesmerizing beaches, and lush vegetation make it a perfect romantic resort.

Price per night: ₹18,500
Hotel website: Reethi Beach Resort
Email: Contact Reethi Beach Resort

A beach resort in the Maldives

Arena Beach Hotel

Located in Maafushi island, this hotel offers a stunning view of the blue lagoons to its guests. The rooms are superbly well equipped, including laundry service. The accommodation ranges from deluxe double rooms to super deluxe rooms, with some of them overlooking the city. It’s a perfect honeymoon hotel for couples who want to spend their vacation in peace and quiet of the island because the hotel only has 19 rooms in total.

Price per night: ₹12,000
Hotel website: Arena Beach Hotel
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: +960 7933231

Viluxer Retreat

This lovely retreat is located on the island of Fuvahmulah, also known as the Galapagos of the Maldives for its unique bird and plant species. Viluxer Retreat Fuvahmulah Hotel has all the necessary amenities for a 3-star facility and it’s one of the best options for a budget honeymoon.

Price per night: ₹10,000
Hotel website:http://www.tophotelsmaldives.com
Contact: http://www.tophotelsmaldives.com/support/

The Ocean Grand Hotel

This hotel offers a mesmerizing view of the Indian Ocean surrounding the 2 kilometer-long island of Hulhumale where the hotel is located. Courteous staff and the menu in the Oview Restaurant provide the best service worthy of this heavenly place.

Price per night: ₹15,000
Hotel website: The Ocean Grand Hotel
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: + 960 3355077

High Season Honeymoon Packages

The period between December and March is usually the time when the Maldives sees the major tourist inflow. This means that there are more package deals to choose from but there is also a lot more couples looking for perfect honeymoon spots.

A couple walking on a beach at sunset

Some of the best Maldives honeymoon resorts can be booked on Thomascook.in, and the departures from Mumbai include 4 packages: Romantic Maldives (4-day stay at Biyadhoo Island Resort), Romantic Maldives with Water Sport Activities (4-day stay at Biyadhoo Island Resort or a similar one), as well as the 2 packages including trips to Sri Lanka.

5-day Honeymoon Delight Package is an ideal opportunity for couples to explore the lovely Thulhagiri Island in all of its glory and tranquility. Those honeymooners who want to explore the number of islands during their stay, packages such as Magic of Beautiful Maldives offer a unique opportunity to see Hulhumalé, Maafushi, and Fihalhohi islands within 6 days.

A bungalow suspended above water

Low Season Honeymoon Packages

Some of the best vacation packages include departures between May and October. Staying at the Maldives Paradise Island Resort includes booking by the end of April, starting at ₹ 39,628. 3-night tour packages on the Fun Island last till October and start at ₹32,423 offering extraordinary accommodation and a view to remember.

If you decide to take an Exciting Maldives Tour Package (see here), not only will your romantic getaway include staying at the Liberty Guest House on the beautiful Mahibadhoo Island but you will also have the chance to enjoy a liberal spa treatment or take a banana boat ride.

Flights from Mumbai to the Maldives

IndiGo is a low-cost Indian airline offering extremely budget-friendly flights from Mumbai to the Maldives. With lowest fares starting at ₹ 14,872 and Flexi fares offering unlimited rescheduling at ₹ 17,024, this airline is one of the most popular among Indian newlyweds. Another equally favorable airline GoAir, offers GoHolidays Malé Packages and other flight arrangements to Malé, giving discounts on return fares starting at ₹17,999.

Some of the most trusted and notable online travel companies include Yatra providing information, pricing, availability, and booking for air travel to Maldives. On top of that, make sure to conduct a search via Skyscanner and find the cheapest flights to travel from Mumbai to Malé International Airport.

Why Choose Maldives for your Honeymoon?

Without a doubt, the Maldives is one of the most ideal places to go for a honeymoon. These 1190 islands give couples an endless list of romantic honeymoon ideas because:

  1. These islands hide coral reefs of unparalleled beauty and color
  2. The silence and tranquility on these islands is out of this world
  3. Local cuisine is delicious
  4. Sunsets are unforgettable
  5. Love is in the air everywhere you turn.