The most popular side trip whenever tourists visit Bangkok is always to Pattaya. This city is known for its wild nightlife options which often suit the younger population best. And this is exactly what seems to attract the most people to Thailand. But there’s far more to this country than just partying (despite it being pretty cool). Thailand has a concealed, romantic face that you have to look for in order to find it. One place where the true nature of Thailand unfolds is Ko Samet Island, the land of most awe-inspiring sunsets.

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You can choose to go there by car, bus, or minivan. Either way, prepare for almost three hours spent on the road. Your destination is Ban Phe, where you can get on a ferry that takes the passengers to Ko Samet Island. Some resorts might run ferries themselves, so make sure to check with your chosen resort before arriving.

What you’ll find when you eventually get here are beaches of endless, fine sands and crystal-clear water. It’s the most appropriate place to have yourself pampered, which includes, but is not limited to – delicious seafood, Thai massages, soaking rays at the beach, meditation, overwhelming views, and so much more.


Vongdeuan Resort is probably going to be your choice if you are a budget traveler. Free breakfast and DVDs are there to make your stay more comfortable and relaxed, so make sure to make a reservation if you think it best suits your bankroll.

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Take a look at what Ko Samet looks like during the day:


Sunset watch: Ko Samet Island 01

Blue boat at the beach

Sunset watch: Ko Samet Island 02

Chillin’ with this drink in front of this amazing view = perfect beach bum!
Chillin’ with this colorful drink at the beach.

These beaches are only a taste of the immense beauty of Ko Samet. Depending on how many activities you’d like to have, you might want to do a bit of island hopping to the nearby islands, or go snorkeling in the pristine waters. Ao Prao has a reputation for most stunning sunsets in Thailand, and getting there costs about 400 baht.

Ao Prao before sunset
Ao Prao before sunset


Free fruits (and water) are included on the trip ☺
Free fruits (and water) are included in the trip ☺

*drum roll* aaaaand we watched the sunset. *insert happy tears here*


Goodbye, sun.
Goodbye, sun.

Even though there are dozens of activities you can enjoy on the island, we’re here to talk about sunsets and that’s what we’ll address now. We can presume that you’ve seen the pictures above. Magical, isn’t it? There’s something about sunsets, some inner stirrings that most people feel but can’t fully express. You could watch the sunset over Ko Samet every day and not have enough of it. The colors mix with the clouds to create spectacles that are as incredible as life itself.

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If you recognize yourself in the last paragraph, and if it makes you feel the same way that it does us, then you surely understand what we’re talking about. Those who know how to appreciate the glory of dusk should make their way to Ko Samet and Ao Prao, with the latter having the reputation of the best sunset spot in Thailand.

Don’t forget to take your silhouette photos before the sun goes down!

Have no doubt about it – Ko Samet is an incredible destination to visit. Even if you don’t share this obsession of ours when it comes to sunsets, you can still make the best of this island’s remoteness and have the most laidback vacation imaginable. Ko Samet is all about sunrises, sunsets, and an endless amount of pampering oneself. When the day comes and you need to pack your bags and leave, you’ll realize that you’ve formed a deep bond with this place, and a one that will last forever.