How to Shop Around

In a space that is the size of five football fields, Chatuchak Weekend Market will feel overwhelming at first. Organize your time based on your shopping needs. You may need to “dig around” a little bit to weed out the touristy trinkets.

Start on the outside of the market and wander your way down the alleys. Take your time, navigate the crowds and take in the full experience. When the heat gets unbearable, which it will, duck inside one of the numbered covered alleys and continue the exploration.

the busy alley of chatuchak market
silent stalls in the market

Clothing and Accessories

Clothes dominate and this by far one of the largest sections at Chatuchak Market. Sections 2 to 6 and sections 10 to 26 are filled with styles for all fashion tastes.

From stylish and independent wear, to Thai souvenirs and children’s clothes, you will find everything you need for gifts or for yourself.

shirts with "thailand" print
Photo: Authentic Food Quest
plenty of souvenirs from chatuchak market
Handwatches for sale
Different kind of souvenir
Flickr/Hector Garcia

As you look around one thing you will notice are tourists pushing around large pieces of luggage. That’s for all the shopping. Don’t be afraid to bring a large empty suitcase if shopping is your priority.