What to Drink

To stay hydrated and quench your thirst, don’t hesitate to try any of the delicious fruit juices you will see around. Thailand is known for it’s fresh squeezed juices and Chatuchak has vendors all over the market strategically placed at the main entrances and by the alleys.

You can get several types of juices, including coconut, guava, watermelon, carrot, papaya, mango, orange juice and any number of combinations of fresh fruit juices. Most fruit juices are sold in bottles that range between 20 baht to 30 baht (about $.059 cents to $0.87 cents).

Be aware that sugar is sometimes added to the juices. If you don’t want any sugar added to your juice, the most vendors know enough English to understand “no sugar, please.”

Fresh vegetable and fruit juice standThai Foot Massages

You already know Thailand is famous for Thai massages, and there is no better place to enjoy a foot massage after a long day of being on your feet. Choose from the many vendors you will see around and treat yourself to an inexpensive and relaxing foot massage for 150 baht for 30mins (approx $4.30 USD) or 250 baht for 1 hour (approx $7.26 USD)

Thai foot massage
Photo: Authentic Food Quest

Exploring one of the biggest weekend markets is a wonderful experience of lifetime. If you are in Bangkok, take the time to spend a day at Chatuchak Market exploring the multiple shopping options, local cuisines while interacting with the locals. Without question, this market is worth a visit.