Bengaluru, the former Bangalore, is the capital of Karnataka, south India. This city exhibits an impressive balance of architecture, culture, spirituality, a rich history, and nature. The town is renowned for technology and if often considered the silicon valley of India. Before the IT revolution, Bengaluru was Pensioner’s Paradise. The name is a testament to its scenic beauty and a fantastic blend of both the past and present. There are numerous must-see places near Bangalore as well, with an array of color, art, and breathtaking tourist spots. A tour in the best places to visit in Bangalore is a trip you are unlikely to forget.

Top tourist places to visit in Bangalore

Here are some of the must-see places in Bangalore:

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

B.N.A Technology founded the park in 1995. This scenic spot is one of the top tourist places in the area. This park is probably the most technologically advanced as well as one of the largest artificial fountains in India. The attraction boasts the latest multimedia technology and MIDI interfaces. The beautiful gardens host two light and sound shows each night. The enchanting scene comes with a rhythmic dance of sparkling water. For a real family experience, the park has a play garden for kids. This paradise is among the top places to visit in Bangalore.

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is internationally recognized botanical artwork center making it one of the best places to visit in Bangalore, playing a crucial role in plant research and conservation. The center lies on a vast 240 acres in Bangalore and is home to an impressive variety of plants species, numbering almost two thousand. One of the key attractions here is the Lal Bagh Rock, dating over three billion years. Another attraction is the glass house that hosts an annual flower show, along with an aquarium and lake. The garden has one of the largest collections of rare plants, as well as a select variety of bird species.

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Halasuru Someshwara Temple

This unique piece of history sits in Halasuru – Ulsoor – is surely one of the best places to visit in Bangalore. The temple is dedicated to Shiva, the Hindu deity. The Someshwara Temple is the oldest place of worship in the region, built around the 12th or 13th centuries. One of the fascinating attractions is the stunning sculpture of Ravana with a Kailash Parvat, paying homage to Lord Shiva, among other captivating spiritual artwork. The temple has some fantastic carvings, along with some smaller shrines for lesser deities like Arunachaleswara and Kamakshama. This stunning place of worship has a large number of visitors during the Mahashivathri.

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Bangalore Aquarium

This tourist spot is in Cubbon Park and is the largest aquarium in Bangalore, second largest in India. This famous destination has over 80 tanks spread over two floors, showcasing a fantastic variety of ornamental and exotic fish such as Siamese Fighters, catla, goldfish, red tail sharks, and many more. Established in 1983, this is one of the top tourist places to visit in Bangalore. Also on display are eels, angelfish, pearl gourami, moon tail, and other fascinating species.

The entry fee is 15 rupees for adults, with free entry for kids under 12. The nearest airport is 32kms away from Bangalore, with the train station 7kms away. Road transport is readily accessible from either point.

Bangalore Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in India

Bangalore Palace

Chamaraja Wodeyar built the palace in 1887, finding inspiration for the Tudor-style in the English Windsor Castle. The building has towers, arches, elegant interiors with carvings and artwork, as well as lush green lawns. The palace is home to the royal family to date. There is an exhibition of rich history and all kinds of memorabilia, family photos, as well as some portraits. This royal residence is one of the most iconic houses in Bangalore and a historical center for leadership and government. The best time to visit the palace is between 10 am and 5:30 pm.

The National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art is Nirvana for art lovers and it’s considered among best tourist places in the Bangalore to visit. The gallery is set up in a colonial home and sits on Palace road. It opened in 2009 and is the third of its kind in India, with the other two found in Delhi and Mumbai. The mansion has two connected wings, housing a vast collection of modern and contemporary art. In an impressive setting, you will find pieces from way back, as old as the 18th century, up to the time of India’s independence. This mansion-and-garden setting truly brings out the beauty and beautiful look of the home to some of the best art in India.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

Sitting in the Bangalore Fort, the initial building was a mud structure, built by Chikkadeva Raya. Tipu Sultan took charge of subsequent reconstruction that ended in 1791. The courtyard has a Hindu temple, a testament of the sultan’s appreciation of faith and religion. Indo-Islamic architecture gives the palace its unique look, and this provides the fort with one of its best attractions. The castle is open to visitors from morning to evening between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. This palace is home to the sultan and has impressive architecture and stunning gardens to match.

You may pair a visit to the palace with a trip to the nearby Krishna Rajendra Market.

Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace

Cubbon Park

This 300-acre stretch is a magnificent display of lush green that forms a hub for walkers, joggers, or anyone seeking a break from the noise and chaos of everyday life. The park sits in the Bangalore business district and gets its name from Sir Mark Cubbon, the Commissioner of Bangalore. Many indigenous and exotic trees thrive there, some ornamental and others are flowering. For the complete experience, the park is home to an aquarium, and the Bal Bhavan play section. The large size of the park allows you to play, relax, and explore this breathtaking piece of Bangalore.

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UB City Mall

The mall sits on an impressive 13 acres right in the Bangalore central business district. This luxury stop has all the answers to your high-end tastes and needs. UB City Mall has everything, from shopping, spas, and fine dining. This large luxury mall is home to the leading brands in world fashion, housing brands such as Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Canali, among many others. For the fun-loving visitor, this is the best high-end destination for you, with an open lounge and diner, karaoke, and some of the best nightclubs you will ever see. An evening walk here opens the doors to so much fun.

Bannerghatta National Park

This wildlife reserve is probably one of the most visited places near Bangalore, sitting just 22kms from the city. The national park has ten reserve forests, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The stunning natural beauty of the park is magical, with a section for crocodiles another for picnics, a snake sanctuary, lion safari, and a pets corner. The Bannerghatta National Park is home to the first butterfly park in India. The best time to visit for an elephant ride is over the weekend.

Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore


Bangalore is a beautiful place, with a great past and a better future. Being the capital of Karnataka, this part of India has some of the best balance regarding culture, spirituality, art, and markers of history and government.

Remember that the area around the city has many more tourist attractions such as:

  • Dodda Alada Mara
  • Wonder La
  • Nandi Hills and the Nandi Temple
  • Shivaganga
  • Devarayadurga

A trip on these top attractions and places to visit in Bangalore is guaranteed to be a truly memorable one, with so many places to go and so much to see. The diversity of attractions ensures that regardless of personal tastes, you will find something of interest and create some unforgettable memories.

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