One of my friends – Stipe J. Burić shared his travel experience in this very beautiful country called Croatia. Here are some of the places he suggests seeing.


The city of Dubrovnik as Seen from Above
Dubrovnik is one of the best preserved walled cities in the Mediterranean, and one of Croatia’s main tourist attractions. Lord Byron is often quoted for calling this amazing city the “pearl of the Adriatic”. The enchanting landscape, including the nearby islands, the beaches, the countless historical sites, the colors, the shapes, the scents, the warmth of the climate and people. It’s as good as it gets.

Zlatni Rat, Bol, Brač

There are many beautiful islands in Croatia, like Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, Hvar, and Brac, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, Zlatni rat. It also happens to be a windsurfing paradise. You’ll also find a nude beach here if you feel like going all out!

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Boats at the Island of Mljet, Croatia

The island of Mljet which is situated between the islands of Korcula and Dubrovnik is as beautiful as you can imagine. The most visited island is Krk, but in the Kvarner bay, there are other gorgeous places such as Cres, Losinj, Rab, and Pag just to name some.

The Brijuni Archipelago

Off the west coast of Istria, you’ll find a group of islands consisting of two larger ones and twelve smalle islands. These comprise the Brijuni Archipelago. It is one of the seven National Parks of Croatia, abundant in rare plant and animal species, including a zoo park with animals from various corners of the world. Some extraordinary examples of Roman and Byzantine culture can be found on the islands.

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The Administrative Center of Pula and its Port

Pula is an ancient city on the southern tip of Istria, known for its 2,000-year-old amphitheater, one of the world’s best-preserved buildings of the kind, and other cultural monuments. Pula is the largest city and port in Istria and an important administrative center. It is a place quite irresistible to tourists and there’s nothing strange about that.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Best known for the historic Diocletian’s Palace from the third century which is included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Split brings in visitors all year round. The people of Split, who are particularly attached to their city and the hills overlooking it, claim it is a heaven on Earth!


Istria is a Croatian tourist region that has been most invested in over the years, most likely due to its proximity to Western Europe. The first known inhabitants of Istria were the Histri, from whom Istria received its name. Numerous peoples and cultures, from Roman times to today, have left evidence of their existence in the architecture, wall paintings and in the vast religious architecture. Vineyards and picturesque little towns are scattered all over the interior of the peninsula.


The Lovely old Town of Rovinj in Croatia

Rovinj is also a famous resort, with many historical sacral buildings and Renaissance and Baroque palaces. The old nucleus is situated on a peninsula, previously an island connected to the shore in 1763.

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National parks

In Croatia there are seven National parks, the two most famous being Risnjak and the Plitvice lakes.

The mountain of Risnjak is a national park, situated relatively close to the coast, in the region of Gorski Kotar. The Plitvice Lakes are situated in the continental region of Lika, halfway between Zagreb and Sibenik.

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The Paklenica Canyon

The Paklenica Canyon, located in the vicinity of Zadar, is also protected as a national park. Its two 400 meter deep gorges rank among the most impressive erosion formations in Europe. Flora and fauna of Paklenica are rich in diversity and a good reason to pay the canyon a visit.

The Krka River, one of the most beautiful in Croatia, is also a national park. In its trace, it leaves rapids and waterfalls alike, truly a magnificent sight to behold.