Everybody knows about Jurassic Park and the latest Hollywood hit, Jurassic World, but there are very few who actually know about Jurassic Coast. This is not where the movies were filmed – watch this space for an article that tells you more about that. No, this is the real deal.

While Jurassic World did a great job of creating a fictional world that seemed very real – complete with a very convincing fake Masrani Corporation website – Jurassic Coast is a stretch of land on the English Channel that will reveal to you the Jurassic World as it really was – 180 million years ago.

Jurassic Coast

Map of Jurassic Coast

The site consist of 95 miles of coastline, stretching from Exmouth in East Devon to Old Harry Rocks in Studland Bay in Dorset. It is pretty famous as the Jurassic Coast and is definitely one of the places to visit during your stay in Dorset.

The Jurassic Coast was England’s first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site, and ranks among the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as one of the natural wonders of the world.

A trip to 180 million years ago

Jurassic Park - dinosaurs

You can take a Jurassic Park-themed holiday to Dorset! While there is already a Jurassic Park-themed ride at Universal Studios, this actual prehistoric site gives you the chance to come face to face with real fossils, and even to hunt for them! It is one of the richest heritage sites for prehistoric remains, and you can join a fossil-hunting walk that could see you finding your very own piece of dinosaur, or even discovering a new species!

Dorset County Museum

Visit the Dorset County Museum’s Jurassic Gallery and gaze upon the world’s biggest bite – the Weymouth Bay Pliosaur – and see the real-life bones of the magnificent beasts that roamed our planet millions of years ago.

For families, the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester off the perfect excursion. This museum will excite any young dinosaur fans with life-sized replicas and lots of interactive fun!

Attractions that don’t cost a single buck

There’s no need to panic if you’re traveling on a tight budget. All you need to afford this place is your flight fares and accommodation. Dorset offers an amazing range of free days out, fun activities and, of course, a wonderful array of beaches. Immerse yourself in Dorset’s historical past by visiting some of its fantastic free historical attractions.

Roman Town House

Roman Town House

Visit the Roman Town House, which dates back to the fourth century AD. You can also take a stroll around Tyneham village, which was evacuated for military training in 1943. The village remains exactly as it was over 70 years ago, with the village school and church still looking exactly like they did all that time ago.

Gold Hill - a steep cobbled street, Shaftesbury town

If this strikes your fancy, there are plenty of similar villages to visit. Set in the heart of Cranborne Chase, once a medieval hunting estate, are the intimate, rural villages of the Tarrants, Chrichels and the Gussages.

Around the Seaside

 Dorset Beach

Days out in Dorset needn’t cost the earth! The sea, coastline, hills, streams, meadows and woods offer enough free fun options to keep you happy throughout your trip. You can spend a whole day on the Dorset Beach, building sandcastles, strolling the waterline or just plain relaxing on the sand and drinking in the views.

On less sandy beaches, try your hand at rock balancing, see what you can discover in rock pools and admire the splash as you cast stones out to sea. Before you leave, gather driftwood for a campfire at sundown and raise a glass to the priceless memories you’ve just created.

Beautiful Outdoors

Maiden Castle, Dorset

Get your backpack stocked full of local goodies and enjoy the great outdoors of Jurassic Coast amidst the tranquility of a Dorset nature reserve, or head to iron age sites like Maiden Castle.

Hambledon Hill, Dorset, UK, in late afternoon sunlight.

Hambledon Hill also offers some fun history. Young warriors can re-create battles as you sit back and imagine ancient Britain in all its glory.

Climb Eggardon Hill

Climb Eggardon Hill and fly a kite or cast a line into our inland rivers or from jetties all along the coastline. There’s lots of great fishing spots in Dorset, and its harbors are just perfect for crabbing.

You can also wander the green lanes, bluebell woods and undulating coastal trails on a Dorset walk, or be introduced to wooded vales, windswept plains and honey-hued villages as you cycle en route to some of the UK’s loveliest pubs.