The Bahamas have long maintained the reputation as being the most heavenly getaway in the world, and who would argue with that? Much like during the rest of the year, The Bahamas in September are just as gorgeous and attractive as you can imagine.

Paying a visit to its majestic islands is going to be a treat, no matter who you’re traveling with. Couples, families, and anyone in between can hope to find relaxation, peace, and boundless beauty.

Read about some of the best things you can get to see and do this September when you finally make your way to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Check the Weather

While the unmarred and pristine islands of The Bahamas eagerly await your arrival, you should make sure that you’re properly prepared for them.

By this, we’re of course making a reference to the weather of The Bahamas, which can get quite feisty this time of the year. The hurricane season usually lasts from the beginning of June, all the way to late November. In order to avoid any unfortunate events, make sure that there aren’t any dangerous tropic cyclones heading the way of the islands. They could potentially wreak havoc on the islands and put you in harm’s way.

Even if there aren’t any obvious threats of powerful hurricanes, if you’re traveling to The Bahamas during this season, make sure to have good travel insurance and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

5 Places You Must See in Bahamas in September

A Pig Swimming with a Bird in Staniel Cay

Obviously, there are far too many adventures to be had on the islands and even more places to visit.

However, you’re probably going to want to spend some of your time on vacation relaxing on a beach, not just running about exploring and seeing stuff. After all, The Bahamas are well-known for their serene backdrops that feel as if you’re on another planet. That is why we’ll keep the list brief and give you 5 places you must see in The Bahamas.

Grand Bahama

The northernmost island of The Bahamas is an absolute paradise, offering a little bit of everything to the people who come to visit it.

Of course, the number one reason most people visit Grand Bahama is because of its stunning sandy beaches. Going along the Coral Beach eastwards, you’ll get to the famous Lucayan Beach and a national park of the same name. A lot of tourists make their home here, considering the proximity of Port Lucaya hotels. Another awesome beach you can visit is the Taino beach, perfect for long walks on the white sand and savoring the local seafood delicacies.

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To see something really interesting, check out the Garden of the Grove, a 12-acre botanical garden hiding the famous Grand Bahama Labyrinth within it.

There are three museums you can visit on this island, but if you don’t have the time for all of them, make sure to drop by the Museum of Underwater Exploration, located east of Central Freeport.

Underwater Shipwreck at the Bahamas

Pirate Museum

If you make a point of visiting at least one museum during your stay in The Bahamas. Look no further.

Pirates of Nassau is an interactive museum located in the capital of The Bahamas, Nassau. It goes without saying that the children are going to love the experience, especially dressing up as pirates and taking pictures in the stocks, hopefully about to be pardoned by the governor for their foul deeds!

Besides masquerading as pirates, they can also see some exceptional exhibits about women among pirates, the legendary Blackbeard, and probably the most lucrative of all – artifacts exhibit. Visitors get to see how a real pirate booty looks like, and what’s even better, see their weapons such as cutlasses and pistols up close.

Don’t forget to drop by Smugglers, a restaurant where you’ll get to see their masterful pirate chefs prepare the infamous conch salad!


The largest of all the islands, Andros is potentially going to be the biggest adventure you’ll have if you visit The Bahamas in September.

This 100-mile long island is a mystery waiting to be unveiled, and we mean that quite literally. Besides very intricate and varied natural features including mangrove fields and so many creeks, there is also an elaborate system of underwater caves to be explored by the most dastardly among visitors. Be on your guard though, lest you find yourself ambushed by a creature of myth and local folklore that’s half-shark and half-octopus that goes by the name Lusca and preys upon divers.

Sharks swimming in the waters around Nassau

You’ll “find” it in one of the many blue holes scattered across the island, created by centuries of erosion. Speaking of mysteries, there’s another creature to look out for – the elusive Chickcharney.

Andros Barrier Reef is a famous diving location, and we’re certain that you’re already seeing a pattern emerge – this island is perfect for adventure-lovers!

Long Island

Unlike the previous entry, Long Island is going to be more attractive to those who’d like a lesson in the history and culture of The Bahamas.

We’re not saying that you won’t be able to find adventurous activities here – there’s plenty of love towards watersports to go around Long Island. At the Turtle Cove, you’ll get to see some more of those mysterious blue holes just like on Andros, but only deeper!

However, it’s not the primary concern of people who’re interested in Long Island. Strewn about the landscape are plantation ruins, the heritage of slavery practices of British-owned Bahamas. Probably the most interesting of these is Dunmore Plantation, which was constructed out of limestone.

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Near Stella Maris, you’ll come across Salt Pond, the source of The Bahamas salt production and home to fish and lobster processing plants.  And all over the island, there are solemn gothic churches and cottages of historic value, so make sure to stack them atop of your itinerary.

Elbow Cay

All around Hope Town, which is where you’ll most likely spend most of the time in Elbow Cay, there are beautiful bright houses and white picket fences, so reminiscent of some of the places in the US.

However, despite these quaint fishing towns being the heart and soul of Elbow Cay, there’s way more to it than that. First of all, there’s the Cetacean Museum and its incredible collection of whaling charts and other documentation related to the great aquatic mammals. Then, there’s the Wyannie Malone Museum, another must-have on your itinerary.

Pefect Beach at the Bahamas with Turquoise Waters

Of course, there’s isn’t a single place in The Bahamas that lacks awesome beaches, and Elbow Cay is no exception… it is a cay after all. Check out Natan’s Bay and Tahiti beaches for a more laidback experience of Elbow Cay.

Closing Thoughts

The Bahamas in September are going to be a real treat – you’ll still be able to partake in all the amazing beach activities and also get to see a museum or two. After all, this island country is overflowing with history (and pirates), well worth all the time you get to spend here. Keep your eyes on weather forecasts and get travel insurance to be fully prepared for anything.