Visiting Barbados in September has its fair share of perks but this time of year also comes with a few drawbacks everyone has to consider before planning a visit. This spectacular island is really beautiful all year round while autumn months undoubtedly bring unbeatable charm to it. The sandy shores stretch for over one hundred kilometers, set against amazingly blue sea and a backdrop of the lush vegetation.

Coral reefs and exotic nature, white-sand beaches and turquoise sea are only some of the reasons why Barbados is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If September is the month you chose to make a trip to this tropical paradise, get ready to swoon with delight and leave your worries aside because there are so many reasons why September is could be the best time to visit this fantastic place.

What Kind of Weather Can You Expect?

Caribbean Islands are famous for their magnificent beauty but they’re also infamous for their unpredictable weather, especially during the monsoon season which spans between early May till mid-December. Luckily for September visitors, Barbados is one of the islands in the Caribbean that have the least chances of getting hit by a hurricane.

The weather on Barbados beach in September is lovely

Unlike the islands in the hurricane belt, such as the Virgin Islands and Bermuda, Barbados is actually situated just south of this troublesome area which makes it little likely to be hit by rough weather. In fact, Barbados is said to be guarded by some divine providence as natural disasters constantly veer off its coast, missing it by a few kilometers.

As far as the rain is concerned, there isn’t much to worry about either. Although the weather forecast apps will often signal torrential rain and low temperatures, in all probability what you’ll witness will be sporadic downpours that last up to several seconds, followed by hours of sunlight so you’re guaranteed to get the best sun-tan of your life.

The truth is that the weather in Barbados can be highly unpredictable, just like with all the other islands in the Caribbean, but for the most part it remains sunny throughout the day. September is also a great time to visit because the sun never gets too scorching due to northeast winds that tend to cool it off a little bit.

Crystalline sea in Barbados

The temperatures in Barbados around this time are rather pleasant so you can expect to have daytime high at around 88°F while the nighttime low reaches 77°F. The humidity might be a problem as it may reach 81% and pose a slight difficulty if you’re keen on hiking and other physical activities.

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September Activities in Barbados

Things to do in Barbados in September are aplenty. First and foremost, September marks the end of the tourist season on the island which means that the prices fall drastically and you can have a great time without breaking the bank. August is usually the busiest month because of all the festivities, parades, and street parties. September, on the other hand, brings peace and quiet across the island standing in stark contrast to the bustling of August.

A beautiful sunset in Barbados

Still, there are a few events going on around this time and two most prominent and visited ones include the Sizzlin’ Sand Beach Volleyball Championship where local teams compete for the title. On an entirely different note, you can visit the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) which aims at providing a nurturing environment for local artists.

In September, a lot of restaurants close off for the season until December but you can still find a fair share of delectable dining options still open. Closed restaurants and hotels include Little Good Harbour, Fish Pot, Coral Reef Club, Atlantis Hotel and Restaurant, and Sandpiper but you shouldn’t let that put you off. In fact, many other fantastic restaurants and bars still operate in September and the majority of them are dotted along the southern coast of the island.

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If you’re a fan of snorkeling, this time of year is ideal for this type of activity, especially on the west coast of Barbados. Snorkeling area around Holetown and particularly around Browne’s Beach and Folkestone Marine Park is really one-of-a-kind experience, especially if you consider you’ll be swimming with an abundance of marine life, including sea turtles. Carlisle Bay is yet another superb diving location close to the southern shore and under the water, you’ll be able to discover shipwrecks, inshore corals, and a diversity of fish.

There are no crowds in Bridgetown in September

Of course, no visit to Barbados is complete without Bridgetown, the island’s capital. Visiting Barbados in September means that you will have a perfect opportunity for the exploration of the island without excessive crowds all around you. That also means you can take a tour with Hike Barbados organization and explore the island’s paths and trails on foot as if you have the entire island to yourself.

Seeing as humidity is rather high in September, you should probably consider booking the tour that starts at 6 am, before the heat kicks in. Watching the sunrise from Farley Hill is yet another great autumn activity in Barbados. Farley Hill National Park comprises a ruined plantation house perched on a hill overlooking the Atlantic, making it a great spot to catch the fresh whiff of the morning breeze accompanied by some mesmerizing vistas.

Reasonable rates, minimal crowds, and outstanding weather are the obvious perks of visiting Barbados in September. It makes no difference if you’re going on a honeymoon, a family holiday, or even as a solo traveler – Barbados has everything it takes to make any visitor delighted with the sights and the overall experience it provides.