#4 – Anticuchos

The story of anticuchos is very much part of the national story of Peru. Anticuchos come from the African slaves who were brought to Peru by the Spanish in the16th century. The Spanish would slaughter cows and would give the innards which they considered garbage to their slaves. The African slaves learned how to cook them using different seasonings from the Andes and the Spanish, transforming them into delicious morsels of meat.

The most traditional is Anticuchos de Corazon, which are pieces of grilled beef heart. If heart makes you queasy you can get chicken, regular beef or hot dog anticuchos instead.

At sundown, on street corners around Peru, look for the crowds and long lines in front of street vendors. Stand in line and get your generous portion of anticuchos. Served on a stick with a boiled potato on the top, this street food will surprise and delight you.

Grilled beef heart served on a stick
Wikimedia Commons