2 – Sandboard in Death Valley

Death Valley (Valle De La Muerte) is located very close to Moon Valley. Both are part of the Salt Mountain Range also in Cordillera de La Sal, part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve.

The name, tour guides will tell you to come from its tragic history. Most people who tried to cross it ended up passing away. Just like Moon Valley, it is recognized for its rock formation and sand dunes, set amidst the utter aridity of Atacama Desert. This is why many people consider it one of the most inhospitable place on earth.

Death Valley (Valle De La Muerte)

Sandboarding is one of the most popular activities. Don’t expect to find chairlifts in the desert. Instead, walk your way up 330-foot-high dunes, under the hot sand and energy sapping sand. While it is hard work, the 360-degree views of stunning landscapes will be your reward. Surf down the dunes at hair-raising speeds and enjoy a unique way to experience the desert.

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