#3 – Sacsayhuaman

Colloquially known as Peru’s sexy woman, Sacsayhuaman (Sac-say-hua-man) is close to Cusco, just 2 km north east of the city.

Sacsayhuaman is a spectacular fortress built from gigantic stones weighing between 90 to 128 tons each, assembled with astonishing precision. While not a military base, it is believed to have been the most important ceremonial center of upper Cusco. The complex includes a temple devoted to the Sun God, Inti and was used for various Inca ceremonies.

Today, each year, on the 24th of June, is the reenactment festival of Inti Raymi or the Festival of the Sun.

Revel in the mystery of stones, some as tall as 5m (17ft) weighing up to 350 tons. If your travel plans permit, check out the Festival of the Sun in June.

Wikimedia Commons