Have no doubt about it – visiting different waterfalls around the world always feels as if you’ve just seen a fall for the first time. The raw power of nature emanating from these epic cascades of water is sure to put anyone and everyone into adventuring mood.

Dream Of A Vacation on the edge of Waterfall

One year back, I saw the animated movie Up. It was a movie about an old man. When he was young, he and his woman promised to each other that they would go on an adventure trip together to Paradise Falls in South America and build a house there. I liked this movie so much that I decided to go there myself, but I have never heard of this Paradise Falls before. I thought I had good knowledge of the world’s geography. I knew all the little waterfalls in South America that no one knows.

So, I tried to find where the hell this Paradise Falls is in South America, but I couldn’t find it. All I found out was some Paradise Falls Bars, pubs for vegans and some other stuff. Finally, I found out a similar location as the location in the movie Up.

I found out there were two waterfalls in South America that were looking exactly the same as Paradise Falls that appeared in the movie Up. One was Angel Waterfalls (that everyone knows) in Venezuela, and the second was Tequendama Falls in Bogota of Columbia.

Angel Falls
Angel Falls
Tequendama Falls
Tequendama Falls

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The first image above is from the movie Up which shows its fictitious Paradise Falls. The second photo is Angel Falls, and the third photo belongs to Teguendama Falls.

No doubt Angel Falls looks more exciting, but after reading about Teguendama Falls, I liked this place more as I can’t make a house at the edge of Angel Waterfalls.

Tequendama Waterfall is a 132m high waterfall on the Bogotá River. It is located about 30 km southwest of Bogotá. These falls emerge in a very dramatic area. You have to make your way through the jungle and you will be rewarded with amazing scenery! Exciting isn’t it?? This waterfall was also the most common suicide spot at some point in time.

Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls

The most interesting thing I liked about this place was a haunted hotel. The name of this hotel is Hotel del Salto. It is haunted not because of any ghost or bad spirit skulking there. It is an old abandoned hotel and its old design makes it look like a little haunted.

Tequendama_Falls_An_Adventure_Trip-04 Tequendama_Falls_An_Adventure_Trip-05

Looks interesting?? Planning to go to Bogota now? Wait, I have news for you. This historic Colombian hotel that has been abandoned for nearly two decades will soon reopen as an ecological museum.

I wish they could allow us to spend one night in this hotel at the edge of the waterfall.