Exploring the islands in the Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea is truly magical when you’re with your loved one. Greece is abundant in exotic archipelagos and it can be difficult to even decide where to go. Still, if you want to enjoy the company of your loved one while soaking up the sun and listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, you should head out to the best Greek islands for couples.

Generally speaking, the whole of Greece simply breathes romance and seclusion. It’s full of history and cultural heritage and yet, it nestles so many hidden gems far away from the bustle of the major tourist spots. If you aim for maximum relaxation and want to spend your holiday gazing at some of the most romantic sunsets, you should definitely spend that vacay on some of these islands.

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Being the largest island in Greece, Crete often sees the biggest tourist inflow every year, not only because it has the capacity to accommodate so many of them but also because it really is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Due to its size, it offers enough opportunities to get away from it all and relax while on the other hand, it has so many spots to be right in the epicenter of all the major localities. It really depends on how the two of you envision the romantic vacay on Crete. The beaches and accommodation cater to everyone’s taste.

Hilltop view of the sea on Crete

The entire island is divided into four regions and each of them has its own distinct charm.

  1. Rethymnon is best known for its bustling city atmosphere and yet it possesses a unique provincial air. Although it boasts a lengthy stretch of beach, it’s still mostly visited for its history and architecture.
  2. Lasithi (East Crete) is home to several focal points of cultural interest but it also hides beaches of unparalleled beauty. Vai is often said to be Crete’s equivalent of the Palm Beach, probably because it’s surrounded by a huge palm forest and covered in perfect beige sand. Further East, you will discover a dream beach Kato Zakros, well off the beaten path but don’t forget to pay a visit to Belegrina, Kataprosopo, Vagges, and Megali Paralia which are no less captivating.
  3. Heraklion (Central Crete) is the island’s capital, brimming with archaeological sites and shopping opportunities. In this region, there are around 20 beaches of varying quality so make sure to visit those that fit your preferences. Those who visit this part of Crete claim that Kaminaki and Aspes are the best.
  4. Chania (West Crete) is home to one of the most popular Greek beaches – the Balos Lagoon. This is one of those beaches you have to see in order to believe. The water is emerald and the sand is interspersed with pinkish and white hues while the surrounding landscapes simply add the final touch to its magnificence. Not only will it stick in your memory long after the holiday is over but the image will also last a lifetime.

A panoramic view of the lagoon on Crete in Greece


The fabulous thing about Poros is that it’s only 45 minutes by ferry from Greece’s capital Athens. For this reason, it’s one of the best Greek islands to visit if your aim is to spend the romantic vacay exploring the beautiful city of Athens while still being able to bathe on the stunning beaches of Poros. The island itself is charming indeed. It stretches over two hills and bends in the shape of an amphitheater. This unusual landscape of the island is dotted with lovely beaches and lush pine forests, perfect for a getaway with your significant other.

Panoramic view of Poros

Poros lures tourists with its historical monuments and archeological sites too. Once there, you will be able to visit the Temple of Poseidon dating back to 520 BC or the Clock tower, a great point to admire a panoramic view of the town. As Poros is surrounded by a handful of islets, you shouldn’t miss the chance to take a boat tour to some of them – Boúrtzi, Modi, and Daskaleió being the most charming.

Beach on Poros surrounded by pines

The island boasts a long stretch of coast full of sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Some of the most notable beaches ideal for couples are Love Bay, a turquoise-colored beach nestled in the shade of a pine forest, and Meyálo Neório which is just as lovely, secluded among the pines.


Kefalonia is still largely undeveloped when it comes to major tourist resorts and retreats. For this reason, it is ideal for those couples who just want to escape the crowds and move around the island undisturbed by hordes of tourists. The island itself is rather hilly and interwoven with a network of serpentines that will get you from one beach to another. For this reason and due to the lack of a bus network, it’s best to get a rental car or drive your own in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the island.

Once there, you will be amazed to discover the most mesmerizing shades of the blue sea, especially on Myrtos Beach. As you descend down the winding narrow road, it will start to emerge deep down under the hilly slopes and it will dazzle you. Despite its absolute magnificence, it still hasn’t been urbanized by cafes, bars, and restaurants which makes it a perfectly secluded romance haven, especially during morning hours. This side of it calls for extra planning when it comes to food and drinks as you will have to bring your own portable freezer when visiting the beach. The thing is that the majority of beaches in Kefalonia are wild and untarnished by swarms of tourists which is why this island is one of the best Greek islands for nature lovers and solitude seekers.

Spectacular view of Myrtos beach on Kefalonia

Apart from Myrtos, there are Skala and Lourdas, the beaches whose pristine clear water and soft sand are just as soothing and magical. Still, regardless of the splendid shores, you should not miss the absolutely spectacular Cave of Melissani. You will be taken for a boat ride through a dark underground crevice with strange looking stalagmites hanging around a large gaping hole looking at the sky – a glorious experience you’ll never forget.

A boat ride through Melissani Cave on Kefalonia


Probably the biggest showstopper of all, Santorini is definitely an island like no other. Almost a dream-vision with its blue-capped houses and panoramas to die for, it’s no wonder this island has been topping the lists of the most romantic places on Earth. Apart from being one of the top destinations for couples in Greece, Santorini is also one of the most unique islands in geological terms. It was formed after a volcanic eruption around 1600 BC when its shape became this fascinating circular caldera we know today.

A view from the top of Santorini

The most romantic towns on the island are Imerovigli and Oia. These two towns are where you will have the most breath-taking vistas of the surrounding ocean and the volcano but they are also home to some of the most romantic hotels and villas on the island. Strictly speaking, the cliff side of the caldera is where sunsets are the best as well as the panorama of the volcano but the best beaches of the island are actually on the opposite side. It is in Oia and Imerovigli that you will find splendid restaurants and shopping opportunities and on top of that, Imerovigli is only 25 minutes walk from Fira – the island’s largest town.

Houses on Santorini perched high

On the opposite side of the island, you will find several beaches scattered along the coast. Though Santorini’s charm doesn’t actually dwell on otherworldly beaches, they are worth visiting nonetheless. Truth be told, they are not run-off-the-mill beaches at all. The distinct rock formations and sand colors make the visit all the more worthwhile. Eros Beach and Vlychada Beach are said to be the most romantic on the island. While the Eros reference is rather self-explanatory, Vlychada is popular among couples for being less crowded and adorned with distinctly carved cliffs. In any case, Santorini is guaranteed to provide couples with an experience like no other island can, full of romantic sunsets and ethereal panoramas.


Located in the Aegean Sea south of the island of Serifos, Milos is one of the most spectacular islands in this part of Greece. Different volcanic formations emerge from the turquoise water to create incredibly intricate rugged cliffs and hidden crevices perfect to escape the curious eye of tourists. Once you set foot on this magical island, you will be instantly captivated by its characteristic architecture featuring white facades, blue windowpanes, and blossoming verandas.

A small fishing port on Milos in Greece

Milos is one of the islands famous for Cycladic building design and the most beautiful examples of this architecture are the towns of Adamas and Plaka.

Plaka is the island’s capital, full of taverns, restaurants, old churches, archeological sites, and many panorama points overlooking the Gulf of Milos. Just 13 kilometers from Plaka is Pollonia, one of the most famous beaches on the island.

Adamas is a small town where the major port is located. It is from Adamas that all boat tours depart but this town is also the pivotal center for trade and entertainment. There are two sandy beaches near Adamas – Papikinos and Lagada.

Papikinos (Papikinou) lies only 1 kilometer south of Adamas and it’s surrounded by lines of Tamarix trees, separating it from the road and creating a comfy shade. The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles and it’s almost never crowded.

Lagada is within a walking distance from Adamas, nestled among low cliffs and covered in soft sand. Still, if you want to spice up your romantic holiday and venture off the beaten track, Milos has a lot of stunning hidden beaches in store.

A beach on Milos

Though some beaches are accessible by car, others are rather difficult to reach unless you go by boat. However, the trickier the access, the less crowded the beach is so it’s often worth the trouble. Paleochori, Fyriplaka, and Sarakiniko are easily accessible from the road and are never too crowded (unless at the peak of high-season) which makes them great romantic getaways. On the other hand, in order to reach Gerontas and the iconic Kleftiko, you will have to take a boat trip.

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Located at the very center of the Egean Sea and packed with tourist attractions, the island of Mykonos is known for being the most popular with partying enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, friendly locals, and whitewashed architecture surely justify this reputation. Mykonos Town (Chora) is the island’s capital and as such, it offers plenty of opportunities for couples to wander off the mazzy narrow streets or savor a delicious meal in one of many seafood restaurants. After the sun goes down, the town erupts with a bustling nightlife that may even put the biggest metropolises to shame.

Beautiful whitewashed streets of Mykonos

Apart from the rich nightlife, the beaches on Mykonos are what rose the island to fame. If you thought all the most beautiful beaches would be brimming with tourists, wait until you discover some of the hidden gems, ideal for couples who prefer peace and serenity. There are two sides to Mykonos – Platys Gialos, Ornos, Elia, and Paradise Beach on one hand and Agios Sostis, Fragia, Merchia, and Fokos on the other. It is on later that you will most likely find the perfect romantic getaway with very few people around to spoil the most memorable moments.

Splendid view of Mykonos

Obviously, the list of romantic islands to visit while in Greece can go on forever. The bottom line is that every relationship seeks a place for romance that will best reflect the bond connecting the two people. Luckily for us, we have been blessed with this beautiful country where we can share some of the most idyllic moments and create lifetime memories.