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Pythagoras Cave

The drive to the cave is about 1 hour west from the center of Pythagorion. After following the twisting route through the traditional villages, the road opens up along the coast. Keep going and you’ll find the cave on the right side of the road at the bottom of a very steep hill.

Pythagoras Cave view
Wikimedia Commons

The Pythagoras Cave is actually composed if three chambers. The Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, used this cave to isolate himself from society. He claimed this allowed him the chance to think. Additionally, it enabled him to escape what he saw as an excessive lifestyle.

There’s a steep climb to the top via makeshift stairs that takes about 20-minutes. This location also houses several ancient chapels that are open to the public. The caves themselves are quite small and visitors are unable to fully explore them. However, the site is totally worth a visit due to its significant history and amazing sea vistas!

Potami Waterfall

After the caves, drive another 1 hour to the northern coast of Samos to find the Potami Waterfall.

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The waterfall is clearly marked and road side parking is available.

Potami Waterfall viewThe path to the waterfall starts out as an easy paved path that turns to dirt. After 15 minutes or so, this path ends where it meets a stream and a pool of water. You have two options from here. You can climb the vertical ladder to a treehouse café and then follow the dirt road down to a small stream. Or you can wade into a pool of water and follow the stream through the narrow canyon. If you opt to go up to the treehouse café, you can still reach the falls by following the small stream further up.

The water level can reach neck-high and it’s something easier to swim rather than to walk along the slippery, rocky stream-bed. There are also other small waterfalls to climb over with the help of a rope. After all this, reaching the Potami Falls will feel like quite an accomplishment!

Lemonakia Beach

After the waterfall trek, jump back on the main coastal road. Up next is Lemonakia Beach, one of Samos’ most picturesque areas. Free umbrellas and lounge chairs line the pebbly beach and the protected bay is a perfect place to swim. There’s also a small café selling drinks and snacks.

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Lemonakia Beach on Samos
Wikimedia Commons

Kokkari Beach

End the day at Kokkari Beach, a few minutes away from Lemonakia. This beach runs parallel to the main road but retains its cozy feel thanks to the little guesthouses and cafes lining the shore. From Kokkari, it’s about 30 minutes back to Pythagorion.

Kokkari Beach aerial view
Petr Kratochvil
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