Finding the right holiday destination is never an easy task. From taking care of your itinerary to managing costs of the vacation, getting everything right is no easy feat. Luckily, we can at least help you with the former and provide you with a set of possibilities.

Pinning down the right party destination is as simple as it gets. Young people looking to have the time of their lives with other like-minded individuals have it really easy. It seems like most organized travel tours advertise party and nightlife hotspots with little to no attention paid to quiet holiday destinations for couples. People looking to have a secluded getaway from their everyday troubles definitely need to work harder in order to procure exactly what they’re looking for.

Quiet Couple Holiday on a Beach

Quite places can seem all but extinct, however, it just takes a little digging to get to the best ones. Moreover, travellers often find what they’re looking for at places they least expected. For example, Spain always comes up as a party destination thanks to Ibiza. But if you spend some more time looking into it, you’ll find that Galicia is much more peaceful and remote, a great place for couples after a quiet holiday.

Tracking down the right getaway for you and the significant other should be a less daunting task after going over our review. Do keep in mind that even at the quietest of spots, you’ll still need to consider things such as proximity of airports and highways. Try and make the most of your relaxing vacation.

Best Quiet Destinations for Couples

Rome, Italy

While most people tend to look at Rome as one of the world’s megalopolises that just sees an endless stream of tourists throughout the year, others see that this statement is only half true.

It does get hordes of tourists that are trying to get into every nook and cranny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away from it all. If you’re bent on visiting some of the more prominent tourist destinations in Rome, such as St. Peter’s Basilica or the Pantheon, you’ll have to come to terms with moving around in large, rowdy groups of people. There isn’t a particular time of the year where you will be more or less likely to run into people. It’s always crowded!

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However, going just a bit out of the way to find peace and quiet that people desperately seek will reveal a whole new side of Rome. Another very important thing to mention about Rome is that, if you are given a choice, choose to have a room that overlooks the courtyard and not the piazza. This is a backup plan in case you have to stay in a room that’s on a busier road or closer to major tourists landmarks.

Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy

After you’ve had your fill of more crowded sights, it’s time to get away and enjoy some peace and quiet with your partner. Go up the Janiculum hill where Syriac Sanctuary resides and enjoy the great view of the city from Goddess Furrina’s shrine. Villa Medici Gardens are equally tranquil, providing visitors with a secluded, romantic spot to escape the crowds and walk among gardens and fountains.

Since we’re talking about Rome, it’s quite obvious that couples won’t go wanting. One of the most romantic cities in the world, Rome has it all for people in love. The food, the music, the language itself – it’s all intoxicatingly charming and infatuating.

Paris, France

Talking about going away for a couples holiday can hardly be imagined without an in-depth discussion about Paris.

Easily one of the most romantic places in the world, Paris also attracts an unmatched number of tourists every year. Naturally, most of them will descend upon places of significance such as Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. They’ll clutter each and every cafe, bar and restaurant in the vicinity of these places and every other. While it’s definitely, undoubtedly romantic, and almost a perfect getaway for people in love, it’s quite crowded.

Paris Eiffel Tower at Dusk

If you’d really like to visit Paris, but don’t want to be surrounded by strangers, there are several solutions for you. Visit Cour d’Honneur which is just across the way from Louvre! Currently, the Ministry of Culture is seated there, and the courtyard of this grandiose palace is one of the best places escape the noise. Place des the Vosges is yet another sight for sore eyes (and ears) and right at the heart of Paris nonetheless. Probably the most peaceful place of all is the Jardin du Luxembourg, a magnificent garden with a basketball field, large, gorgeous pond and a not-to-scale replica of Statue of Liberty. Find a quiet spot to call your own and enjoy French wine at the most wondrous picnic spot.

Crete, Greece

Unlike continental Greece, islands belonging to this picturesque country are much more secluded and slightly less visited. This especially goes for Crete, which is also the largest of all the islands.

What’s special about this rustic island is that its beauty is very unique, rarely found anywhere else. Rolling hills and fields of olive trees give way only to small, quiet towns and several historic remnants. Its beaches are not that attractive to families with children since crashing waves can really get powerful sometimes. What all this means is that it’s not the number one choice for either families or young people looking to party. This leaves more room for couples wanting to rest and enjoy their quiet, relaxing vacation.

Secluded Tavern Porch On Crete

Even if you travel to one of the few cities on Crete such as Heraklion or Chanya, you’ll find them to be more tranquil than most places in continental Europe. Also, there’s always the option of renting a car cheap and heading to one of the even more remote parts of the island. Spend some time observing the ruins of Knossos to get a better idea of how relevant this island’s culture is to the rest of Greece. Or, you can try local wines and exquisite cuisine in seaside towns such as Agia Galini or Matala.

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Crete is a huge island, but it doesn’t matter in which direction you head out. It’s equally stunning, laidback and simply breathtaking no matter where you go. Odds are you’ll want to return here again, to one of the best quiet holiday destinations for couples and explore some corner that you haven’t been to before.

Galicia, Spain

We’ve already mentioned Galicia when we discussed the importance of finding undiscovered gems. While Madrid and Barcelona are quite beautiful on their own, they’re just these huge metropolises with cosmopolitan outlooks.

If you’re looking for more substance, you’ll definitely find it the north-west region of Spain. There is a multitude of reasons why Galicia is the best place for a quiet holiday. Firstly, it’s still pretty much keeping a low profile as a tourist destination, with very few travellers even aware of its existence. Going to Galicia is like going to a quiet resort where few others thread. Secondly, you’ll find some of the most breathtaking landscapes, devoid of civilization with mostly minor villages and towns that are strewn about.

Secluded Rocky Beach in Galicia

Another important reason why tourists don’t visit it as much is its inhospitable, wet weather. But if you don’t mind a little drizzle and consider rain to be romantic, you’ll certainly love it. You can discover its detached beauty and wilderness by hiking or riding a bike. The most attractive spot for couples looking for some peace and quiet is definitely Galicia’s secluded beach that looks almost otherworldly. It’s such a perfect place for people looking to have some intimacy, away from prying eyes and loud tours. If you’re looking to go for a swim through, your best bet is months of July and August as precipitations are at the lowest level then.

Much like any other remote region of the world, Galicia boasts amazing local cuisine that specializes in seafood, wines and ciders.

Since you’re in the area, the last thing you could do before leaving is spending at least one day in the capital of the province. Santiago de Compostela is a quaint, relaxing visit, whose Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trip to see the old cathedral will make it all worthwhile, and provide the perfect icing on your Galician cake.

Devon, England

The entirety of this southwestern English county is one huge, quiet getaway for couples. Mostly dotted with small, charming villages and historic landmarks, Devon provides couples with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and accepts people with open arms.

It is probably not going to be one of the most romantic holidays in the world, but you’ll at least be in peace. If you and your significant other are searching for a lowkey holiday destination, then Devon might be your best bet. Fishing villages and harbours are all over the place, and there are many local delicacies to savour. You’ll be able to enjoy a full English breakfast in utmost peace, spoiled only by the hushed conversation here and there. Few people come to Devon, so you’ll mostly be listening to local people talking!

A Small Village by the Coast, Devon

As we’ve mentioned, many towns cover the Devon area. Some of the most interesting places for you to visit could be Hartland and Woolacombe if you’re after the great outdoors. Hartland’s desolate, steep cliffs are astonishing, a great place for hiking and taking photos of its unusual coastline. Woolacombe is in many people’s opinions the best beach in England. That means that you should expect a lot of people there during the summer. If you’re looking for a quiet beach and want Woolacombe to fulfil that role, you ought to come at some other time of the year. Lynmouth is known as Devon’s Little Switzerland due to its natural beauty and stunning views from the cliffs. It’s a little less known for surfing, but it’s possible, given the right circumstances.

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All in all, Devon is one huge, remote area that has ‘peace and quiet’ written all over it. Among other quiet holiday destinations for couples, Devon stands out as, quite possibly, the quietest one.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Even though Bridgetown is a beautiful, warm place, we won’t focus solely on the city itself. When we talk about island countries such as Barbados, we’re talking about resorts unmatched in their remoteness, quietness and relaxation capabilities.

Barbados is the place of crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees and warm, sunny day. Many tourists have already uncovered its incredible potential and it is already a famous travel destination. However, you needn’t worry about swarms of tourists wrecking the fragile peace of this Caribbean sanctum. Most people that come here do so for the reasons very similar to those of your own. Everyone is in search of some quiet vacation destination to call their own, especially if it is by the ocean.

A Quiet Sandy Beach in Barbados

If it so happens that you end up travelling to Barbados during the high season, crowds of tourists, party goers and jet ski fans might knock the relaxation down a peg. It is usually never overcrowded, however, there are always places to go to get some extra peace. On the island, you might want to head out to Gibbes Beach or Payne’s Bay to get some additional noise reduction. Holetown is also an excellent, quaint place where you can grab a couple of drinks and relax. If you head to the capital itself, Bridgetown, you’ll most likely end up hanging around resorts and not budging anywhere. If this were to happen, don’t worry, we would understand it completely! Couples that come to Barbados aren’t usually looking for some crazy adventure – it’s all about being lazy.

Reykjavik, Iceland

From hot, palm tree haven called Barbados, we jump into a different kind of peaceful. Reykjavik is a cosmopolitan, urban place with many museum, cafes and restaurants to its name – there’s something for everyone!

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is pretty peaceful on its own merits. You won’t need to scour the area for hours to find the remote bedding because Iceland is already largely remote. Plenty of tourists come to visit Iceland these days, but still not as many as to spoil your own fun. Both in the city and outside of it, you’ll find plenty of tranquillity to go around.

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For a more relaxed, romantic getaway, you ought to stay close to the city itself. You can grab a cup of coffee and a bite of some delicious Icelandic treats in most cafes and restaurants around the city. See the glorious Church of Hallgrimur or visit the Reykjavik Art Museum. Camping is also a big deal in Iceland, and it can be incredibly romantic given the right weather.

A Church of Hallgrimur in Reykjavik

If you’d like some peace and quiet, but would prefer to keep moving and discovering Iceland with your partner, there’s plenty of that to be had as well. During the summer months, you can witness a phenomenon called midnight sun. It will leave you speechless, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be stunned with the prospect of being able to hike at night and enjoy the quiet world of Iceland for as long as you want. Not to mention that midnight sun gives away such vibrant, romantic colours that will surely enrich your relationship.

Iceland is as peaceful as it gets, accompanied by great people, good food and untouched nature. Each couple should visit it at least once as it’s truly magical!

Pontresina, Switzerland

Like most other villages in Switzerland, this one is surrounded by pristine wilderness and towering mountain peaks. Pontresina is the birthplace of the story about Heidi and one can easily see why!

This small town has all the peace in the world. Pontresina feels separate from reality and has the charm of a fairytale. Depending on whether you’re coming during the summer or in the winter, different range of activities is available to you. None action is required, of course, so you can just stay at home if you like and sit by the warm fire. Swiss cuisine is something special, great for couples that want to sweeten things up. If you don’t feel lazy, you can go hiking, bike-riding, ice climbing, sledging and a dozen other activities. Summer is great for swimming in the (slightly cold) lakes, fishing and various excursions.

Railway Station in Pontresina, Switzerland

Pontresina hides great museums, cafes, bars and even a top of the line cinema complex. Such composition of urban and all things natural surely has something to offer to anyone.


There’s always a quiet place for couples to retreat to. Sometimes, it will be a bit more troublesome to sniff out. This is the case with capital cities such as Paris and Rome. Other times, destinations you choose will have some kind of inherent tranquillity to them, which you can mostly expect from islands.

Their natural remoteness is great for couples in desperate need for at least a small amount of solitude. After all, you probably want to spend your hard-earned holidays in peace. Always remember to check where your housing is located. Even the quietest of places can get noisy and rowdy! This is especially true if you happen to pick an apartment next to a busy road or an airport. Get to know the area even before you take off, and there’s no doubt you’ll have an excellent couples holiday.