If you find yourself on the farthest north-west end of Poland in search of holiday fun with equal doses of relaxation, adventure, and tourist sights, you’re definitely right where you need to be.

One of Poland’s most treasured seaside destinations, the town of Świnoujście and its beach lies on the eastern end of Uznam Island and it boasts a fascinating blend of history, local culture, natural beauty, and opportunities for visitors to try their luck at a range of water sports. Ready to take a stroll around the area?

Stawa Młyny: Smooth Sailing all through the Night

Stawa Mlyny Swinoujscie

Built during the modernization of the shipping route into the Port of Świnoujście 1873-1874, the beacon of Stawa Młyny is displayed on the official logo of the town. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, the white, 33-feet (10 metres) tall windmill-shaped beacon with a black roof is commonly featured on local postcards and souvenirs. Today, Stawa Młyny acts as a signal tower, allowing the vessels entering the Port of Świnoujście from the Baltic Sea to make the journey to the shore safely even on the darkest and most tempestuous of nights. A picturesque testament to the turbulent history of Poland, Stawa Młyny inspires admiration and respect in tourists, allowing them to soak in the air of the country’s turbulent past and its struggle for lasting peace and safety.

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The Promenade: French Riviera, the Polish Way

Another tourist attraction that only seems to improve with time, Świnoujście Promenade is slowly evolving into the new heart of the town.

With numerous hotels overlooking the sandy beach, the promenade is a great spot to take a leisurely walk and take in the local spirit in its most genuine form. If you feel like adding a spoonful of Poland’s authentic flavor to your plate, you can drop by one of the restaurants or cafes and pick your favorite national treat from the diversified menu at a highly favorable price. Apart from gustatory delights and the ambiance of old-style Polish grandeur, the waterfront promenade is a true paradise for shoppaholics who can find great bargains in stores and shops sitting on both sides of the scenic walkway. On an extremely hot day, you can stop by the fountain for a dose of refreshment. Still, be sure to have a coat or sweater at hand if you venture to explore the Świnoujście promenade at night since temperatures in the area tend to drop considerably in the evening due to the town’s geographical position.

Świnoujście Islands: Offshore Adventures

Ferry at river Swina

Tourists who’re up for some offshore fun can also take a boat to one of the neighboring islands and try their sightseeing luck there.

Fans of bird watching should definitely not miss the chance to visit Karsibór Island which is home to a bird reserve of international significance. With a breathtaking range of bird species and exhilarating sights of natural beauty, the island in the Oder Lagoon is a tiny piece of heaven the Polish way, and it is bound to live up to your highest expectations in terms of natural beauty.

Another island ready to welcome adventure-thirsty travelers, Wolin features the landmark Świnoujście lighthouse and a handful of other inspiring attractions including the Wolin Natural Park and Goeben Coastal Artillery Battery. In addition to that, you can check in at the Slavs and Vikings’ Center, an open-air museum which features life-size exhibits evocative of Slavic and Scandinavian cultures, allowing tourists to take a glimpse at the daily life of the island’s inhabitants in the period from the 9th to the 12th century. Every year, the island hosts the biggest Germanic-Slavic Viking festival in Europe, so if you’re planning to visit the area in early August, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance.

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Świnoujście Lighthouse: May the Light Guide Your Way

With a height of 212 feet (65 meters), Świnoujście Lighthouse is the world’s tallest brick lighthouse.

Built back in 1857 and restored following World War II ravages, the yellow lighthouse sits on the east bank of the Świna River, on the inner section at the entrance. According to historical accounts, instructions were given during the retreat of the German troops in 1945 for the lighthouse to be destroyed, but it survived thanks to the German keeper who refused to carry out the order. The damage done to the lighthouse brickwork was repaired in 1959, long after the town was transferred to Poland. The lighthouse was completely restored at the turn of the millennium when the tower top was converted to its current round shape.

Reopened for the public in August 2000, Poland’s tallest lighthouse boasts an octagonal base crowned by a gallery, and it has a round second gallery which holds the lantern. With a total of 300 steps, the Świnoujście tower takes the impressive fifteenth place on the list of the world’s tallest traditional lighthouses, offering a majestic view which stretches across 45 kilometers (28 miles) in clear weather.

Aqua Fun: Top Outdoor Activities in Swinoujscie Beach

Swinoujscie beach activities

Travelers plagued by the love of adrenaline and water sports will definitely enjoy their stay on Świnoujście beach.

Those with an adventurous streak can sign up for a kitesurfing course at KiteTrips or KiteJunkiesPL, whereas families with children and tourists who’re more into pirate-style adventures should use the chance to get onboard Roza Weneda for a two-hour cruise of the harbor during which you can learn more about the region’s history from the local guide. On top of that, you can also laze around the pristine sandy beaches, go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters, or just dip your toes in the Baltic Sea if you don’t mind the region’s somewhat chilly climate.

Świnoujście Spa Park: Where Style and Nature Collide

Formerly just another vacant plot covered with sand, water, and an odd gnarled pine tree, Świnoujście Spa Park is today a high-end destination where lovers of first-rate holidays can enjoy all the comforts of 21st-century architecture combined with a hefty portion of nature and water fun.

Originally designed at the start of the 19th century as a residential area next to a marina and lush gardens, the Spa House suffered extensive damage during World War I and was completely destroyed in 1945. Thanks to the funds obtained from the European Regional Development Fund, the works were launched in 2000 with the aim of revitalizing the area, which resulted in the complete reconstruction of squares, paths, and park alleys. With a plethora of architectural details, lush greenery, cycling lanes, outdoor gyms, and multi-purpose sports pitches, Spa Park’s new face is now a popular destination for lovers of comfort, style, and natural beauty who decide to explore north-west Poland.

Whether you’re up for historical tours, seaside fun, high-end holiday comfort, or daring explorations of the islands in the Baltic Sea, Świnoujście beach won’t disappoint. With its scenic promenade, lighthouse, beacon, and a range of lovely neighboring islands, the Pearl of the Baltic will take you in its lap and treat all your senses with its recognizable flavors, scents, and views, leaving you hungry for more of the traditional Polish charm. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself coming back to the amazing region for a fresh dose of inimitable Świnoujście spirit because this is a perfect destination for wanderers who like their travel sprees neat, sweet, varied, and served with a fancy napkin on the side.

Bon voyage!