“Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature, you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.” – John Muir

Feel yourself renewed by a virtual tour of amazing nature. Here goes my collection of the 10 most beautiful and amazing nature photos.

1. El Nido Philippines Nature Images

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 01

This beautiful nature photo is a place in the Philippines known as El Nido. El Nido Philippines is a top destination for island hopping, marine, and wildlife reserve exploration. Scuba-diving is also a popular activity here with over 30 dive sites of varying levels, taking a different amount of skill and each beautiful in its own right.

2. Beautiful Photography

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 02

This amazing nature photo was taken by Marc Muench. Any idea where this heaven is located on earth? Well, this is Yosemite Valley, California. It consists of Yosemite Village and the other areas of the Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park.

3. Beautiful Nature Photos of Olympia

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 03

Any idea where this red paradise is located? This is the beautiful photo of Olympia, Washington. This is why I adore Washington the most of all the beautiful places in America.

4. Fairy Lake

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 04

So what is special in this nature photo?  This beautiful photo was taken by Ireena Worthy.

It is a photo of a tree growing out of a dead log in the waters of Fairy Lake, British Columbia, Canada. It’s remarkable in that ol’ circle-of-life sort of way, where the death of one tree gives life to another. Amazing isn’t it?

 5. Plitvice National Park

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 05

Whenever it comes to a beautiful place to visit, the Plitvice National Park always comes into my mind. I have already mentioned it in our past few posts. This is the photo of this amazing place in the winter.

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6. Russian Hill Landscape

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 06

Even though this is just a painting, it does resemble the magnificent city in it. This is an amazing representation of Russian Hill, North Beach District of San Francisco by Thomas Kinkade.

7. Oak Trees Photos

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 07

Oak Trees are amazing. Few oak trees around your house and it will turn into heaven. This is another true nature photo of oak-alley-plantation.

8. Early Morning Nature Photos

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 08

A very beautiful photo of a beautiful morning. An early morning photo of the lake village, Hallstatt in Austria.

9. Nature photos of the Autumn Forest

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 09

I saw this place in a few Hollywood movies. I always used to wonder where it is located. Well, this a very beautiful and amazing nature photo of the Autumn Forest, Saxony in Germany.

10. Natural Beauty of Scotland

10 Most Beautiful Nature Photos 10

This nature photo belongs to Scotland. Scotland needs no introduction when it comes to natural beauty. Oh, I just love Scotland. With this, I conclude the presentation of my collection of nature photos.

Share with us: how many of these have you already visited?