This post is dedicated to those friends and fellow travelers who are either busy or out of money. So, if you are not able to personally travel to these haunted hotels, then maybe just reading about them will be enough to give you a bit of a thrill.

Watch out for the knock at the door! It might not be room service.

1. Ballygally Castle Hotel

Ballygally Hotel at dusk

Take a flight to Northern Ireland. There you’ll find a little county called Antrim. Head towards a village close to Belfast, where you’ll find a castle built four hundred years ago by James Shaw. Tragedy struck a couple of years later, when his wife Isabella was pushed – or perhaps jumped – through the tower window.

Nowadays, Isabella can be spotted around the castle. She’s been regularly seen since the castle was turned into a hotel, but she’s not the only ghost rumored to haunt its halls. She is, however, the favorite ghost, and Ballygally Hotel even dedicated a room to the tragic Isabella.

Website: Ballygally Hotel

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