Montenegrin coast is one of the most diverse in southeastern Europe. It is here, just outside Budva, that you will find Ploce Beach – a beach unique in so many ways that you’ll soon make room for it on your Montenegro itinerary.

In order to make the most out of your visit, here’s all you need to know about this beach.

How to Get to Ploce?

Ploce (Ploče in Montenegrin) is a small place located 9 kilometers from Budva toward Tivat, at the very center of the Montenegrin Riviera. If you’re traveling from Budva, Jaz Beach is the first one you will come across and it’s situated around 5 kilometers from Budva. Feel free to make a stop here as well because Jaz Beach is also one of the best in Montenegro.

The location of Ploce beach on Budva Riviera

Just before you turn to Jaz, the road will lead you to a crossroad – one of them on the right leading toward the hills and the other one on your left to Jaz Beach. In case you don’t feel like visiting it, turn towards the hills and continue straight for additional 4 kilometers. This road will lead you to two beaches – one of them is Trsteno Beach and the other one Ploce. Both are completely different from Jaz but charming nonetheless.

Just 2 kilometers uphill after Trsteno, a signpost will tell you that you should head down toward Ploce. Shortly after, a parking lot will come into view which is exactly where you should leave your car or scooter before continuing on foot toward the beach. There is no entrance fee for the parking although in the high season it tends to be a bit crowded so you can expect an entrance fee of 5 euros.

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What to Expect on Ploce Beach?

This beach is so unique that you will often hear conflicting descriptions. Sometimes it’s sandy, sometimes it’s graveled or rocky, and sometimes it’s paved. The truth is, all three are correct!

This beach is a combination of a natural and a man-made beach, with some sandy sections, big concrete blocks, and rocks spread across the surface of 10 000 square meters. This makes it rather picturesque and spacious, with plenty of room for every single visitor.

The cascading concrete plates are perfectly safe, beautifully organized, and well-maintained. There are several pools along its length and the beach is constantly being expanded and new amenities introduced. The entrance to the beach is decorated with rows of lush and colorful Mediterannean flowers and cacti, making the first impression of the beach unforgettable.

There is a lovely restaurant right at the entrance, situated on the rocks overlooking the beach. You can rent parasols and sunbeds for around 10 euros per pair although you can also bring your own beach equipment and set it on an available spot. The restaurant is a bit pricier than those in nearby Budva. The sea is pristinely clean and transparent while at the same time, you can always expect to find a free spot because the beach is never too crowded.

People relaxing on Ploce beach

The best part about Ploce is the fact that there are two decent-sized pools right on the beach – one for the little ones and one for adults. The youngsters’ pool is rather shallow and kid-friendly while parents can relax in the nearby pool as well. That pool is waist-high with parasols in it so that you can enjoy your drink while cooling off from the sun. This exotic setting is usually the reason why many young people come here to relax and party but it’s also why this beach might not be the quietest place around.

Probably the biggest attraction of all is the foam which is released into the pool every hour, giving this a bar a real club vibe. The staff is friendly and baristas make exceptional cocktails. However, all the partying doesn’t last until late at night and the beach bar closes at 7 pm but, of course, you can check some other Montenegrin beaches in the vicinity and see if you can continue the fun elsewhere.

We’ve already mentioned that the beach is usually not that crowded although between July and August crowds can get a bit hefty. If your visit falls within this period, it’s best to try and arrive at the beach as early as possible and secure your spot.

Ploce is abundant in water sports activities, from riding boats, kayaking, jet-skiing, and scuba diving. There are great coral reefs close to it which makes it a great diving location. On top of that, the beach is set against a perfectly natural backdrop without a single building in sight although Budva is only 20 minutes away.

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Beaches close to Ploce

Lastly, one of the reasons why Ploce is a great beach to visit lies in the fact that it’s really close to two additional beaches – Jaz and Trsteno. You can make a really nice itinerary and maybe even visit all three in a single day.

Unlike Ploce, Jaz and Trsteno are sandy and pebbled although significantly different in size. Trsteno is a small secluded beach, sheltered by two massive hills while Jaz stretches for more than 1 kilometer, dotted with bars, restaurants, and hotels. Both beaches are stunning and well worth the visit.

Ploce Beach is certainly one of the finest on the Budva Riviera. It’s great for families, couples, young and old alike, offering something more exotic than the rest of the neighboring beaches. You can get there by road or by boat and incorporate the visit in one of your daily Montenegro itineraries. It’s particularly convenient to visit it if you’re based in Budva as it represents a great location to get away from the urban bustling atmosphere of the major tourist resorts this town is known for.