Northern Greece is known for its majestic beaches and outstanding color of the sea. It is here that you will find an array of beaches on the mainland that could easily rival some of those on the famous Greek islands.

One of the is certainly the beautiful Ammolofoi beach. Tourists from around the globe often come to this beach to revel in the fine sand and crystal sea. The beach hasn’t always been so popular worldwide though. In fact, only the Greeks knew about this gem of the North Aegean and it was only a matter of time before they had to share it with the rest of us.

Emerald sea at Ammolofoi beach in Kavala

Where is Ammolofoi?

This beautiful beach is located just 17 kilometers south of the city of Kavala, near the place called Nea Peramos. Kavala region is still not that famous compared to other parts of Greece, especially its magnificent islands. Still, over the years, a lot of villas, hotels, and resorts emerged as tourists started visiting the region bit by bit. Kavala also boasts several other beaches apart from Ammolofoi and we will certainly get to them later as they make up for perfect complementary destinations you can visit along the way. On top of that, the island of Thassos is just an hour and a half’s ferry ride from Kavala so it’s obvious why you can use this opportunity to hop on this lovely island once you settle in Kavala.

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What to Expect on Ammolofoi Beach?

The beach of Ammolofoi is a lengthy strip of shore with perfectly soft sand, stretching for whopping 3 kilometers. Divided into three parts, it provides virtually anything one might expect to find on a beach – sunbeds, beach bars, umbrellas, huts, and all the other amenities that guarantee maximum enjoyment. The mere fact that the beach was given a Blue Flag award in 2006 speaks volumes about its cleanliness and beauty. 

The entrance to the sea is sandy and the shallows stretch for several meters until the ground gradually descends into the depth. This is why the beach is ideal for families with small children. The sea on this beach is pristinely clean and the water temperature just perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. 

Bars are dotted along the beach and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas in case you haven’t got your own. Unlike some private beaches where you simply have to rent a parasol and a sunbed in order to stay on the beach, you can freely set up your own equipment on Ammolofoi if you feel so inclined. In addition to this, getting to the beach has never been easier, especially if you’re arriving by car because there is a parking lot at just a stone’s throw from it.

The map of bars on Ammolofoi beach

Of course, a visit to Ammolofoi beach would not be complete unless you lounge at one or a few of its extraordinary bars. The first on our list is the lovely Blue Beach Bar and it’s also the first one you will come across as you arrive at the beach. It offers an array of drinks and snacks. If you order a drink here, you will get sunbeds free of charge – how awesome is that! It is right next to this bar that you can also find showers and a spacious parking lot with an awning to keep your car from heating up.

Peponi Beach Bar is possibly one of the most beautiful bars on the beach. There is a big parking at the entrance and you will be amazed at how stylishly this bar is furnished and decorated to accompany the existing beauty of the surrounding. The bar’s patio occupies a large chunk of the beach and there are several different types of sunbeds you can rent, provided that you order at least two drinks. Some of the loungers even have a built-in safe to leave your valuables in although you have to pay extra for those. Peponi also has a delectable selection of dishes and there is a volleyball court right in front next to which you can find showers.

Ammos Beach Bar is located right next to Peponi and just like the previous two, it has a parking lot shielded against the sun. The parasols are made from the dry palm leaves and the loungers are cozy, perfectly blended with the bar’s decor. This bar is actually ideal for families with kids because it possesses a large playground to keep your little ones entertained.

Paradise Beach Bar is next in line and it’s not any less attractive and stylish than the first three. It has lazy bags, loungers, and canopies to relax under. Just like at Ammos and Peponi, you can use the sunbeds and parasols provided that you buy at least two drinks.

You will across several other bars, such as Koo Beach Bar, Liquid, and La Roca until you arrive at the far end of the beach where you can find the Riva Beach Project, a large complex comprising a hotel with a large swimming pool, an open-view restaurant, and all the other amenities you could possibly think of. The sets of sunbeds and umbrellas are placed on wooden pedestals, slightly elevated from the sandy ground.   

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Beaches Close to Ammolofoi 

As said before, the Kavala region is famous for clean waters and sprawling beaches. Thassos is in its close vicinity as well as Sithonia, which also boasts spectacular beaches

Beautiful view of Kavala in Northern Greece

The beach in Nea Peramos is the main beach in this small town. It’s a fine, white-sand beach with lots of amenities and water sports opportunities. Nea Peramos restaurants are exquisite and you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes from the patios overlooking the sea.

Situated on a small peninsula next to Nea Paramos is the charming Vrasidas beach. Unlike the majority of other beaches in Kavala, Vrasidas is not organized and it’s usually the beach of choice for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet, far away from the bustle of the busy popular beaches in the area. 

At just 4 kilometers from Nea Peramos, you can find another small town of Nea Iraklitsa which has a lovely 2-kilometers long beach, with villas and hotels dotted along the coast. The beach is largely organized, offering lots of activities for people of all ages. Nea Iraklitsa makes for a perfect holiday destination where you can avoid hordes of tourists and enjoy the serenity of the area. In addition to the main beach, there are several smaller ones close by and they are perfect to have some privacy. The town is set against a beautiful backdrop of Mount Pangea which is abundant in hiking trails and picturesque monasteries which means your trip to this town will be a well-rounded vacation.

The beaches of Keramoti and Ammoglossa are located on a small peninsula just 10 kilometers from the city of Kavala. Both are fine sand beaches, surrounded by pine groves, family hotels, and with lots of amenities at hand.

Last but not least, Psatha beach is one of the secluded beaches near Nea Iraklitsa. It wasn’t until 2016 that it started gaining some popularity and bit by bit, it grew into an organized beach with all the necessary amenities and yet, without too many crowds. The only way to reach it is to go through another beach – Remvi, which is just 15 minutes’ walk from Psatha.

It’s easy to see why Ammolofoi beach is one of the best beaches in Northern Greece – not only does it provide everything you could think of, from perfectly soft sand to great amenities but it also has an abundance of other beaches and attraction that will make your Greek vacation all the more fantastic.