Let’s address the lavish title we bestowed upon this small town and its beach right now. It’s not that uncommon to hear about Bečići Beach referred to as the jewel of Montenegro or the gem of South Adriatic. A lot of that is based on the fact that back in 1935, Bečići won the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe at a Grand Prix in Paris.

This article will cover all the information pertaining to various facets of a summer holiday and by that, we absolutely mean the beach. Have the people here been living on the old glory of once beautiful Bečići? Or have they decided to maintain it and tend to it to preserve at least a portion of its inherent beauty? Find out what you can expect from your visit to Bečići and who it appeals to the most.

Getting to Bečići

The airport nearest to the city of Budva, and subsequently Bečići, is Tivat Airport. It’s located about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the town, and you can cover that distance quite cheaply.

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There are no buses running from the airport to Budva, but a bus station in Tivat is not that far, about a mile away. Usually, the only buses you’ll see at the airport are the private ones, hired by a hotel or resort to fetch their guests. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get a ride from them. There are taxis nearby, and their usual Airport – Budva price is €15. Finally, you can always rent a car, but be careful driving on Montenegrin roads as they’re often winding around cliffs and have only two lanes.

From Budva to Bečići, you can easily go on foot or by bus which costs from  €0.5 to €1 depending on where you get on.

Bečići Beach and Sea at Summer

At the Beach

So, let’s see how Bečići Beach of 1935 match up with the contemporary tourist destination. Obviously, not a small number of things has changed, but whether they’re good or bad can only be judged on a subjective level.

First and foremost, we need to discuss the beach itself. While shingle beach may not appeal to everybody, there’s no denying it makes the beach look real classy. Pebbles are really small and make Bečići look like it’s spotted with thousands of tiny gemstones. Before you get too worked up about it, they’re still just pebbles!

However, enjoying the sight of the beach and actually walking on it or sunbathing are entirely different things. Most people just suck it up and make the best of a situation (the situation here being an uncomfortable beach) and get over the fact they’re sitting or lying on a gritty surface. It’s not like that all over, there are patches of fine sand here and there, but couple this with the fact that entire chunks of the beach are owned by luxury hotels behind you and you’ll soon realize that you’ll probably have to deal with grit.

A Gritty Beach in Bečići, Montenegro

The beach itself is spacious enough, stretching for 1,950 meters to the former fishing village of Rafailovići, even measuring up to 100 meters in width at certain points. That’s quite a lot of room, so have no doubt about finding a spot for you and your family or friends, despite a decent section of it being reserved for hotel guests only. If you bring €10 with you to the beach, you might be able to snatch a pair of loungers with a parasol. The closer you are to Budva, the less public space you’ll find, so keep that in mind.

Now, how about cleanliness? The fact is that the closer you are to all the hotels and their private beach areas, the cleaner (and more overcrowded) it gets. However, people have been reporting seeing litter along the beach towards Rafailovići, which is just unfortunate. Dogs are allowed at this beach, so you might come upon different kinds of detritus here.

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As for the surrounding area, it’s as magical as it gets, and we’re not even overexaggerating. Beyond Bečići, tall cliffs rise and there are trees everywhere. It’s so lush and green that the hinterlands are actually reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro with its immense cliffs and untamed nature. Between Budva and Bečići, you’ll find Zavala Peninsula with a tunnel cutting right through it. You can actually use this tunnel to get to Budva or climb to the top of the peninsula and gaze on all the majesty around you.

Vista of Bečići Beach and the Sea

Finally, it’s time to get your bathing suit all damp. While there is sporadic pollution in the form of discarded loungers along the beach, the same cannot be said about the waters of the Adriatic Sea, at least in this area. The water is pristine, with light waves disturbing it on occasion. The temperatures during summer months and the swimming season in general (June to October) are between 23°C and 28°C. That means you don’t have to worry about cold water unless you like going for an early morning swim. There are two water sports centers, and additional centers can be found at the nearby Budva Beach. Be careful if you’re with children as the water here is not that shallow.

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When you tire of ceaseless swimming and splashing in the water, you’ll probably want to find some shade and have a cold drink. Behind Bečići Beach, there is a long promenade that goes all the way to the village of Rafailovići. Along the promenade, you’ll find endless bars, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers.

A lot has been invested to make this town over into a luxurious beach resort, and so far, it has been a major success. While it has undoubtedly damaged the charm of being unspoiled that pervaded the air of Bečići for a long time, it has also given rise to luxurious hotels spawning all over the place, promising 5-star quality and attracting the wealthier guests. Apparently, even The Rolling Stones and Brad and Angelina Jolie stayed at Hotel Splendid some time ago.

Closing Thoughts

Will your visit to Bečići introduce you to the winner of 1935 Grand Prix? Probably not. Is it still beautiful and worth a visit? Undoubtedly yes. A lot has changed since Bečići won that illustrious title in the first half of the 20th-century. Urbanization has taken its toll, megahotels have stolen a portion of its personality, but the underlying beauty is still there. If you can ignore the crowds and infinite rows of private loungers, you’ll see Bečići for what it is – a great beach set in the most picturesque of surroundings with a cool story to tell.