To pinpoint the best beaches in Montenegro is to scour the undeniably gorgeous coastline of the Adriatic Sea and see what it has to offer. While it’s still not as a prominent of a destination as say neighboring Greece, the potential is quite obviously there.

Take a look at some of the most amazing beaches scattered around the Montenegrin coast, often accompanied by the most picturesque towns imaginable.

1. Jaz Beach

One of the longer beaches Montenegro has to offer, Jaz is set against lush hinterlands and rising cliffs.

This sandy haven is spread over a bit less than a mile (1,300 meters) of Montenegrin coastline and is one of the more prominent festival destinations in the country. The Rolling Stones have officially launched Jaz Beach’s career when they performed here in 2007, paving the way for multiple other music festivals including Sea Dance in 2014. Rent paddle boats and kayaks, or simply soak up some rays. About 450 meters of the beach is designated as a nudist area, so there’s that.

2. Sveti Stefan Beach

The islet of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

Depending on how much you’d like to spend, Sveti Stefan islet might be out of your reach.

Luckily, the beach itself is located opposite the islet, across a causeway that leads to this picturesque town. It’s comprised of two beaches, the south and the north one. Keep in mind that the northern beach is, much like Sveti Stefan itself, owned by Aman Resorts and loungers may be a bit too expensive. South Beach is far more accessible, and you can enjoy the view of the islet and the surrounding natural beauty for a much more reasonable price.

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3. Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach is a charming stretch of sand, split in two by an encroaching cliff.

Located less than 200 meters from the city of Budva, this easily accessible beach offers warm sands and clean water to its visitors. The pristine condition of Mogren has been recognized with a Blue Flag award and it’s not difficult to see why. It attracts those on the more adventurous side who often attempt to traverse the cliffs the hard way – even though there’s a tunnel cutting right through the cliff. Above Mogren, plenty of greenery creates a bit of natural shade to enjoy during scorching heat.

4. Slovenska Beach

Slovenska Beach on the Budva Riviera

Also part of Budva Riviera, Slovenska Beach has been recognized as such since the 1920s, with hotel complex of the same name nearby.

It happens to be one of the longest beaches in the country, spanning 1,600 meters from Budva Marina to the Park Hotel. It’s covered in pebbles, so keep that in mind if you prefer avoiding such beaches. Alongside it is a lengthy promenade followed by awesome nightlife venues and shopping centers, so there’s plenty to do if you come here. It’s one of the more lively beaches of the riviera.

5. Dobrec Beach

Get a boat ride to this remote slice of heaven, far away from all the crowds often found along the Montenegrin coastline.

What you’ll receive for finding the hidden gem called Dobrec Beach is plenty of time spent by the crystal-clear waters and much-needed peace and quiet. Don’t expect much in the way of sand, as instead, you’ll be wobbling down thousands of pebbles to get to the water. Regardless, Dobrec is way too charming to pass up, so make sure to give at least a day of your journey, and try the local seafood while you’re at it.

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6. Murići Beach

Not all best beaches in Montenegro rest along the Adriatic Sea. Murići Beach is one of them, and there are plenty of reasons to visit it.

This 500-meter beach is located by the dreamy Lake Skadar under the protection of UNESCO. What’s most captivating about is an absolute lack of hustle and bustle, with most tourists deciding to remain closer to the coastline. Murići Beach consists of tiny pebbles, encircled by lush forests and ascending highlands. You’ll find Lake Skadar and the charming Murići Beach at the boundary between Albania and Montenegro.

7. Bečići Beach

Bečići Beach, Winner of 1935 Grand Prix in Paris

Winner of the 1935 Grand Prix in Paris, when it was crowned the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe, and one of the longest beaches in Montenegro, Bečići will enchant you with its charm and elegance.

Bečići Beach is the perfect summer holiday destination for many, and it’s not at all difficult to see why. With almost a mile and a half (2 kilometers) of pure, white sand and indispensable amenities that enhance your overall experience, Bečići remains a top pick for families and younger crowd alike. Moreover, if you’re big on watersports, you can rent kayaks, paddleboats, or even go surfing if you feel like it.

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8. Queen’s Beach

Queen's Beach Sunbeds and Pristine Water

The story of Queen’s Beach is loosely connected to that of Svet Stefan, as it is (again) Aman Resorts that claim rights to it.

So, getting a lounger at the Queen’s Beach won’t be that cheap, meaning you should prepare at least $80 for the ‘experience’, per person. If you don’t mind covering these expenses, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly spectacular beach – clean, away from the crowds, and sandy all the way. The water here is fantastic, both temperature and cleanliness-wise, and worth a visit regardless of its priciness.

9. White Beach

White Beach is located in Ulcinj and harbors a reputation of an awesome party destination.

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That doesn’t mean it’s not family-friendly. On the contrary, this wide beach of pale sands is spacious enough for children to enjoy, with about 70 canopies dotting the area for you to occupy. Naturally, you can just bring a parasol of your own and plant it wherever you feel like it. It’s only after 5 pm that the partying nature of this place comes to the forefront in the form of a cool foam fest.

10. Zenska Beach

The word for word translation of this place is ‘Ladies’ Beach’ and it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

Zenska Beach is the place to be when you tire of your male counterpart. It is a beach for women only, but you might be a tad disappointed when you get here. While the water is undoubtedly clear and of wonderful turquoise color, the beach itself is basically a bunch of slanting rocks that look fairly uncomfortable to walk on. The reason it’s up here on this list because, if nothing else, it is quite a unique spot on the Montenegrin Riviera.

11. Plavi Horizonti Beach

The crescent-shaped Plavi Horiznoti Beach on the Luštica peninsula is an all-time favorite of families that come to visit.

Another winner of the Blue Flag title, this lovely beach, and its golden sands are outdone only by the crystalline waters of the Adriatic. In fact, the water is so transparent that you can see all kinds of little fish swimming around, avoiding the feet of lucky beachgoers. You can see how friendly it is towards families with children, especially taking into consideration the proximity of many bars and restaurants in the shade of lush pine trees.

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12. Trsteno Beach

This small 100-meter beach is located very close to Jaz and serves like its quieter, more reclusive brother.

While Jaz beach is all about music festivals and being young and lively, Trsteno Beach that’s not too far from it is its polar opposite. There isn’t enough room to go too crazy here and it’s frequented by people looking to get away from throngs of tourists and just enjoy a day at the beach in quiet. The reason why Trsteno made it on this list is that it’s often considered to have the finest sand of all the Montenegrin beaches. This quaint stretch of sand is hidden away in a small bay, which also happens to be a part of the Budva Riviera.

13. Buljarica Beach

Gorgeous Buljarica Beach in Montenegro

Buljarica Beach is set in a very impressive mountainous landscape. Wherever you look, you’ll see towering cliffs looking back at you.

It’s one of the largest beaches of Montenegro, with 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) of space for you to inhabit. Moreover, it’s pretty wide as well, so you don’t have to worry about it getting overcrowded. It is fairly popular, but you won’t even feel it. Buljarica Beach is easily accessible and boasts both sand and pebbles alike. That way, it’s ensured that you will find something to your liking at this beach.

14. Velika Beach

Quite literally a ‘Big Beach’, the biggest one to be found in Montenegro, it features almost 8 miles (12 kilometers) of fine sand.

With so much space at hand, you’ll never be overwhelmed by people who’ve also come to bask in the sun for the day. Being very close to Ulcinj, you’re guaranteed to have access to all the facilities you might need at a beach, and all the seafood restaurants you can imagine. Velika Beach also has a reputation of being a kite-surfing haven due to just the right amount of wind. The sea here is fairly clean and calm, great for the young ones.

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15. Lucice Beach

Located not too far from Petrovac and its bustling main beach, Lucice is a paradise for families with young children.

It’s a decently sized beach tucked away in a secluded bay among groves of pines and cypress trees. The sight of it all is truly breathtaking, but what attracts families the most is clean sand and pristine, shallow water. Unfortunately, it’s not that big of a secret as it used to be just a couple of years ago and it can get stuffy with all the visitors pouring in during summer.

16. Mala Beach

The opposite of Velika Beach, Mala or ‘Small’ Beach is basically a part of the coast that’s closest to the city of Ulcinj.

Despite it being so close to the city itself, Mala Beach is by no means a spoiled mess that city beaches often tend to be. No, this place is perfect for those not wishing to stray too far from the confines of their resort and still be able to soak up some rays and relax while listening to the soothing sound of the waves. Being so close to the urban area also provides the benefit of having countless bars, restaurants, and shopping centers nearby.

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17. Petrovac Beach

Petrovac City Beach in Beautiful Surroundings

The city beach at Petrovac is much like the one in Ulcinj – clean, sandy, and close to all the goodness of the town itself. It’s easily one of the best beaches in Montenegro despite the proximity of the town.

There’s a bit of everything here, besides awesome seaside. The beachfront is unspoiled, washed by the gentle waves of the Adriatic. All the amenities imaginable are right there, in the picturesque Petrovac right behind you. You can alternate between exploring this bucolic town and hanging out at the beach. There’s also a hint of nightlife if you so desire, or if you’d like to avoid it altogether, Lucice and Buljarica beaches are a shout away from Petrovac.

18. Kotor Beach

While not technically confined to a single area, Kotor Beach represents the best of what Montenegro has to offer.

The beaches surrounding this magnificent old town are scattered all around, not that big in their own right, but intimately beautiful. Aside from the fact that the bay of Kotor hides the most illustrious gems of the country, the beaches and the town itself are perfect destinations for couples. We’ve already mentioned some in the vicinity such as Plavi Horizont and Trsteno, but make sure to get to Bigova, Morinj, and Orahovac if you can manage.

19. Drobni Pijesak Beach

Drobni Pijesak Beach in a Small Bay

Drobni Pijesak Beach spans a mere 250 meters of golden sands, but it’s quite enough to create some unforgettable moments of your holiday.

With just a single restaurant around, it sure seems remote and mysterious alike, far from the crowds that can get quite dense during summer months. Uncontrolled nature claims everything around this beach, so don’t expect too much in the way of amenities.

20. Kamenovo Beach

The final entrant on our all-encompassing congregation of best Montenegrin beaches is by no means less beautiful than its predecessors.

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On the contrary, it’s another pristine Blue Flag beach called Kamenovo, or ‘Stone’. Don’t be dissuaded from coming here though, as fine sand is all over the place. There’s good food, enough music festivals to last you forever, and just the right amount of civilization for you to retreat to.

Whichever city or town you choose as your base of operation, so to speak, you’ll have access to some of the most incredible beaches Montenegro has to offer. Take advantage of its size and try to visit as many places as possible. The odds are, you’ll find more than just beaches in this rocky, unexplored country.