The islands in the Caribbean are stunning all year round but some of us prefer to visit them after the high-season ends because there are no excessive crowds, noise, and other factors that can ruin even the best of holidays. Luckily, some of the best Caribbean islands to visit in September are also the ones that look spectacular no matter when you visit.

The temperatures are warm (75-84°F), the weather is pleasant, and there is just enough sun to swoon you with delight. Strictly speaking, the period between May and November sees the majority of rainfall in the Caribbean but torrents and hurricanes are the least frequent in the south. If you’re visiting in September, the southern islands are where you should go.

1. Aruba

Aruba is a great destination in September

Aruba is an island in the southern Carribean sea. It is one of the three islands, also known as the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) which used to go by the name of the Dutch Antilles.

Not only is Aruba one of the best Caribbean islands to visit in September, but it’s also the one ideal for snorkelers, archeology enthusiasts, and white-sand lovers. On top of that, the phenomenal Flamingo Beach is situated in Aruba, offering visitors a unique chance to get up close to the lovely pink birds roaming around the beach without restrictions.

Aruba sprawls across 185 square kilometers, and it is home to countless natural wonders (reefs, deserts, caves). It is equally vivacious during the day and the night. Oranjestad, the island’s capital, offers a wide range of activities – from historical sites to delectable restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping opportunities. As far as beaches are concerned, they are exceptionally white and the sea surreally turquoise. If you’re looking for a beach with lots of amenities and close to all the major resorts, then you should head for Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. If you want to stay away from the crowds, Andicuri Beach and Rodger’s Beach are a no-miss. Of course, you mustn’t leave Aruba without paying a visit to Flamingo Beach.

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2. Curaçao

Curacao beaches look spectacular year round

Curaçao is a slice of tropical heaven in the south of the Caribbean, just off the coast of Venezuela. This island is a perfect mixture of Dutch architecture and natural beauty but it’s also the largest of the ABC islands.

The locals speak their own unique language called Papiamentu – a combination of Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, and a few other languages. The island is characterized by a dry climate and little rainfall even in October when it’s most likely to rain. Even if rain does fall, it’s usually during the night while the days remain sunny and bright.

Traces of Dutch architecture in Willemstad

Curaçao boasts several national parks but Christoffelpark and Shete Boka are the most beautiful of the bunch. Christoffelpark is located in the western part of the island, just 45 minutes’ drive from the island’s capital Willemstad. Rare orchids, cacti, wild donkeys, deer, and hiking trails leading to St. Christoffelberg (the highest peak of the Dutch Antilles) are what makes this national park simply captivating. Shete Boka National Park stands for “seven inlets” and it’s located right next to Christoffelpark. With dozens of nooks and crannies to explore, this park should definitely find a place on your to-do list. Of course, you can only imagine how captivating the beaches around these national parks are. The whole island boasts breath-taking stretches of coast, but Playa Kenepa, Jan Thiel Beach, Playa Kalki, and Westpunt stand head above the rest.

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3. Bonaire

Beaches in Bonaire are the least crowded in September

Bonaire remains one of the least visited islands of the ABC trio although it’s located just 30 minutes from Aruba and 15 minutes from Curaçao. Just like its neighbors, it’s one of the best Caribbean islands to visit in September.

Still, surfing which is otherwise a rather popular pastime on the island tends to simmer down as the winds are calmer and the waves are not as mighty as usual. On the other hand, Bonaire is a great diving and snorkeling location all year round, even in September.

The sea looks phenomenal in Bonaire

This tropical oasis doesn’t lack natural splendors, premium resorts, and mesmerizing beaches which are its greatest asset. Unlike the beaches on the remaining two islands, Bonaire beaches are peaceful and almost intact, making them great for enjoying some peace and quiet. The equivalent to Aruba’s Flamingo beach is certainly the Donkey Beach where you can spot these cuties roaming around freely. Te Amo, Sorobon, and Bachelor’s Beach are not to be missed because you’ll hardly find sand so white as it is here.

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4. Trinidad and Tobago

Perfectly clean beach in Trinidad is an ideal September destination

This duo is a match made in heaven for any sun worshipper on the lookout for spectacular sceneries, sprawling beaches, and a lively atmosphere. Trinidad is the more bustling of the two, famous for its carnivals and fiestas. On the other hand, Tobago is more low-key and relaxed, offering visitors a unique chance to give in to the beauty of the hidden beaches and the gentle Caribbean breeze.

Visiting Trinidad and Tobago in September is just as enjoyable as in any other month, simply because these islands are located outside the hurricane belt. In fact, the last time hurricane hit Trinidad was in 1933 and Tobago in 1963. September is also the month when Trinidad and Tobago celebrate their independence so you can expect festivities everywhere you look. Surfing also becomes one of the top obsessions and surfers from around the world flock to the beaches to catch a mighty surf. Maracas Bay Beach and Blanchisseuse Beach in Trinidad are simply gorgeous while Tobago boasts Pigeon Point Beach and the Englishman’s Bay Beach, both of which are guaranteed to leave you breathless.

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5. Barbados

Beaches in Barbados are perfect in September

Just like the previous islands, the weather in Barbados in September is predominantly sunny, with only occasional torrential showers that never last more than a few minutes. The only thing you really need to consider is the restaurants, some of which tend to close for the season in September.

Other than that, there isn’t much to be worried about when visiting Barbados. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to have lunch in a restaurant, it’s just that some of them might be closed at that time and it’s usually those located on the west coast.

Barbados is a perfectly elegant and sophisticated island, embellished with spectacular coral reefs, a wide range of delectable dining options, and most importantly, absolutely stunning beaches. Barbados is divided into 11 parishes and each of them has its fair share of beaches. The most beautiful are found in Christ Church (Silver Sands, Miami Beach, Accra/Rockley, and Dover Beach) and Saint James Parish (Paynes Bay Beach, Mullins Beach, Gibbs Beach, and Brighton Beach). Needless to say, a visit to Barbados is not complete unless you make time for Bridgetown, the island’s capital famous for its National Heroes Square and St. Michael’s Cathedral. Further inland, you can discover the natural beauty of Barbados, including the lush forest Welchman Hall Gully and Andromeda Botanic Gardens.

There is obviously a lot to choose from if the Caribbean islands are your desired September destination. Once you decide which of these islands fits your budget, style, and preferences the most, the only thing that remains is to start packing your suitcases before you revel in everything these fantastic islands have to offer.