With summer at our very doorsteps and inspired dreams of holiday trips begging to be fulfilled, it’s time we’ve delved deeper into all the options at hand. While it may be tempting to get in on package deals taking us to destinations where July is the height of the high season, it might be more prudent to look the other way if your resources are limited. Some of the best places to travel in July on a budget will come as a surprise, but will definitely spark interest.

We’ll be taking on some of the destinations where July is part of the low season, or where there aren’t that many visitors throughout the year anyway. That includes some of the most gorgeous places imaginable, spread across the entire planet Earth, so dive in and see which one floats your boat the most.

Best Places to Travel in North America in July

Texas on a Budget

The Historic Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

Budget travelers from the United States will find a real treat this year in Texas. While there are plenty of options to choose from, it seems that San Antonio has the potential to attract those with less money to spend this year.

While Texas certainly has a lot to offer and doesn’t lack beautiful landmarks such as Galveston and its Moody Islands or the Lake Conroe, it will be San Antonio and its treasures that will offer the most to budding journeymen.

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The Alamo has always been a favorite of those looking to see the real historic beauty of San Antonio, followed by breathtaking exhibits of San Antonio Museum of Art and McNay Art Museum. There’s a lot that families can do and see in this great city, and for reasonable prices, making it one of the top destinations in the U.S. Decent-sized meals will usually cost about $13.

Local Currency: Dollar

Hostel Prices: $20-$30 per night

Daily Budget: $40-$60

Mexico on a Budget

Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City

Mexico is often bundled up with countries of North America, and it’s also the cheapest one to visit, so we find that it more than fits this list.

It’s a country too big to be decently covered in such a short article, so we’ll focus on the capital. Mexico City is the largest city in North America, but also the most diverse one. Warm weather and low prices will greet you in July, with meals that cost anywhere from $2 to $10. If that’s not enough to persuade you to make Mexico City your next vacation spot, you’ll be happy to hear that you can visit most of the museums (and that’s a lot) for a bit over $3.

Local Currency: Peso ($1 = 18-20 pesos)

Hostels Price: $8-$22 per night

Daily Budget: $35-$45

Best Places to Travel in Central America in July

Costa Rica on a Budget

Volcano and Jungle in Costa Rica

As most tourists with experience in traveling around Central America know, Costa Rica is by far the most expensive country to visit.

Having said that, it’s still far cheaper than most other exclusive travel destinations around the world. With more than a fair share of inexpensive places to visit, Costa Rica can be a haven for budget travelers who’ve mastered the art of traveling lightly and cheaply. Moreover, while it’s definitely not one of the cheapest countries in South America to visit (on the contrary) it has got the best price/quality ratio, something that people on a shoestring budget can appreciate perfectly.

Whether it’s visiting the geothermal pools near Arenal or experiencing the spectacular Cloud Forest biome in the Monteverde region, you’ll want to wing it as much as possible. Number one rule of visiting Costa Rica on a budget is avoiding guided tours unless you’ve got some sweet haggling skills. Get cheaper souvenirs and dine at sodas (local food venues) where you can get huge meals for $7, and you’ll be able to truly feel the Costa Rican way of life. July is part of the rainy season in Costa Rica, so you might have to plan carefully, but that will drive the prices down further.

Local Currency: Colón ($1 = 560-590 colones)

Hostel Prices: $12-$23 per night

Daily Budget: $30-$40

Nicaragua on a Budget

A Gorgeous Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua

As is the case with Costa Rica, July is part of the wet season that sees fewer tourists and lower prices as a rule.

Besides being able to visit one of the safest and most beautiful countries of Central America, you’ll also have the ability to do it dirt cheap. The key to keeping your expenditure under the radar is to avoid the Corn Islands which are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. People mostly go there for water-based activities that you can partake in on the coastline of Nicaragua anyways. You won’t be spending much on food, at least not more than $6. Rule of thumb when traveling on a budget is eating where all the locals do. That way, you’ll find the freshest and cheapest local delicacies, leaving plenty of bankrolls for all the amazing adventures to be found here.

Speaking of which, kayaking to Ometepe island and hiking up the volcanoes is a must-have. It’s not as cheap, but having saved up by eating great, local food, you’ll have enough for the $20-$25 per person fee that is required to get on Lake Nicaragua and kayak to the volcanic isle.

Local Currency: Córdoba ($1 = 30-34 córdobas)

Hostel Prices: $9-$18 per night

Daily Budget: $20-$30

Best Places to Travel in South America in July

Brazil on a Budget

Rio de Janeiro as seen from Above

For such an enormous country such as Brazil, it’s quite understandable to have so many varying months of July, depending on where you’re staying.

The symbol of Brazil and one of the most famous cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro is perfect this time of the year. Not only is it winter in the southern hemisphere, but it’s also quite a mild one, perfect for those who travel on a budget. If you’re wondering how the two are related, we’ll let you in on a little secret – hiking! There is no better way to explore this wondrous city and unlock all the hidden vistas than by hiking, which is far less strenuous during winter. Browsing the local markets will reveal endless prizes and most meaningful souvenirs available (you must check out Ipanema hippie market on Sundays). Again, mimicking what locals do will get you the best and cheapest food available, with prices ranging from $3 to $12 depending on how good you are at sniffing out bargains and time of day (dinners are more expensive).

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Hiking the surrounding area will also reveal plenty of amazing picnic spots, another great activity in Rio! The fee to visit the statue of Cristo Redentor is usually about $16 for adults, and the most common way to get there is by train.

Local Currency: Real ($1 = 3-4 reais)

Hostel Prices: $11-$28 per night

Daily Budget: Anywhere from $40 to $80

Argentina on a Budget

Buenos Aires Monument at Night

Farther down south, you’ll find one of the most affordable places to visit in South America that also happens to be the most diverse one in terms of climate – Argentina.

One of the safest and cheapest places to travel in South America, Argentina offers a wide variety of breathtaking locations such as Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Bariloche, and Patagonia just to name some. But the one where you’ll be having the most fun for the lowest amount of money is Buenos Aires by far.

Again, July is one of the winter months and Buenos Aires is sparsely visited at this time resulting in cheap prices that many budget travelers can afford. With so many sights to see, it’ll be very difficult to nail down what it is exactly you’d like to do, but we can help you get the more expensive events out of the way. Even though tango is as Argentinian as it gets, you might want to skip tango shows which are usually accompanied by dinner as they’ll surely dent your budget significantly. Instead, check out Palacio Barolo historic landmark for a mere $5.50. You can visit Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes for free! Local delicacies are ridiculously cheap, at least budget version, with few of them going over $5 in price.

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Local Currency: Peso ($1 = 42-46 pesos)

Hostel Prices: $8-$20 per night

Daily Budget: $20-$40

Best Places to Travel in Europe in July

Hungary on a Budget

Hungarian Parliament in Budapest at Night

Hungary is one of the most affordable European destinations you could ask for. Regardless of what you may have planned to see in this fine country, you’ll soon realize that all roads lead to Budapest sooner or later.

For a city so deeply involved in the history of Europe and so culturally elevated, Budapest has many sights that will keep you busy. It’s no wonder how it managed to stay among the top budget travel destinations for so long, considering that it really is a backpacker’s heaven. Taking a funicular to Buda Castle costs about $5 on average, a real bargain for such a majestic place. You can try and visit The House of Terror, Opera Hosue or Parliament Building, but they’ll all be more expensive. $1.20 will let you move around the city freely, as that is the price of regular bus tickets, with metro being close to that. For just $1-$4, you’ll be able to get a taste of the famous Hungarian cuisine. There are many cheap restaurants with an excellent selection of local dishes at these very prices. Make sure to try some goulash!

Local Currency: Forint ($1 = 280-300 forints)

Hostel Prices: $10-$23 per night

Daily Budget: $25-$35

Georgia on a Budget

The City of Tbilisi in Georgia from Above

If you’re going to travel this year, make sure to add the country bordering Europe and Asia to your itinerary.

Georgia has been gaining a lot of traction among the budget travelers looking for affordable destinations. With so many cities to opt for, you’ll be able to find the one that’s both a great place to visit and within your monetary constraints. Mestia, Batumi, the capital Tbilisi – they’re all as cheap as they come and equally stunning. Regardless of which one of these cities you’d like to visit, prices are about the same, the only real difference being accommodation. The cheapest city in terms of bedding is Zugdidi, while the most expensive is obviously the capital itself.

Don’t expect your daily rations to go above and beyond the $3 mark! That’s how cheap the food it, so you’ll be able to enjoy lots of it.

Local Currency: Lari ($1 = 2-3 laris)

Hostel Prices: Average cost is about $20 per night

Daily Budget: $20-$35

Best Places to Travel in Asia in July

Nepal on a Budget

Snowy Mount Everest in Nepal

Asia is brimming with cheap places that are going to prove to be the most affordable summer destinations this year. The same goes for Nepal, which boasts prices so low that they are almost unmatched by all other countries on our list.

Visiting Nepal is visiting one of the most gorgeous places on the face of our world. Besides finding tours that will take you to see the national parks of Nepal and its majestic creatures. Flying tours over Mount Everest are not the cheapest way to experience Nepal, so if you’re on a really tight budget, just head out the Kathmandu way. The capital of Nepal has got some real treats for visitors from afar. Checking out the Garden of Dreams or Swayambhu Temple comes with a price tag of $1.79 while visiting Narayanhiti Palace Museum is $4.47 for adults.

Trying local cuisine will usually cost you from $2 to $3 while letting you have a taste of Nepal. Western food is much more expensive though!

Local Currency: Rupee ($1 = 110-120 rupees)

Hostel Prices: $3-$6 per night

Daily Budget: $15-$30

Laos on a Budget

Golden Pagoda in Vientiane, Laos

Laos is a recent up and comer, following the rise of tourism in neighboring countries such as Cambodia and Thailand.

It’s got one very big advantage – it’s still much cheaper than the competition. Vientiane is one of the cheapest destinations imaginable, a waking dream of any fervent budget traveler. If you don’t mind monsoons that come with the wet season from May to October then Laos could easily be one of the best places to travel in July on budget.

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Good deals await you on food and entrance fees alike. For $5, you’ll be able to have a meal that will keep you sated for a long, long time. Not only that, but it’s delicious and fresh more often than not (follow the trail of locals). If you prefer hard-hitting drinks to food, have some Lao-Lao rice whiskey for a dollar. Landmark entry fees for adults are extremely low, so you’ll be able to explore places like Lao National Museum and Wat Si Saket for just $1.15.

Local Currency: Kip ($1 = 8,600-8,800 kips)

Hostel Prices: $3-$8

Daily Budget: $15-$25

With so many budget-friendly places to discover, you’ll certainly have a tough decision to make for your destination of choice this July. While you may be tempted to visit all of them, it’s better to pick the one that stands out the most. Otherwise, you might find your budget a bit stretched, which ultimately beats the purpose of such traveling. Tell us about some other great low-cost destinations you’ve visited, and have a safe journey.