Do you like Congo, Botswana, Brazil, Spain, United States, Thailand, Mongolia, Uganda and India? If you are  travelling in any of these countries and want to catch a monster fish then let us suggest you some best rivers to catch a monster fish. Finding a monster fish is not an easy task. Some rivers have only small fishes left but some have really sharp teeth monster fishes living into it. So where are these rivers? lets have a look –

Best River to catch Monster fish in Brazil – Teles Pires River

Best Rivers To Catch A Monster Fish 01

The Teles Pires River is also known as  Rio São Manuel. it is one of the longest river of Brazil which is 1360 kms long. It  flows through the state of Mato Grosso and its lower part is border between states Mato Grosso and Pará. At its mouth it joins Juruena River and together they form the Tapajós, which is one of the biggest tributaries of the Amazon River.

Best River in Congo to catch Monster Fish – Congo River

Congo river fish monster

Congo River is also known as Zaire River. It is one of the deepest river in the world. The overall length of this river is around 4700 km. It contains 700 of small and giant fish species. It will not disappoint you if you catch fishes here. Several species of turtles, and the slender-snouted, Nile and dwarf crocodile are native to the Congo River Basin.

Best river in Botswana to catch giant fishes – Okavango River

Okavango river - fishermen caught a big fish

Okavango River is best for fishing in Botswana. You can take an Okavango River safari tour. It starts in Angola, where it is known as the Cubango River. Further south it forms part of the border between Angola and Namibia, and then flows into Botswana.

Best river for fishing in United States – Trinity River

Triniti river - giant catfish in the water

Trinity River in Texas has lots of giant monster fishes. Take a part in fish quests. Alligator gar fish is very famous here. Though Trinity river flows entirely all in US but the Texas part is somewhere you can enjoy your fishing.

Ebro River, Spain

Ebro river - Fisherman hold big fish

Apart from having monster fishes, Ebro River is the longest river in Spain. It flows for 565 miles (910 km) in a southeasterly course to its delta on the Mediterranean coast in Tarragona province, midway between Barcelona and Valencia. You can enjoy fishing here from Barcelona.

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River Nile, Uganda

Two fishermen hold big fish in their hands

Nile is the biggest river in whole Africa but for monster fishing experience you will have to go to Uganda. In Uganda, The Nile leaves Lake Victoria at Ripon Falls near Jinja, Uganda, as the Victoria Nile. It flows for approximately 500 kilometres  farther, through Lake Kyoga, until it reaches Lake Albert. After leaving Lake Albert, the river is known as the Albert Nile. Take a  road trip from Kampala, then fish from boat or shore.

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Mae Klong River, Thailand

A man with caught stingray in shallow water

The Mae Klong river flown in western Thailand. Take a road trip from Bangkok, then fish by boat in an exotic urban setting. An early portion of Khwae Yai River in Amphoe Umphang, Tak Province is also called Klong River. It becomes known as Khwae Yai River when it flows into Kanchanaburi Province.