Not too far from the city of Petrovac is a beach so stunning and diverse that it’s a true tourist paradise on the Adriatic Sea. Buljarica Beach provides visitors with all the raw attractiveness of Montenegrin coastline, unparalleled in charm by other beaches of Petrovac.

While Budva Riviera holsters not a minuscule number of such gorgeous beaches, Buljarica is by far the longest beach of the riviera. With 2,400 meters of beachfront, it outweighs all the other parts of the coast near Budva and various projections estimate great things ahead for Buljarica in terms of tourism development. One day, it might be a paradise for golfers as well, but for now, it’s the most wonderful destination for beachgoers and for a lot of reasons.

Getting to Buljarica

The enchanting Buljarica Beach is located less than a mile from Petrovac, in the direction of Bar. There are plenty of ways you can get to the beach and they’re all fast and cheap.

You’ll only need about 5 minutes by bus, and fare for a route this short is usually no more than €1. If you plan on renting a car during your stay, it will make reaching Buljarica that much easier. Get to the town Buljarica and you’ll be there in mere minutes. Of course, you could always walk there, hills surrounding the beach are great for a hike, but still not that far as you’ll be able to reach your destination in (probably) less than 30 minutes. Finally, getting a taxi for such a short distance is usually frowned upon by the drivers themselves, but if you do find someone willing to get you to your destination, it will be cheap as the journey is really short (more expensive than the bus though).

Sea viewed from hills around Buljarica beach

At the Buljarica Beach

Located between Dubovica and Resovo Brdo Cove, there is a beach so wide and spacious, with such wonderful natural surroundings that many experts see endless potential in the further development of the region, perhaps even matching the prominence of Budva one day.

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We’re of course talking about Buljarica Beach in the town of Buljarica. Most tourists that come here have the same questions that most people planning a summer vacation have. How’s the water like? How about the beach? Is it going to get overcrowded and are there sufficient amenities at the beachfront?

First of all, we’ve given so much praise to the beauty of Buljarica’s hinterlands, but haven’t specified why. It’s quite stunning really, with green, rolling hills covered in trees and towering cliffs providing an insanely beautiful backdrop. Lovely green fields stretch all around the beach, providing a homely and cozy sensation to those from abroad. It’s precisely these hills that are seen as the future of Buljarica’s tourism development in the future.

Rocks around the beach of Buljarica in Montenegro

Now, while we do make it sound as if the area is still largely undeveloped (which it is), it’s far from being unwanted. Summer months of July and August can see the beach getting overcrowded. It’s not a rule, but you should know it does happen sometimes. The reason for it is that it’s much cheaper than the beaches closer to Budva, which drives the Montenegrin families this way. You’ll probably run into plenty of locals at the beach, especially during the weekend.

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However, it also depends on where you are on the beach. The 2,400-meter coastline of Buljarica is half sandy and half rocky. The section of the beach closer to Petrovac is covered in fine sand, great for getting your parasol in the ground – if you can find a spot! This part of the beach is way more crowded than the part where pebbles cover most of the water entry. Not only is it more crowded, but the prices tend to be steeper than in the section farther from Petrovac.

For example, you can get a lounger at the sandy part of the beach for about €7 to €8, while walking along the beach to the pebbly area will reveal much cheaper loungers, averaging €2 per person. Regardless of which half of the beach you occupy, it will be as clean as it can get, so don’t worry about that. In fact, this is quite an impressive feat considering the fact that the largest portions of the beach are public. It shows a healthy tendency of the locals to keep their most important treasure clean!

Buljarica Beach as seen from Petrovac

The waters of this crescent beach are always warm during the summer season in Montenegro, which is from June to October, and also incredibly clean. Water temperature doesn’t go below 20°C during the summer months, which is just right for most people, including children. The sea is fairly calm here, with enough shallows to be perfectly suitable for families with children. A bit of marine life can be spotted, especially schools of small fish, so you can enjoy this fun little activity at Buljarica.

This should pretty much cover all the questions you might have about the sea and the beach. If you’re wondering about parking, you should know that Buljarica used to be big on camping, and it’s still popular today, but not to the extent it used to be. So yes, plenty of parking is available and very close to the beach at that. The campground is located near Hotel Savojo, closer to the sandy part of the beach.

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There’s just the right amount of bars and restaurants that line the beach for you to have all the necessary amenities you need, but also enough public space to enjoy. You can buy fruit, delicious meals, and drinks from these venues, so you don’t have to worry about bringing all of this stuff with you. If you’re staying at Hotel Savojo or any of the nearby apartments, you’re all set and have no need for other amenities!

In 2019, Buljarica is going to be the host of Sea Dance music festival spearheaded by David Guetta and featuring huge stars such as Robin Schultz and Ofenbach. With dozens of other artists performing as well, it’s going to be a real treat for anyone visiting this beach, so make sure to drop by at least.

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Closing Thoughts

Buljarica is a beach at the Adriatic Sea that’s equally amazing regardless of who you’re traveling with. Due to its size, it’s very difficult for it to become too crowded, although not impossible, but most of the time, there’ll be plenty of room for everybody. Water is as good as it gets and the surrounding countryside and its sheer rugged charm just add to the overall sensation of an unspoiled tourist paradise.

If you’re the kind of person that eventually gets tired of the beach (strange, we know), you’ll be happy with all the hiking trails traversing the rolling green hills. Bars are there too for when the sun gets so harsh you just need a cold drink. Have no doubts about coming to Buljarica – it will be as relaxing and clean as you need it to be. Make sure to come soon enough, because if all the development plans come to fruition, Buljarica, as it is now, will disappear, replaced by luxurious hotels and shopping centers.