How about having a coffee in a fairy tale cafe? If you’re traveling to Spain this year, make sure to visit the Catalonian city of Barcelona.

El Bosc de les Fades means ‘The Forest of Fairies’ and it lives up to all the expectations. It is a unique cafe decorated as a magical land of fairies.

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Tucked away off Las Ramblas, on Passatge Banca next to the Wax Museum, El Bosc de les Fades is one of the most unusual attractions of Barcelona.

El Bosc de les Fades Trees and Lights

The venue of El Bosc De Les Fades was inspired by a fairy forest, complete with an artificial woodland of snaking branches, trickling waterfalls, will-o-the-wisp lights, weird demons lurking in mirrors, various optical illusions and, of course, fairies.

The main area of the cafe offers plenty of seats under the lush artificial vegetation, or at the bar that’s also been decorated to fit the fairy tale theme, but for visitors who want the full immersion effect of this place, there’s a private grotto where they can get lost in the  scary depths of the mysterious forest. It’s kitschy, yet original, and most people enjoy the novelty of it.

A Fairy in El Bosc de les Fades Cafe

If you are not overly crazy about the whole fairy tale theme and are now looking for a creepier, darker world to get consumed in, you’re in luck as El Bosc de les Fades boasts a haunted room now. Inside, you’ll find a startling collection of mannequins accompanied by well-placed mirrors to maximize the intensity and horror of this place.