Have you ever thought about what it was that made Bahubali a superhit movie? Well, most people agree it was the amazing destinations in Bahubali movie that looked so adventurous in the movie. Though they mostly used VFX technology, there are still some beautiful destinations in southern India that you can also visit and enjoy yourselves.

Amazing Destinations in Bahubali movie

So, what are those striking beautiful destinations that they used in the movie? Well, before we talk further let me just introduce the movie to those who have never heard about it. It’s a south Indian movie that media is claiming to be a very expensive movie, whose production amounted to about $40 million.

The movie is about a historical place called Mahishmati. The exact location of this place is still unknown but it is said that it was located somewhere on the banks of Narmada river. This makes it even more interesting, prompting many movie-goers to actually try and find it.

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Mahabaleshwar was one of the filming locations of Bahubali. The mountains that you can see in the movie are actually this exact place. It is a hill station located in the Western Ghats which are full of natural beauty and a must-visit destination. The gorgeous cliffs are covered in low shrubbery that gives the mountains a very lush image.

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Bulgaria Mountains

Bulgaria is the second filming location in the movie. It has lots of mountain ranges. Musala, Vihren, Kutelo, Gazey, etc. Bulgaria is full of natural beauty. If you’d like to visit it, then you’ll have to travel to Southeast Europe. The time of your visit doesn’t really matter, because you’ll realize that this gorgeous filming location of parts of Bahubali is equally stunning no matter the season, and there’s always stuff to see and do.

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Pirin is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. It is full of lakes and waterfalls. Snow-capped peaks watch over the surrounding area, brimming with wildlife and amazing natural features. In the northern region of Pirin, there’s a national park that is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. If you’re into winter sports and activities such as skiing, then your visit to the Pirin will be a complete one.

Athirappilly Water Fall

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Athirappilly Waterfall is known as Niagra Falls of India. It is situated in Thrissur district of Kerela. This 80 ft fall is a part of  Sholayar ranges. There is one another fall called Charpa Falls close to this fall. Both falls are worth the visit.

Athirappilly Falls is not only a famous tourist spot but also a favorite spot for Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Many movies were shot here. If you wanna visit here then, the nearest airport is Kochi or you can hire a cab from Chalakudy. You can also do a jungle safari here but if you are coming here just for the waterfalls,  then come here in the months of monsoon (June–September).

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VFX Technology

Besides those beautiful destinations, they made good use of VFX technology, creating landscapes that look like out of this world. In recent times, CGI technology has become prevalent in the movie industry, mostly due to prices going down. That’s why even movies such as Bahubali decided to implement some of these techniques that enrich the scenery of the film. Here is the VFX Breakdown of ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ by Makuta VFX.

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