Jaz Beach is one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of Budva Riviera. While it would seem that all the beaches of the Riviera are exceedingly beautiful, there’s hardly a more stunning place than Jaz.

There are many reasons to give it a try if you’re staying in the proximity of Budva, all of which will be outlined in this article, so make sure to read up on all the facts you need to know about Jaz. Chances are, it will end up being high on your itinerary of beaches to visit in Montenegro.

Getting to Jaz

The airport closest to Jaz beach is located in Tivat, about 10 miles (17 kilometers) away. Since the area surrounding the beach is largely undeveloped, it’s best that you navigate to Budva first.

The town of Budva is located about 1.6 miles (2.5 kilometers) from Jaz beach, an easy walking distance if you don’t mind dodging the vehicles on the highway, which also extends the distance that you have to cross. A taxi from Tivat airport to Budva will cost you somewhere between €20 and €30, but if you instead grab a taxi to the bus station in Tivat, you’ll do much better.

At the Beach

Beneath ranks of rising hills and forests of pine, you’ll find the most picturesque beach in all of Montenegro – Jaz Beach.

While at first it probably won’t strike you at all as different from any other beach of Budva Riviera, spending prolonged time here will prove otherwise. Most Montenegrin beaches are like this – hidden pockets of sand or pebbles (or both), tucked away amidst sprawling forests and minuscule in size when compared to European beaches.

Jaz Beach during Low Season Period

While the former does apply to beaches in this small Balkans country, the latter is simply not true for Jaz – it is one of the larger beaches of this country’s coastline, extending for almost 4,300 feet (about 1,300 meters) consisting of two sections. The first one, which takes up about 2,800 feet (850 meters), is the main beach area, while the other 1,500 feet (450 meters) are occupied by nudists. They’re not really physically separated save for a small pile of rocks that is probably a result of a minor landslide.

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It really is tough choosing where to start talking about Jaz. There’s much to be said about this great beach, so that’s exactly what we’ll start with. If you were hoping for a sandy beach, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Jaz beach is covered in small pebbles, with only a thin layer of sand cushioning your footsteps. The obvious upside is that the surface will never get that hot, but you might still want to get a pair of sandals if you really can’t stand pebbles. Now, it’s also important to note that the majority of the main beach is actually private. Unlike smaller Montenegrin beaches which have two or three bars and restaurants at best, Jaz is swarming with them.

Two sections of Jaz Beach from Above

While it’s nice to have such an awesome choice of places to sit down and have a cold drink or a bite to eat, you can see how it negatively affects the overall spaciousness of the beach. Loungers are actually quite reasonably priced relative to other, far more expensive beaches of Budva Riviera, usually ranging from €8 to €10 for a pair and a sun umbrella. If you don’t plan on paying and just want to bring your own parasol and other beach gear, you better arrive early in the day or you won’t be able to find a spot in one of the few public areas. It can really get overcrowded! However, having so many businesses around means you’ll get to enjoy an exceedingly clean and well-tended beach.

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Besides innumerable cafes, bars, and restaurants, the area behind Jaz Beach boasts a huge camping ground, capable of slotting 2,000 visitors. It has a long history of being frequented by people managing their own ‘housing’, so to speak. If you plan on going on a camping trip during summer months, you simply must give Jaz a chance as you’ll quite literally have everything you need. Naturally, the camping ground is also used as a huge free parking lot, so if you’re renting a car, you’re all set to go.

Sun Loungers at the Private Jaz Beach

Finally, it’s time to dip your toes in the blessed Adriatic Sea. If you’ve been paying close attention to our Montenegro beach series, then you will have realized that the southern end of the Adriatic is simply amazing in terms of water temperature. During summer months, it averages 75.2°F (24°C), a perfect water temperature that’s bound to win you over with how simply enjoyable it is. The sea is fairly calm, disturbed only by smaller waves from time to time, and it’s quite shallow. You don’t have to worry about sudden drops, adults can walk as far as 30 feet (10 meters). Most importantly, the water is crystal-clear and accentuated beautifully by an azure hue.

Having all the aforementioned venues nearby is well and good, but it can diminish your experience in two ways. First of all, places such as Hotel Poseidon allow you to rent kayaks, paddleboats, and jet skis. While that is an awesome value for their guests, it can get a bit annoying for beachgoers who just want some peace and quiet. Secondly, ‘quiet’ is a thing of the past at Jaz, with all the venues blaring music of their own.

The Adriatic Sea at Jaz Beach, Montenegro

Speaking of music, we wouldn’t do Jaz honor if we didn’t mention that it is a huge party destination. Young people arrive in droves for the annual SeaDance festival (2019 will see the festival take place at Buljarica Beach instead). It is also said that Jaz rose to prominence after The Rolling Stones performed here in July 2007. After that, various music festivals started taking place right here.

Closing Thoughts

Jaz beach is awesome for a number of reasons, but it definitely feels more inclined towards the younger crowd. While it’s got all the necessary components for families with kids to have a great day at the beach, so do many other beaches nearby that also happen to be way quieter and far more peaceful. But for young people looking to have fun, meet other young people, or go fully nude on the eastern section of the beach – this is the place to be.