Kalardovo Beach is the quickest possible summer getaway. The reason? Well, it’s right next to the airport of Tivat. This quaint beach will prove to be quite an experience for anyone visiting Tivat, so make sure to check out, at least for a day.

While it may not be the most exquisite of all the Montenegrin beaches, it will prove to be a real spectacle, especially for families with children. Moreover, it’s got everything you could possibly need right there, so make sure to read up on what to expect of your visit here.

Getting to Kalardovo Beach

Once you leave the terminal, take left and you’re there. That’s the beauty of Kalardovo!

However, if you’d like to get to your apartment first, take a taxi to Tivat, assuming you’re staying there, which you probably are (let’s face it, you’re looking up Kalardovo). The short distance from Tivat to the beach is easy enough to be reached on foot with less than two miles to cover. A taxi will probably cost you between €3 and €5 for this underwhelming trip.

Of course, if you’re renting a car, you’ll be able to this way more efficiently and on your own terms. To get to Kalardovo, you need to get on Aerodromska Street, which is just west of the airport. Soon enough, you’ll see a big sign reading Kalardovo and on your right, a spacious, free (albeit uneven) parking lot. Since there are no buses headed this way, you’ll have to pick one of the aforementioned methods of getting to Kalardovo.

At the Beach

You’ve made it! But, let’s face it – disregarding city beaches, this is probably the easiest one to find of all the Montenegrin beaches.

As you walk down from the parking lot, you’ll first come upon Kalardovo Restaurant. This is the only such venue at the beach, so if you at any point get a craving for seafood or cocktails, this is the place to go. The food is divine, but we know that’s not the reason you’re here. No, you’re here for the beach and awesome water, which is exactly what you’ll get at Kalardovo.

Boats and Yachts near Kalardovo Beach, Tivat

One thing you’ll notice immediately is how small this beach really is. With only 820 feet (250 meters) to go, it qualifies as one of the smallest beaches in Montenegro. Don’t let the size fool you though, because, despite its gorgeousness and the proximity of Tivat, Kalardovo Beach doesn’t get that many visitors. Most of the space is occupied by loungers belonging to the guests of Kalardovo Restaurant, but there are a couple of patches available publicly. As far as the composition of the beach goes, it’s mostly tiny pebbles mixed with a bit of sand here and there. It’s not all that gentle on the feet, so pack your sandals if you’re not a fan of gravel (which you probably aren’t).

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Looking around the beach, you’ll see all the necessities you could possibly ask for. There are showers, changing rooms, toilets, and even a small playground for children. It’s all neatly packed and easy to use, although the cleanliness of it all is questionable. There have been complaints about it recently, and a need to improve upon the existing facilities. However, we’re positive that this change will come soon and that all of the facilities will be made sanitary – otherwise, what’s the purpose of even having them there?

Sunset over Kalardovo Beach in Montenegro

Now onto the sea itself! First things first – the seafloor is actually sandy, so you can ditch those sandals that you brought and feel free about diving right in there. The pale sand beneath your feet makes entering and leaving the sea much more comfortable, so it’s great for children and adults alike. Moreover, it’s fairly shallow and adults can keep walking for quite a distance, maybe even 24 feet (8 meters).

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What’s really awesome about this portion of the Adriatic is that it’s really peaceful. You might think that strange, considering the fact that Tivat airport is literally right behind you with several planes landing or taking off every hour. But, to be fair, it’s not all that bad. Besides the rumble of the plane engines, there’s not much else to spoil your day at the beach. If you’re with children, it’s even quite an eventful day, to be honest, attested by the mesmerized look on their faces each time a plane appears.

Other than that, it is incredibly quiet, with no loud music blaring from every beach bar (probably because there are none). On that note, there are also no jet skis or boats to disrupt you as you lazily skid on the water surface. As far as the sea temperature goes, it’s much like in the rest of Montenegrin beaches, due to how amazing the South Adriatic is. It usually doesn’t go below 73°F, most often staying closer to 77°F (25°C). To top it all off, Kalardovo Beach is a bearer of a Blue Flag, a statement about the pristine conditions of the sea and beach alike.

Finally, the surrounding area is no less magnificent than anywhere else in Montenegro. Your day at the beach will be supported by rolling hills and mountains rising in the distance, covered in pine trees and an incredible amount of greenery. Since you’re in Bay of Kotor, keep in mind that you’ll be able to see land across the sea, something that not everyone appreciates.

Bay of Kotor near Kalardovo, Montenegro

Closing Thoughts

What we were trying to get across is that if anyone’s going to enjoy Kalardovo beach, it’s going to be families with children. Warm, shallow water, a playground, planes, and most likely other families with children are building blocks of an amazing day at the beach. You won’t see a lot of young people roaming about, as they prefer Tivat to remote and quiet places such as Kalardovo. Also, a lot of people seem to be turned off by the proximity of the airport. While it may look a bit awkward, trying to enjoy yourselves with planes constantly whirring over you, it really is more spectacular than anything else.