Most visitors to Greece tend to overlook Peloponnese when putting together their elaborate travel itinerary, desperately trying to make more room for island hopping or the picturesque Chalkidiki. While there’s nothing unreasonable about that, seeing how this Mediterranean country is beautiful all over, places like Kalogria Beach in Peloponnese still exist and are viable summer holiday destinations.

Getting to Kalogria

The nearest airport to Kalogria is the Araxos Airport, which is basically right at the very doorstep of the beach, just 4 miles away. Keep in mind that Araxos is actually a military airport, and international flights to it are available only during summer months from a select few destinations.

After you land, you might have a car for hire waiting for you, if this is something you’ve taken care of prior to your arrival. It’s usually the best way to explore Greece as there are always way too many points of interest to stop by, and constantly looking for public transport is not practical. You should be extra careful on Greek roads though, as their driving is a bit erratic!

If you haven’t arrived at Araxos Airport, but are already in Patra instead and plan on driving, know that you have about 27 miles to cover to get to the beach.

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The easiest way to get to Kalogria is by taxi, albeit it’s way more expensive, so take it into consideration.

At Kalogria Beach

When you’re done with the arduous journey to your destination, you’ll be rewarded with the beach of endless sands, with beautiful pine forests watching your back.

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There’s nothing better than having a forest in close proximity to the beach. Mainland Greece has a fair share of green, lush areas attached to some of its most beautiful beaches. The same goes for Kalogria Beach that has a reputation for being one of the most picturesque places in all of Peloponnese, and we’re not even over exaggerating. The beach itself really does feel infinite, and it’s got some serious width to show off as well. In fact, it’s almost 6 miles long and 270 feet wide, leaving plenty of room for throngs of tourists (and locals) that arrive on a daily basis.

Kalogria Beach seen from a Sand Dune

Fine, white sands are the perfect place to relax and forget all about your problems, and this is precisely what you’ll get at Kalogria. Before you think that it’s all plain and boring, there are also rolling sand dunes that make for very interesting terrain, sometimes rising to 3 feet in height or more. You can find the largest sand dune in all of Peloponnese right here!

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We’ve already given Kalogria so much praise, yet we haven’t even gotten around to talking about the water. This beach is fairly shallow, and you’ll be able to wade for quite some time before reaching serious depths (as an adult of course). What this means is that families with children are going to have an extraordinary time at Kalogria, as they teach them how to swim. Moreover, the shallows make for a perfect aquamarine playpen where the kids can enjoy themselves without parents constantly worrying about them.

However, most tourists that come to this part of Greece for a holiday claim the waters of the Ionian Sea are fairly cold, so make sure to get in slowly. Waves usually aren’t too big and don’t interrupt swimming or watersports as much. Beneath the sea is also gentle, powdery sand, so you don’t have to worry about you or one of the family members hurting themselves over some debris.

Mavra Vouna Hill at Kalogria Beach

Most of the Kalogria Beach is public, meaning you can plant your sun umbrella anywhere you like. Small portions of the beach are private and belong to the few bars and restaurants found in the near vicinity. They’re quaint little places that don’t make much noise, so you don’t have to worry about loud music or party animals wrecking your holiday on Kalogria. As a matter of fact, it’s good to have at least one or two venues at the beach so that you have somewhere to go if you haven’t packed food or cold beverages (which we doubt).

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All of these amenities are concentrated around the part of the beach where there is a small rocky cape protruding from the sea. And one more thing – don’t miss out on the opportunity to observe the sun as it sets on the horizon. This beach is very famous for its colorful, romantic sunsets that really have a way of lingering in the memory.

Kalogria is:

Good for people looking to spend some time at the Ionian Sea, without all the noise of never-ending parties such as the ones on the nearby island of Zakynthos. Families will also have an amazing time here, as shallow waters are well-suited to the youngest population.

Bad for anyone after parties or crazy activities. You won’t find much to do here besides enjoying yourself and doing the least amount of work. Look elsewhere for better nightlife options.


Strofilia Nature Park next to Kalogria Beach

Hiding the lovely Kalogria from the rest of the world is Strofilia, a forest that looks as if it fell out of a fairytale. The Greek garden of Eden is a place where sand dunes and pine trees live in peace and harmony. The unique landscape of this forest is largely owed to the west wind which sculpted it into what we can see today.

Strofilia is not just amazing because it is a source of shade that is often much needed in Greece – it also encompasses Mavra Vouna hills, Prokopos Lake, and the Kotychi Lagoon. Hidden within these areas are numerous species of plants and birds and even a fish farm! Go hiking and explore this paradise lost while you’re already here.

Visiting Kalogria is opening yourself up to the best of what Peloponnese and the Ionian Sea have to offer. Quiet beach and chilly, shallow water are just waiting for you, enticing you to come and experience them. For anyone looking to rest and let their mind wander, free from harrows of everyday life – then this is the place for you. Also, Strofilia provides an additional layer of beauty to the already pristine environment that is Kalogria.