Sithonia has long maintained its reputation as being one of the most family-friendly regions in Greece, and it’s not that difficult to see why. Besides flying 16 Blue Flags, boasting high-quality amenities or cleanliness of its beaches, Sithonia also possesses a multitude of smaller, less-known beach destinations that are just as charming (and clean) – which is exactly what Koviou Beach is.

Getting to Koviou

One of the reasons why Koviou is not getting all the attention it deserves is mainly because of its inaccessibility. Of course, if you’re going to rent a car during your stay in Sithonia, you’ll pretty much have the problem figured out, but if you’re not – it might be a bit troublesome.

So, the airport nearest to Koviou is Thessaloniki Airport, located about 66 miles from the beach. When you arrive at the airport, you have several options. You can either take an OASTH bus, which operates in Thessaloniki or get a taxi to take you all the way to the beach. While the latter is obviously the easiest way to go, which will also cause you the least amount of headache, it’s certainly the most expensive one. Expect it to dent your budget by at least €150, so if you’re traveling alone or with your partner, that may prove to be too much.

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Let’s go back to the bus. OASTH does local lines only, so you’ll have to ride it only to the nearest KTEL station, which, on the other hand, operates intercity routes. Locals advise avoiding OASTH altogether and just getting a cab to the KTEL station, and then taking a bus.

Koviou Beach near Nikiti in Chalkidiki

You have two options with KTEL: either get a bus ride to Nikiti (the fare is €11.60) and then figure out to cover the last 3 miles to the beach (you can walk if it’s not too hot), or ask if the bus to Neos Marmaras (€14.30) makes a stop near Koviou. We’d advise the first option, as you’ll get to save some money and the walking distance really is short.

It also depends on where you’re staying. If you have a room in Nikiti, you can just drop your stuff off and head out to Koviou on foot. However, if you’re staying in one of the hotels near the beach such as Hotel Makednos or Koviou Holiday Village, it would probably be smarter to just get a taxi in Nikiti rather than walk with all the baggage. And again, all of this is assuming you’re not renting a car because if you are, you won’t have any trouble getting anywhere.

Amazing Koviou

Finally, the road is behind you and your vacation can commence. By now, you’ve probably already noticed a bit of a pattern in Sithonia – there’s far more greenery than most tourists assume there would be. 

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What this entails is there will be a lot of places to take cover from the scorching rays of the sun which can get pretty dangerous in Greece. Pine trees that dot the landscape of Sithonia and Koviou alike are the perfect escape from the overwhelming summer heat, not just because of the shade but also the freshness of the air that the trees seem to provide. After walking down the concrete path and through a lining of pine trees and subshrubs, or the beaten path if you’re a hotel guest, you will have finally reached the amazing Koviou Beach.

Rocky part of the Koviou Beach, Sithonia

The shape of the beach might remind you a little of the nearby Karidi Beach, and you would not be mistaken. It only remotely resembles a crescent, whose southern tip is marked by a steep cliff covered in pine trees, while the northern one is littered with large rocks. Between these two points, Kovious greets the visitors with warm, powder-like sand that’s very gentle on the feet (unless it’s steaming hot). It is a relatively small beach, especially in comparison to some other places in Sithonia such as the nearby Nikiti Beach.

However, this is exactly where all the charm of Koviou is derived from. Most people tend to overlook it and either settle for the Nikiti and Agios Joannis Beaches, or miss Koviou and head straight to the Kalogria Beach. A lot of visitors often don’t bother coming here, especially considering Nikiti is only 3 miles away, with Neos Marmaras just 9 miles down the road. So, while this beach does look similar to Karidi, it certainly doesn’t share its overcrowdedness issues.

Most of the gorgeous white sand beach is public. A bit closer to the south end of the beach, there are sunbeds belonging to the nearby Hotel Makednos, but you can pay a small fee to use them. The price changes on a yearly basis, it’s best to ask on spot, however, expect it to range from €2 to €10.

Sunset over Koviou Beach in Sithonia

The waters of the Aegean Sea are calm and mild here. Swimming at Koviou is absolute bliss, and you’ll really have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your holiday. Not only is the water of perfect temperature, but it’s also shallow, which is great for families with children. It’s precisely these families that are the largest portion of all the visitors to Sithonia – they know how friendly and appropriate it is for their kids. Most of all, you’ll be able to get a lot of that peace and quiet you we’ve been waiting for so long.

Koviou is:

Good for families with kids, as shallow waters and sandy beaches are just the things the young ones need.

Bad for partygoers, much like the rest of Sithonia. The beaches here are quiet, family-friendly, with no nightlife options whatsoever.

Other Activities Nearby

There isn’t much to do at Koviou Beach expect to relax, sunbathe and observe Kassandra Peninsula in the distance. While there’s mostly sand underneath the water here, there are some sections with rock clusters. Some visitors claim that they’re a great snorkeling opportunity, so you can try that. Or, go hiking across the nearby hills in search for deeper water to swim in.

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Overall, the short walk to Koviou is going to be worth it if you’re staying in Nikiti. Renting a car is the best way to explore the area, so if you do that, make sure to give this beach (and several others) a chance.