It seems as if there’s no shortage of small, picturesque beaches in Montenegro to choose from. Their coastline of 183 miles (295 kilometers) might not be the longest one out there, but with secluded pockets such as Lucice Beach skulking about, they’re more than a serious contender in the summer destination ring.

If you find yourself near Petrovac and don’t care about city beaches, then this is going to be a perfect alternative for you. Take a look at what you can expect to see at Lucice and if it would be right for you.

Getting to Lucice beach

Talking about getting to Lucice is actually all about finding your way to Petrovac. Reaching the beach afterward is trivial, with less than a single mile to cover. This means that you can just walk to the beach from Petrovac and not worry about any specific modes of transportation.

An Old Rocky Section of the Lucice Beach

The nearest airport is the one in Tivat, which is about 42 miles (72 kilometers) from Petrovac, and subsequently Lucice. You won’t be able to board a bus from the airport to Petrovac unless your hotel or resort made the arrangements for you ahead of time. Instead, you can take a taxi directly to Petrovac for €50-€60. Alternatively, take a taxi to the bus station in Tivat, and then get a bus to Petrovac. Prices usually approximate €4, and it’ll take you about an hour to get to your destination.

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Once in Petrovac, take a small forest road at the south end of the town, close to the sea, and you’ll be at Lucice beach in a matter of minutes. Of course, renting a car is also an option, making your entire journey that much easier. Just be careful on Montenegrin roads as they’re often narrow, with plenty of sharp turns.

At the Beach

After tackling that short walk through the forest of pine trees, you’ll find yourself at the Lucice Beach, and not a moment too soon.

If you’ve arrived by car, the first thing you’re probably after is a parking lot to ditch it before hitting the beach. The first thing you’ll see a small dirt patch on your left as you’re approaching Lucice. This is the free parking, very close to the sea, but limited in space. Just a couple of meters farther down do road, there is a much more convenient parking space with gorgeous shade all around it, usually costing about €3 for the day.

The road proceeds for almost the entire length of the Lucice beach, at least until reaching a small promenade. This pebble walkway goes on for pedestrians only and ends at a small playground with water slides on the southern end of the beach. Speaking of which, we finally ought to say more about what interests you the most! The beach is about 720 feet (220 meters) long and averagely wide. It’s half-and-half in terms of composition – the closer you are to water, the chunkier it gets, with pebbles lining the beach and the water entry.

The Sea near Lucice in Montenegro

The half of the beach that’s closer to the road and the walkway is covered in fine sand, perfect for lying on as you’re soaking up some sun rays. It would arguably be better if it were vice versa, but there you have it. Pebbles and rocks make getting out of the water a bit more difficult than it should be, but that’s just a minor inconvenience. Most of the beach is public, so feel free to get a parasol out and bury it wherever you like. The parts of the beach that have sun loungers are compact and neat, costing €15 for the day. But, it’s not just the private areas that are neat, the entirety of Lucice is cleaned on a daily basis, making it as unspoiled as it gets.

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The path that you took to get here separates the beach from small bars and restaurants which are all located on the same side of the road as the parking spaces. You can always grab an iced drink to cool off when it gets too cumbersome to stay in the sun. Try the homemade pizza in one of the restaurants, it’s got the reputation for being quite delicious and savory. Besides drinking and eating, there are also several shops along the path where you can buy beach gear and other necessities to improve your day at Lucice.

Beach at Lucice

Now, onto (or into) the sea itself. The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea are spotless in this small bay. Being crystal-clear, it enables you to have a lot of fun snorkeling and exploring the sea bed. Water is usually calm with only some minor waves disturbing the otherwise tranquil surface and people drifting lazily on top of it. The temperature of the water at Lucice Beach doesn’t really drop below 23°C during summer months, often reaching 25°C. That’s a guarantee that your toes won’t fall off as you enter the water on a hot, sunny day, but also a problem as it’s highly likely that you won’t ever want to leave the water. It’s also quite shallow for tens of feet, making it awesome for the young ones.

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One last thing to note is how simply gorgeous this secluded bay is. With pristine waters on one side, a clean beach on the other, and pine trees flanking the bay from their position on green, rolling hills, it’s not that hard to see why travelers have grown so attached to it. If you want a change of pace from all the sunbathing, explore the surrounding areas as a hike in a pine forest is always relaxing and enervating.

Closing Thoughts

Lucice beach has realized its potential and really is a fantastic summer getaway for the whole family. It’s clean, there are shops, bars, restaurants, and even a playground for children. Sometimes, it can get a tad bit crowded, but that is to be expected of a beach that’s so close to the town, and also pretty easy to reach. Make your plans around this fact, get up early, and it’s possible that you’ll have the time of your lives right here in Lucice.