If most beautiful and highest waterfalls attract any specific group of people, then they would definitely be avid travelers and nature explorers such as myself. There is much joy to be found in the vicinity of nature’s gems that waterfalls truly are.

There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of water rushing from the towering waterfalls, accompanied by sounds of birds and other creatures calling these spectacular landscapes their home. Undoubtedly, there is so much to be gained from visiting a waterfall that it simply must be on your to-do list. As is the case with many other traveling destinations, there are good and better locations to be visited, which is why we’ve compiled this list.

So here it goes, the most beautiful and the highest waterfalls around the globe!

1. Angel Falls

Towing Angel Falls Found in Venezuela

Angel Falls is one of the favorite destinations for base jumpers. It’s a very exciting site for such an activity, considering it is the highest waterfall in the world. Here are some interesting facts about Angel Waterfalls.

Height – 979 meters

Longest Drop (Uninterrupted) – 807

It’s 20 times higher than the famous Niagara Falls, and also 151 meters higher than the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

Angel Falls is difficult to reach, tourists travel from all parts of the world come to Venezuela to visit it. Visitors may go to the falls with guides on prearranged tours. It is only accessible by boat or aircraft because of steep slopes and thick jungle surrounding them.

2. Tugela Falls

Amazing Tugela Falls in South Africa

Tugela Falls is the second tallest waterfall on the planet. The Tugela River drops over 3,000 feet in 5 major tiers, creating a spectacular cascade that attracts the attention of every serious traveler.

Total Height – 948 meters

Longest Drop – 411 metes

Located on Tugela River, it’s not as difficult to reach as some of the other entries on our list.

How to reach – Visitors can take a bus to Tugela River. The location is Royal Natal National Park, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

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3. Three Sister Falls

Three Sister Falls is also known as Tres Hermanas. This waterfall is located in South America which is full of adventure. Facts about this fall.

Total Height – 914 meters

How to reach – Visitors need to reach the Cordillera Oriental by any means of transportation. It is located in the Republic of Peru, South America.

4. Olo’upena Falls

Oloupena Falls is surrounded by huge mountains on both sides. Unfortunately, the waterfall doesn’t have much water running through it. It massive height caries little significance considering how little water there is here, but it’s a beautiful location none the less. Some facts about this fall:

Total height – 900 meters

How to reach – Visitors will need to reach Oloupena in the Hawaii state of USA.

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5. Yumbilla Falls

Rarely Photographed Yumbilla Falls from Above

Yumbilla Falls, situated in Peru, is the world’s fifth-tallest waterfall and was only recently discovered. Despite its impressive size, the volume of water is minuscule and incomparable to some other waterfalls. It’s still largely unexplored, with few photographs to show its outstanding beauty.

This is a tiered waterfall and has four distinct drops, meaning that its total drop of 896 meters is split into four distinct steps.

Total Height – 896 meters

How to reach – Cuipis, Peru, South America

6. Vinnufossen

Vinnufossen Falls in Norway is the Tallest in Europe

Vinnufossen is the tallest waterfall to be found in Europe! Moreover, it is the sixth-tallest in the world so you’ll not be disappointed. You can find it in the lovely country of Norway, among other beautiful places to be found there.

Total Height – 860 meters

Tallest single drop – 420 meters

How to reach  – Head from Sunndalsøra east, and you’ll soon be able to see the falls on the left side of the valley. It’s really easy to spot!

7. Balåifossen Falls

This waterfall drops down a 3000-foot cliff into the waters of the Osafjorden, a tributary of the upper reaches of Hardangerfjorden.

The falls appear to be fed primarily by several small lakes and tarns, but it’s likely that seasonal snowfields contribute the majority of the stream’s water. For that very reason, there’s far less to see here during the summer and fall, so if you plan on visiting Balåifossen, make plans for the winter.

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The falls are best seen from a road on the opposite side of the fjord which leads to the head of the fjord at the town of Osa.

Height – 850 meters

Tallest single drop – 452 meter

Location – Osafjorden, Ulvik, Hordaland, Norway

8. Pu’uka’oku Falls

The north coast of Molokai has the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Water will come crashing down a cliff 2755 feet tall, causing for a spectacular display of nature’s raw power. 

Total Height – 840 Meters

Location –Waiehu, Hawai, USA

9. James Bruce Falls

James Bruce Falls near a Lake in the US

James Bruce Falls is the highest measured waterfall in the continent of North America and ninth-tallest in the world.

James Bruce Falls is a tall, semi-seasonal waterfall that stems from a small snowfield situated on top of the sprawling mountains rising out of the head of Princess Louisa Inlet. Chatterbox Falls on Loquilts Creek is the most commonly known waterfall in the area, and most definitely more of a focal point, but this lofty cascade is just as visible.

The small icefield produces two streams, which fall parallel to one another, one usually drying up by July. The falls don’t exhibit a large volume, flowing best during the rainy winter and during the spring snowmelt, but the remaining segment does appear to persist all year.

Total Height – 840 meters

Location – Loquilts Creek, British Columbia, Canada

10. Browne Falls


The tallest waterfall in New Zealand, Browne Falls is a magnificent sight to behold. It appears that the falls are fairly consistently sloped, but there may be a single drop in the range of 600-700 feet near the top of the falls. The height of this waterfall is more commonly listed as 2031 feet, however, the topographic maps indicate this to be an underestimate.

Total Height – 836 meters

Tallest single drop – 244 meters

Location – Doubtful Sound, Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand