The Craziest Places to Visit This Year – Jail hotels

Have you ever got arrested? Or have you ever spent a night in prison? If not, would you like to? In that case, visiting a jail hotel should be your next item on your bucket list.

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Jail hotels are the places where you pay to stay in jail like a prisoner. These are some of the world’s craziest and funniest places to visit. In these hotels, you will be treated like real prisoners. They provide an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be behind the bars without committing a crime. So stay in one of the places on our list and learn why you should avoid the life of crime.

Karosta Prison – Liepaja, Latvia

While entering into this jail hotel, you’ll be greeted by drunk guards and officers.

If you complain about anything, you might get shot! Keep in mind that you are going to be treated unfriendly and hatefully.

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Hallway in Karosta Prison in Liepaja, Latvia

This former brutal KGB jail has no bells and whistles – just everything it had when it was fully functioning detention and torture center, barbed wire included.

Cell in Karosta Prison in Liepaja, Latvia

You will be treated as an actual prisoner throughout your stay, complete with threats and warning gunfire and crying fellow inmates.

Prisoners in Karosta prison hotel in Liepaja, Latvia

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Jailhotel – Luzern, Switzerland

A prison hotel from the middle of the 19th century, this jail hotel goes beyond simply renting out former prison cells as overnight rooms.

You might avoid mistreatment by simply paying extra to stay in what used to be a library or an office, now a completely renovated luxury suite.

Jail prison cell door in Luzern, Switzerland

Jail Hotel cell in Luzern, Switzerland

The layout of this prison hotel is rather creative, and you’ll surely find something to do during your stay here. You may even read the books that were available to prisoners not so long ago.


Charles Street Jail – Boston, Massachusetts

The infamous Charles Street Jail was originally a model prison in the 1800s that fell into disrepair in the mid-1900s.

Prison hotel indoor view in Boston, Massachusetts

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Prison hotel floor view in Boston, Massachusetts

Constantly plagued by riots, this jail was finally abandoned and shut down by authorities in the 1990s. Today, it serves a much nobler purpose as a fully-fledged four-star hotel with so much luxury that you wouldn’t believe.


Old Mount Gambier Gaol Prison – Mt. Gambier, Australia

The Mount Gambier Jail remains true to its old ways. There’s no luxury here, just moldy walls and minimalistic cells. In fact, it’s every budget traveler’s dream.

Old Mount Gambier Gaol Prison Cell

Barely anything was renovated since the days when it served as a penitentiary. Heavy, rusted and bolted doors lead to the rooms, evoking real prison scenes.

Old Mount Gambier Gaol Prison yard

Still, the hotel has some local flavor and features some interesting odds and ends and regularly-scheduled events from monthly jam sessions to a local produce market.