Unlike many other beaches on Sithonia which are remote little slices of heaven, Nikiti Beach is much more developed and catered to tourists who opt for this destination year after year. A promenade dotted with bars, restaurants, and shops will help keep all of your needs satisfied as you enjoy your visit to this part of Chalkidiki.

Getting to Nikiti

Thessaloniki Airport is the best choice if you’re flying in for your summer holiday. At a distance of about 63 miles, getting a taxi to Nikiti is going to be way too expensive if you’re not traveling with at least 3 other people who can share the expenses. Be certain that you’ll be spending at least €140, maybe €120 if you possess top of the line haggling skills, but don’t get your hopes up.

Instead, the best way to get to Nikiti is by bus, that is if you’re not renting a car of your own, which is always the best possible way to travel for those craving to see more than just a few beaches. The first thing you should do after you land is to get to KTEL station. KTEL is the operator running all the intercity bus lines in Greece cheaply and also fairly regularly. But first, you need to get to KTEL, and the most popular way to do is by taxi. It’s not a long ride and should probably cost around €20.

The view of the Sea from Nikiti

The alternative is you take OASTH (Thessaloniki public transport service) bus, but then you’ll have to circle around the city before reaching KTEL station and you might lose valuable time and end up running late for your bus to Nikiti. The fare from Thessaloniki to Nikiti with KTEL is €11.60 in one way.

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We always advise getting a car in Greece. You will be way more flexible, especially if you plan on staying longer. Certain car renting companies offer weekly packages with insurance, which is way more profitable than paying for the rent on a daily basis.

Nikiti, Sithonia

What everyone comes to realize very soon after visiting Nikiti for the first time is that’s a perfect amalgamation of old and new, urban and natural.

The town itself consists of two sections – the old town, and the new one. The old town is further away from the beach and is completely covered in old, picturesque houses where Greek families live. It’s not that far from the beach, not even two miles, so make sure to drop by and see genuine Greek homes and traditions they uphold. Closer to the beach are all the restaurants, the fancy promenade, and all the hotels.

Nikiti Sandy Beach with Chairs

The urbanized parts of town are all neatly interwoven with sprawling pine trees so commonly available in Sithonia. All these trees make the air more breathable and high Greek temperatures more bearable. The pines stretch as far as the beach, providing shade and fresh air to beachgoers. When you get to the end of the promenade, you’ll finally reach Nikiti Beach and it’s gorgeous white sand.

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The beach here is quite long, stretching for a couple of miles to make way for all the visitors Nikiti gets on a yearly basis. Large portions of the beach are private, with sunbeds that belong to nearby bars and hotels. Unlike in most other places, you don’t have to pay for a sunbed. Instead, grab a drink from a bar and just take your seat. If you prefer carrying your own beach gear, there will still be plenty of room for you and your parasol. The farther south you go along the beach, less and fewer people there are and more opportunities for a secluded and relaxed day at the beach.

Pine Trees Providing Shade at Nikiti Beach

Unfortunately, the beautiful, powdery sand found at the beach does not translate well when you enter the water. At the sea floor, the sand is dark, quite different from other nearby beaches such as Karidi. and often coupled with pebbles and rocks, making it less comfortable to wade through the water – and wade you will, because some parts of the Nikiti Beach are shallow for up to 50 feet and more. While this is extremely good for children learning to swim or just wanting to play in the water, it can get a bit tedious for adults. To make up for it, the Aegean Sea will bless you with mild, calm waters with few waves to bother you.

Nikiti has its ups and downs and is very much a prominent tourist destination that tries its best to live up to the expectations of various visitors. That’s why they built the promenade and the yacht pier a bit further north up the beach.

So, Nikiti is:

Good for people who’d like a bit of everything – there’s the beach, nice water, and shade, but also booming noise coming from multiple bars and crowds of people. It’s also very nice for families.

Bad for those just looking to relax. Sure, you’ll be able to rest from time to time, but it might be a bit too touristy for some.

Other Activities Nearby

You’ll find plenty of things to do around Nikiti without ever going to the beach. Shops line the promenade, bars and restaurants are all over the place, hiking opportunities are all around. You can also compete for the glory of being the first to swim across the gulf to Kassandra Peninsula.

It seems that you can’t go wrong with Sithonia. All the beaches here are more or less the same, with minor differences that are hard to distinguish. Nikiti is largely the same – an amazing summer destination for a family with kids after gorgeous sea and awesome food.