Having a certain disregard for city beaches is natural and often founded on facts and good reasoning, especially when there are other, better and quieter beaches nearby, such as Lucice or Buljarica for example. But, to say that Petrovac Beach in Montenegro is just another overcrowded city beach would be disregarding many other factors that make it great.

While calling it overcrowded is very close to the truth, Petrovac still has a lot to give. From a great clean beach to the amazing promenade that stretches alongside it, this quaint little seaside town could be your next amazing summer destination.

Getting to Petrovac

There are two airports to choose from – the one is in the city of Tivat and the other in the capital of Podgorica. The latter is much farther though, and there’s almost twice the distance to cover. So, if you’re planning on visiting Petrovac, look for flights taking you to Tivat, otherwise, transport to Petrovac is going to be a hellish experience.

After you’ve landed in Tivat, you’ll need about an hour to get to Petrovac by bus. It’s best that you find the bus station and ask around there, as other alternatives are fairly expensive. These include renting a car or getting a taxi, but both are very costly, especially the latter, considering the fact that you have to cover 26 miles (42 kilometers) to get to Petrovac. Count on having to pay €30 on average for a journey of this kind. However, the upside is you’ll have zero things to worry about and get there much faster (half an hour faster than the bus).

If you plan on driving in Montenegro, make sure to do so very carefully as a lot of roads are winding around cliffs, the visibility is poor, and the driving habits of the locals bad.

At the Petrovac Beach

Cliffs near the beach in Petrovac

First of all, it’s important to point out how easily accessible and attractive the approach to the beach is. Heading down from Petrovac, you’ll find yourself at the promenade that stretches along the entirety of the small bay which comprises the coastline here. All around the promenade are small gardens with trees, providing lovely shade for all the passers-by.

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With no traffic allowed in this zone, it’s much easier and more comfortable to stroll down the promenade and check out the wide array of restaurants, bars, and cafes lining the walkway. Moreover, there are so many shops that sell beach gear that you’re guaranteed to find what you need for you or the children, souvenirs included. Makes sure to visit as many of these as you can to find the best prices and try as much of the local food as possible because, after all, this is what city beaches are all about – choice.

As we’ve already mentioned, the small beach in Petrovac is a bay, taking a form of a crescent, and at its edges, there are also restaurants overlooking the sea and the bay. On the southern end of the promenade, you can walk through a tunnel to get to Ponta Beach Club, an awesome restaurant secluded in stone. At the northernmost point of the bay, you can visit a small castle and near it, an aptly named Castellana restaurant.

Petrovac Beach and Bay seen from Above

If you haven’t already realized it – there’s plenty to do and see around the beach. But, what can you expect from the Petrovac Beach itself? First things first, you should know that it suffers from the same ailment that all the other Montenegrin city beaches suffer from – it’s small and overcrowded.

With slightly less than 2,000 feet of the coast (about 600 meters), it’s bound to become overpopulated very early, so you’d have to be really efficient if you don’t want to go all the way to Lucice or Buljarica beaches. Of these 600 meters, about three-quarters of the area is covered in loungers, leaving very little room available for free use. For a pair of sun loungers and a parasol, you’ll have to pay €10, but during the height of the season, it could be even more than that.

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As far as the composition of the beach goes, it’s mostly covered in very fine, very small pebbles that are almost as gentle on the feet as the actual sand is. They extend into the sea as well, making water entry just a pinch rougher than it would be if there were sand involved. But again, it really is no big deal as the grit is barely noticeable. Some people are really sensitive to the composition of the beach, and if you’re one of these people and want to protect your soles, grab a pair of sandals from one of the nearby shops and make your life easier.

The city beach in Petrovac, Montenegro

And now, onto the sea itself. As you’ve probably already noticed if you’ve been following our Montenegrin beach series closely, this part of the Adriatic Sea is particularly calm and undisturbed.

Aside from being amazing for swimming and water sports, the cleanliness and pristine condition of the water are really great for kids, and when combined with shallow water, you get just the right conditions for a family vacation.

For the larges part of the summer, the water temperature stays between 75°F and 77°F, which translates to 24°C or 25°C. The presence of lifeguards and buoys limiting a safe area for beachgoers ensures that you’ll be able to make the most of your visit, with little to worry about.

Closing Thoughts

For a city beach, Petrovac surely has a lot of charm and enables you to have an incredible time during your stay. While it really is quite limited in size which often leads to overcrowding, Petrovac Beach has got enough amenities and crystal-clear water that are bound to make it more worthwhile for visitors. When all else fails and you really can’t stand the city beach anymore, there are other places you could visit nearby. After all, Montenegro does hide a lot of natural gems that are worthy of exploration.