Going along the Budva Riviera towards south will eventually take you to an islet so picturesque and awe-inspiring, that you’ll have trouble forgetting it any time soon.

We’re of course referring to Sveti Stefan Beach, best known as a private paradise for those with better spending power, but you can have a nice day at the beach even if you don’t plan on paying extortive fees. Take a look at this article and find out all you need to know about Sveti Stefan and what to avoid unless you enjoy frivolous spending.

Getting to Sveti Stefan

The airport closest to this majestic islet is located in Tivat, about 18 miles (30 kilometers) away. The first thing you need to do is get to Budva, which is easiest to do by bus or a taxi.

From Budva to Sveti Stefan, there are 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) to cover, a distance often not that difficult to challenge on foot. However, if you’re traveling with kids or don’t feel like doing much of anything during your stay (understandable, really), then head out to the old town in Budva. Just outside, you can find a shuttle bus leaving for Sveti Stefan every 10 minutes or so. It costs €1.5 per person and takes very little time to get you to your destination. Along the way, you’ll be able to see some other amazing beaches that Montenegro has to offer.

Sveti Stefan Town surrounded by the Adriatic Sea

Now, taxi is also an option, but with such frequent shuttle bus rides, you’ll hardly have any need for it. After all, with awesome gems of Budva Riviera along the way, you could simply go on a beach crawl that will eventually lead you to Sveti Stefan.

If you’re renting a car, you should now there’s plenty of parking space available for €2 for the day.

Exclusive Deal

Before proceeding to talk about how gorgeous and spectacular the two beaches near Sveti Stefan are, we have to elaborate a bit on its exclusivity and how it’s shaped a lot of people’s perspective of Sveti Stefan.

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The medieval town on the islet and its charming cottages and churches are, for the most part, on lockdown to anyone who’s not a guest of Aman Resorts. Townsfolk from surrounding areas can enter only on Sunday, and that’s for church service. Other than that, there are only two daily group tours of the island, usually taking place around 11 am and 2 pm (subject to change) that cost €20 per person and are literally the only way to see this incredible work of art on Montenegrin coastline.

Sveti Stefan and Foaming Sea, seen from Private Beach

A single night at this resort can cost anywhere from €800 to €1,000 which is pretty steep for most people, or downright extortive. Across the causeway which leads to the islet are two beaches that both comprise what we refer to as Sveti Stefan Beach. The northern one also belongs to the resort and getting a lounger there may cost you more than €100. Luckily, there’s the southern beach which is way more accessible with a price tag of loungers ranging from €20 to €50.

At the Beach

We’ll assume that you’re at the southern beach since it’s going to be the only option for most people. When you get past all the crazy pricing, there’s a lot of beauty to behold.

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Sveti Stefan Beach is comprised of small red and pink pebbles that give it a really incredible hue. It’s quite spacious, and there’s enough room for you to plant a parasol of your own if you don’t want to pay for a pair of loungers and an umbrella. As is the case with most of the Montenegrin Beaches, all around you will be pine trees and rolling hills that create such an amazing atmosphere. Across the road from you, orange roof shingles of Sveti Stefan cottages add to the spectacle, a truly remarkable sight and very photogenic at that.

The Boat near the southern beach of Sveti Stefan

A couple of bars line the beach and are just what you need when the sun gets too punishing. Prices are what you’d expect from most other places in Montenegro, and so is the service. Don’t expect much in the way of nightlife, but considering the near proximity of Budva, you won’t have to worry about that.

The beach extends for about 1960 feet (600 meters), most of which is actually the southern cheaper beach, about three-quarters of it actually. That’s definitely not the longest beach in the country, but it’s just as charming nonetheless.

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The water is an absolute paradise. It’s clean and crystal-clear, with a turquoise color to boast. Moreover, it’s anything but cold, with the temperature reaching 79°F (26°C) during the summer months. It rarely gets colder than that, dropping only a couple of degrees at best. With the aforementioned pristine condition of water, its temperature, and shallow entrance, it’s great for a day out with kids.

There are also buoys to let you know exactly how far it’s safe to go and where jet skis from Budva won’t be bothering you, and a lifeguard to watch your back. As you would expect, there are showers and change rooms for you to make good use of, so it’s safe to say that Sveti Stefan has got all the amenities you could possibly ask for on your journey.

Closing Thoughts

While you’ll most likely get to see Sveti Stefan from the beach (unless you arrive at very specific times), you’ll still be able to have a blast at its gorgeous pink beach.

Sveti Stefan Beach can be a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of loud bars and cafes of Budva, and an excellent excursion into a truly magnificent part of the Riviera. Much like Kotor and many other places of interest in Montenegro, your visit to Sveti Stefan will combine historic monuments, pristine nature, and amazing beaches. For a country with such a limited amount of large beaches and sandy shores, it sure does pack a punch.

Enjoy your stay in Montenegro, and try to see as much of it as you possibly can.