Now that all the wedding hype has simmered down, the two of you have decided to take a well-deserved break and enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, hectic work schedule only permits a short vacay and you two love birds only have a couple of days to make the best out of your mini-moon. Luckily, there is a whole bunch of the best 3-day honeymoon ideas to choose from.

A couple enjoying their honeymoon

Believe it or not, the US has a lot more up its sleeve than the regular, overcrowded honeymoon destinations that work like glue for American newlyweds. This is not to say that you won’t be able to enjoy the touristy spots because it’s up to individual preferences. It is with this in mind that we will help you find just the right 3-day honeymoon destination.


Hawaii is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about picture-perfect USA honeymoons. Topping the lists of the best honeymoon destinations on a world scale, the Hawaiian Islands are the ultimate romantic short-vacay getaway although you’d probably wish you could stay forever. Hawaii comprises eight major islands but only 5 of them are actually available to tourists. Still, those five are visually stunning and each of them a real tropical paradise in its own right.

Coast of a Hawaiian island

You don’t have to look further from Lanai Island to shed off all the wedding stress. This island is the ultimate relaxation oasis, perfect for couples who seek solitude and peace of mind. The tranquility of the island is being kept intact by the fact that there are only two available lodging options on the whole island. The Four Seasons Resort Lanai, for those who feel like splurging, and Hotel Lanai, for honeymooners who want their share of paradise without straining their budget.

Panoramic view of the Hawaii

The Big Island (Hawaii) is the youngest island of the archipelago and boast two mighty volcanoes, one dormant and one still active. The grand panoramas embellished with snow-capped mountains, magnificent waterfalls making their way into the sea, white and black-sand beaches, and absolutely spectacular crystal-clear water, make the Big Island nothing short of splendid. Fairmont Orchid, Mauna Lani bungalows, Kohala Suites, and Holualoa Inn are only some of the top-rated accommodation options at your disposal and they’re all equally captivating.

A perfect honeymoon resort in Oahu

Made up of steep cliffs, Molokai Island actually hides some of the most secluded and untouched beaches in the whole archipelago, Kawakiu and Halawa being the most beautiful. This island is also a paradise for culture hounds because it nestles sacred ancient temples right in the middle of Halawa Valley. Lastly, what separates this island from the rest is the fact that it has no hotels or run-off-the-mill resorts. Instead, Molokai’s retreats focus on reconnecting with nature and finding inner peace so that visitors can reset their entire system and rejuvenate their souls.

A lagoon on an island in Hawaii

The ultimate, all-embracing island of Oahu still remains the most visited of all. Not only is it the main hub of the archipelago but it also fuses the ancient and the modern quite stunningly. This is where the capital Honolulu is located, offering a variety of land and water activities, cultural sites, and a bustling nightlife. The beaches are abundant on Oahu, too. The beaches of the North and South Shore along with Leeward and Windward Coast Beaches boast millions of visitors every year. Accommodation in Oahu is notably diverse so make sure to pick the hotel or the resort to suit your inclinations the most.

Panoramic view from the heights of Kauai island

Kauai, also called the Garden Island, is a remote tropical paradise and possibly the lushest island of all. With plenty of oceanfront hotels and resorts on Kauai, it will be easy to find just the right one. All that remains is to decide whether you will go kayaking, explore the lush forests and thundering waterfalls, or simply spend your short honeymoon on some of Kauai’s beaches.

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Mini-moon on the West Coast

Washington, California, and Oregon offer an array of options for a short honeymoon. When it comes to picking an ideal mini-moon spot in these states, it becomes perfectly clear why it is so hard to decide exactly where to go. While some newlyweds plan a cheap honeymoon, others prefer a splurge. Whatever the case may be, West Coast has it all.

Honeymoon destinations along the West Coast


Nature-loving couples will surely know how to appreciate the splendor of this North-western state. Not only does Oregon possess some of the best vacation spots on the West Coast but it also boasts seriously romantic resorts and hotels.

Ten Falls is the first one to consider. Active newlyweds who want to stay away from the touristy spots such as Punchbowl Falls or Multnomah Falls most certainly have to incorporate hiking the Trail of Ten Falls into their vacay. This oasis of peace in the middle of Silver Falls State Park gives couples an opportunity to trek among the lush forests and explore the 10 waterfalls along the way. There is plenty of hotels near Ten Falls to choose from, too.

Portland at night

For those couples who prefer a big-city vibe to their honeymoon that would involve exploring urban areas, Portland is probably the best solution. Although there is an abundance of honeymoon hotels around Portland, some of them are actually perfect even when you’re honeymooning on a budget. Hotels such as Paramount, Modera, Sentinel, Lucia, and Kimpton Vintage are only some of the ones that regularly receive great reviews while being affordable at the same time. If you are one of those couples that feel like splurging out on your honeymoon, The Nines, Hampton Inn, The Duniway, Embassy Suites, and Courtyard.

Hood River is anything but an ordinary little city just outside Portland. In fact, perfect restaurants to wine and dine, stunning landscapes of Columbia River Gorge, and lavish Columbia Cliff Villas make for one perfect romantic getaway.

Romantic Astoria at sunset

A godsend for a little coastal romance, Astoria unravels in rolling hills, jagged piers, and the iconic Astoria-Megler Bridge. This port city is surrounded by forests, brimming with great breweries and rich tradition.

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California still holds the record for being the most popular with American and foreign tourists alike. It only figures that the number of honeymoon destinations in California is immense.

Big Sur is a heavenly retreat, far away from the hustle and bustle of California hot-spots. Here, you can cruise the coast on a bike, go hiking, or sleep in a cottage overlooking the ocean. Staying at Post Ranch Inn or Ventana will give you a wonderful view of the Pacific, private patios, and fantastic dining.

Breath-taking bridge in Big Sur

Santa Barbara is where the ocean, mountains, and valleys intertwine to make the perfect adventure-driven honeymoon. Whether you’re staying at private bungalows of the Four Seasons the Biltmore Santa Barbara or sipping wine in Sunstone Vineyards, it makes no difference because Santa Barbara will make you fall in love all over again.

A honeymoon in Yosemite National Park among the ancient sequoia trees is guaranteed to give you a perfect woodsy adventure. Premier lodging and breath-taking attractions are sure to give you lasting honeymoon memories.

The view from Yosemite Park is splendid

Lastly, Palm Springs is nothing short of splendid. This oasis of nature located within the Sonoran Desert just two hours from Los Angeles provides honeymooners with lots of swanky hotels, bustling art scene, fine restaurants, and fascinating vistas.

Summertime is perfect for honeymoon in Palm Springs

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Short Honeymoon in Arizona

American Southwest is a perfect place for romance amidst the deserts, canyons, and the starry skies. No matter if you take day trips from Phoenix or travel all the way from New York, once you drop the bags, you will be ready to savor the amazing landscapes and therapeutic nature of Arizona.

Honeymoon in Arizona is a bliss

Sedona is a perfect location for adventurous and laid-back couples alike. Surrounded by the Red Rocks, this rustic and relaxed town offers so many places to stay. L’Auberge Resort and El Portal Sedona Hotel are equally captivating and their amenities cater to everyone’s taste. The best part is that the Grand Canyon is only two hours away so the two of you can take any of the guided tours from Sedona to the Canyon and admire the scenery with your loved one.

Sedona is perfect for a honeymoon

As yet another desert oasis, Tucson provides newlyweds with plenty of short honeymoon ideas. Whether you want to spend a long weekend on the mountain in Mt. Lemmon Cabins or stay downtown in The Royal Elizabeth Inn and sip a glass of wine, cozily tucked in front of a fireplace – Tucson is the place to go.

Tucson is a romantic city in Arizona

Just outside Phoenix, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is a terraced resort, offering spa treatments, panoramic views of Paradise Valley, luxurious decor, and an excellent selection of food.

Mini-moon on the East Coast

White-sand beaches of South and North Carolina stretch for miles on end. With many out-of-the-way destinations, secluded resorts, enchanting parks, charming towns and bustling cities, it makes no difference where you go. Your honeymoon will surely be memorable.

The Carolinas

Newlyweds inclined to travel to Northern Carolina must not miss Asheville. Famous for its breweries, outdoor activities, vibrant art scene, parks and forests, this quaint mountain town meshes multiple cultures and traditions, making it an ideal and yet affordable honeymoon destination.

Spring is perfect to go on a honeymoon in Asheville

The Blue Ridge Mountains are probably one of the most iconic sceneries in America. The vistas of the surroundings are best if you rent a cozy mountainside cottage where the two of you can indulge a mug of mulled wine or watch magical sunsets from the Linville Gorge.

Blue Ridge Mountains in fall

Charleston is a perfect example of a timeless place – cobbled streets, moss-draped magnolia trees, rich history and plenty of romantic ideas. Wentworth Mansion, The Dewberry Charleston, and The Spectator make for ideal honeymoon hotels. From taking boat tours to visiting nearby Sullivan’s Island, Charleston is just the right place.

Charleston is a perfect city for a short honeymoon

Despite popular belief, New Jersey is anything but ordinary. Abundant in waterfalls, pleasant country inns, sprawling shorelines, and exceptionally tasty wines, the state of New Jersey is a real honeymoon wonderland.

New Jersey offers plenty of options for a honeymoon


Florida is home to some of the most romantic spots in the whole of the US. Brimming with fantastic beaches, luxurious resorts, picturesque islands, and year-round superb weather, it’s highly likely you will have the honeymoon of your dreams if you choose to travel to Florida. Florida beaches stretch across 825 miles which is more than enough to make you swoon over with delight.

Romantic morning at a beach in Florida

The pearl of Florida – St. Pete Beach was dubbed No.4 beach in the US for 2019. Unforgettable sunsets, great diving destinations, fantastic resorts, and the best beach bars are what makes St. Pete Beach a perfect spot for a honeymoon.

The jewel of the Florida Gulf Coast right next to St Pete is the city of Clearwater. This fantastic honeymoon spot offers pristine shores, luxury resorts with spa services, exquisite cuisine, and gorgeous sunsets. It’s certainly best to stay near Honeymoon Island State Parks, giving newlyweds plenty of indoor and outdoor activities.

A lovely sunny day at Clearwater beach

Islamorada is a hidden honeymoon gem – the village composed of small islands, dotted with magical resorts, beaches, and state parks. The best part is that the majority of resorts offer spa treatments.

Lovers Key State Park goes by this name for a reason. A two-mile stretch of beach hides turquoise lagoons, serene canals, fantastic picnic locations, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Singled out as one of Florida’s most romantic beaches, Amelia Island possesses a soothing atmosphere, uncrowded beaches, a variety of beautiful resorts, and streets rich with history.

Lauderdale is ideal for a honeymoon

The sun-kissed Lauderdale is only 3 hours away from NYC. Here, newlyweds can explore the city gondoling or boating along intracoastal waterways, dine in waterfront restaurants, or simply enjoy each other’s company in one of the luxury resorts.

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New York

With its capital that never sleeps, the state of New York ensures an unforgettable honeymoon experience. Even if you’re a New York resident, taking a 3-day trip from NYC with your bae can do wonders for your relationship. New York is a lively city and newcomers who decide to spend a day there could use it as a great kick-start point and plan their next trips from NYC next time they visit. After all, it would be a shame to honeymoon in the state of NY without visiting the Big Apple, right?

Visiting Thousand Islands is a unique chance to experience an authentic outdoor honeymoon overlooking this fantastic region of tiny islands scattered around the surface of the water. There is a variety of places to stay, including private island homes, cottages, and resorts.

A romantic getaway at Thousand Islands

The Western region of the state bordering Canada is home to the magnificent Niagara Falls. Stay at some of the best hotels on the US side and make sure to bring your passport in order to take a peek of the falls from the Canadian side as well. You can actually get up close and personal with the thundering falls by taking a boat tour.

A boat tour at Niagara Falls